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Korto Momolu Fall 2009 Collection

Darlings, Korto showed some of her designs for Fall 2009 during the taping of BET’s Rip the Runway set to air on Monday, March 2 at 9 P.M. ET/PT. The BET fashion show is known for featuring leading urban designers.

UPDATED: More looks/pics and video

Click on the picture to watch the runway show. Select the second video
The Dream ft. Fabolous, “Rockin’ That Thang”

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Mrs. Knowles: Drop the glue gun and call Korto. NOW!

Korto was so nice & personable when I met her last week at the PR finale, that I can only wish her terrific success. (Actually, I only wished her terrific success all along, but meeting her confirmed that).


Aww, it's good to see Stacy McKenzie walking! Can't wait until Canada's Next Top Model airs again - she's a great judge and walk mentor, and damn, can she stomp it out.

Is that Toccarra?

I really like Korto's work. The patterned dress is a little (ok, a lot) DVF. Nonetheless it's nice work.

Woah, Toccara, Sheena and Stacey McKenzie!

Nice clothes, too. Prefer the lack of shininess in this collection to her last.

I must have that green gown.

Its so nice to see someone design clothes for those of us with a booty!

Yes, that first green is fabulous. I bet they moved beautifully.

nice to see that korto is still making fabulous clothes for women of all sizes.

Oh man, suzanne nailed it.

Beyonce... stop sniffing glue and call this bitch up.

The one I like most is the one Korto is wearing. I think she is much lovelier than her models and that tangerine gown with the black belt and the tuquoise necklace is stunning. This little selection is so much stronger than Leanne's collection, but (to be fair) she probably took more than three weeks to put it together.


AMEN to what suzanne said!!!

What a treat! I love all of these designs. And Toccara looks fabulous! How great to see real gals on the runway.
My favs are Tocarra's green gown and the last look.
Congrats to Korto!!!

I know this is would have, could have should have but I sooooo wish she would have shown the dress that she made for Tocarra at BP and put it on Tocarra or another plus sized model.

Is this all of the looks she showed? Will there be a PRG review of her collection?

LOVE! I hope she sells her clothes in NYC soon. I'm having a hard time to convince the hubby to vacation in Little Rock:)

Very nice, very wearable. Brava, Korto. (But urban designer? Well, hell, I'm happy for her to have opportunities to be seen.)

Toccara looks fabulous! I can't wait to watch this. Thank you for posting it, Tlo!

Great looks! I love the use of semi precious stones in contrast and complementrary colors to the clothing also.

I love the green dress Tocarra (?) is wearing, also the jewelry. I bet she designed that too. Congrats, Korto!

I love the belts she added to the dresses going with the snake skin inspiration.

Wow! stunning! And I love Korto's look too! She looks fab and her collection is gorgeous!


These designs are great, I love Korto. I recently looked at her final collection for the show and actually appreciated it a lot more than I did at the time. I hope she is really successful, and anyone smart enough to use SHEENA is pretty much the shit. LOVE Sheena!

Is that Sheena from ANTM in the jumpsuit?

I LOVE the last outfit. I'll be sure to watch the entire show on BET Monday.

BTW, this girl still needs to release her jewelry line.

I hope she sets up shop in Philly. I'm sure it would be another interesting hangout for TLo.

Can anyone tell me what the difference is between the 2d and 4th dresses? They appear to my (admittingly unsophisticated) eye strikingly similar.


Absolutely beautiful clothing!

Now if only the staging had been toned down just a notch.

Really, these garments could have lit up the runway all on their own. I don't think all the extra lights and rap master were necessary.

Still, I'm just very happy that Korto's working hard and making the most of her exposure she gained from PR.

Finally some colour!
I'm glad she didn't decide on depression colours like all the other designers did. Some of the dresses look really nice. Nothing I would wear but great for a fuller figure.

I want that green gown on me

Tocara looks HOT in that dress!!!

Love them all! Korto really knows how to design for a woman who has curves, not just the size-0 models out there.

Korto freaking ROCKS!

The difference between the second and fourth dresses is that the second dress appears to have a halter top and natural waist, whereas the fourth dress has a strap detail on the bodice and is high-waisted. That's how it looks to me.

This is a fabulous, mature, cohesive little collection. Korto is sticking to her aesthetic and not getting with the gloomy, heavy look that so many are doing now.

F YEAH, Korto! This is so awesome! I want these dresses. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Sheena and the FABULOUS Toccara are in the collection. I'm a size 10, and I feel like I could wear every once of these pieces and be flattered.

those girls look hot.. I freaking LOVE Korto!

There is the back of a knee length purple(?)dress in the back ground of one picture that looks interesting. I'd love to see the front. Several dresses I want in my closet.

she gets major props from me for having women with actual bodies wear her clothes!

She is amazing for girls with curves. Keep on rockin' Korto!

Korto looked fabulous! I love her! The clothes are beautiful!

I love the black outfit with the greys on the bottom BUT I'm SO not happy about the one-armed thing permeating the runways and red carpets lately. Bleh. I haven't seen anything one-armed yet that hasn't made me think 'amputee'. And that's not a pleasant thought when you're trying to dream in pretty.

Toccara looks Goddesslike. Bee-uuu-teee-ful.

Korto must love herself some America's next top model. She cast Danielle and Bianca in her PR show and now we have Toccara and Sheena.

Where can I get fabulous dress number one???

chic, fun, and fabulous.
those models look stunning and confidant, and korto herself strikingly so.
what confidence to dress women that aren't buttless and lacking in other areas. how confident they must feel

Oof. A couple clunkers this time around, but I'm still feelin' it. And Sheena still kicks ass!

I <3 this entire collection! And nice to see her PR model Katarina still rockin' it - if I were a girl, I'd wear every single one of these outfits.

Thanks for the extra photos, TLo! The more I see, the more I like. I wish I could afford Korto's clothing. It's gorgeous!

I watched the whole thing, and I wanted everything that Korto designed, 'cept for maybe 2-3 looks.

I normally love Byron Lars, but he kind of dropped the ball on this line.

Extra props to Douglas Says and Monif C!!!!!!!!

Who says fashion stops at size 4?

Whoops! Undie flash! Need a little more thought to overlapping the wrap dress Korto.;)

Wishing you many years of great success. :)

Love it. Good for Korto.

I just watched the video and now I love the collection even more. Especially the long three-toned brown dress -- that is fabulous. And I really liked that (a) the models were a variety of sizes and (b) they looked like they were having fun! Wish more runway shows were like this.

Hello Korto, I just checked out your fall collection.I must say they are wonderful. Since the last runway show I have been checking the net for you. I just love everything you do. I to am a sewer, but not as good as you. I am a older fan but I going to keep sewing. Keep up the good work God will bless you soon.

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