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Make Me A Supermodel Season 2: Meet Colin

Colin, 21
Hometown: Charlottesville, Va. Resides in Northfield, Minn.

Colin spent much of his early years playing the role of nerd, including Captain of the Academic team. But in college his looks blossomed and he is still coming to terms with his newfound tall, dark, and handsome persona. Still a brainiac, Colin studies psychology and neuroscience at Carleton College, works with the neuroscience department at the University of Virginia over breaks, and plans to go to medical school. Colin has no modeling experience, but is intent on pursing it full force. His hobbies include the guitar and bass, playing on the intramural champion sand volleyball team at his school, and playing as much ultimate Frisbee as his schedule allows.

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Yummy bone structure, but the photos I've seen so far radiate a bit too much preciousness. Could be a dark horse, though.


agnes gooch said...

Yummy bone structure,

I agree. I do like his face a lot.

Def the best face out of the bunch. He has amazing bone structure

There's something a little Superman-ish about his face, no?

Psych/neuroscience major and killer bone structure?

I love him.

He is amazing looking. = D

I hope a friend or someone forced him to do try out...vanity isn't good in a man, even a gorgeous one.

Otherwise, he's the perfect man.

As a fellow neuroscience nerd...he totally gets my vote. The fact that he's totally gorgeous helps too.

Lots of potential--gorgeous face! I'd like to see him in some non-Bravo pics because the Bravo pics are usually pretty bad. And the guys are usually in shapeless sweaters and slacks.

He is cuute! : )

ToddNY said...

There's something a little Superman-ish about his face, no?

Definitely! I think it's the curl coming down on his forehead and the glasses. But I got an instant Clark Kent vibe from him too.

Hmm. Hot and nerdy. Now that is a winning combination!!

Can I just marry him now please?!?

A very cute Clark Kent!

so good looking, but kind of odd body language. akward can be intriguing tho...

Woohoo Colin!! WAHS Love!! One reality show to another.. mine is coming up!!

for all his inexperience and strange proclamations of virginity on national television, i'm sort of in love with his face, his glasses, his silly walk, the guitar case he rolled up to the photo shoot with...hope he goes very far! YOU GO VIRGIN SUPER MAN!

Yay Charlottesville! Hope Colin goes far

(3rd model on reality tv program from Cville in the last year, two on ANTM now Colin)

We are all like him.
His face and character.

And he looks like my speaking Teacher in China^^

He's fucking hott! I hope he wins! He's amazing and gorgous! <3<3<3<3

He is soooo handsome~! xDD
And a little "Clark Kent-esque"?

ADSdskjskdk! 8D
He lives in Northfield, MN?!?!
lol, i could practically drive there. x3

I hope he remains a virgin for the rest of the would kind of ruin him for me is he sleeps with Kerryn. she's a bit scary. he's too adorable for her. oh, I think I'm in love!

suuuuuper adorable

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