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Oh, look. Little PR fairies came in the night and built a press release. What does it say?

"Bravo's creative competition series "Make Me A Supermodel" returns for season two with supermodel Tyson Beckford returning as the show's host and mentor to the male models. Australian supermodel Nicole Trunfio joins the show as mentor to the female models. Also, a new panel of esteemed judges joins the series, including world-renowned designer Catherine Malandrino, model Jenny Shimizu, and famed photographer Perou and international model scout Marlon. "Make Me A Supermodel" follows a group of beautiful and talented men and women who will compete for $100,000 and the chance to become the next great supermodel. The series is scheduled to premiere on Bravo in the first quarter of 2009. "

"Australian supermodel Nicole Trunfio is both a staple in print modeling and a force on the runway. She has been featured across the globe in numerous fashion magazines, including Italian Vogue, Italian Elle, Marie Clare, German Vogue, French Elle, Harper's Bazaar, and Allure, and has worked with renowned photographers such as Patrick Demarchelier, Peter Lindbergh, Patrick Shaw, Steven Klein, Alexei Hay and Karl Lagerfeld. Trunfio's resume boasts various advertising campaigns ranging from Pantene to Ann Taylor to D&G and Lacoste. She can currently be seen in ads for Guess and BCBG. Trunfio has walked in runway shows by fashion's hottest designers including Fendi, Chanel, Oscar de la Renta, Versace, Missoni, Roberto Cavalli, Michael Kors and Gucci. Outside of modeling, Nicole studies acting and enjoys playing the guitar, reading and writing poetry, photography, running, and participating in extreme sports."

Well, as self-proclaimed fashion television bloggers, this can only be seen as good news because right now, the landscape is looking bleak, sisters. We didn't get too involved in Season 1 of this show because we were busy with PR stuff and we'll be blunt: we didn't have much faith in its success. We mistakenly thought this was going to be a poor man's version of America's Next Top Model, which is already pretty poor television. How could we ever doubt our Bravo overlords, who of course, managed to put together a far more stylish, more real-world-rooted modeling reality show? With the prospect of a PR season 6 seeming further and further away, we'll happily blog the shit out of this show to while away the time. Let's hope the boys are cute, the girls are fierce, and the judges are tragic.


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I LOVED season 1! The male models were HOT! I can't wait for season 2. Glad you guys are blogging it!

Hey guys! I hope I'm not stating the obvious here, but you have watched all of the international PR seasons, right? PR Australia, PR Canada, PR UK (Well actually that one is called Project Catwalk, but it is the UK version of Project Runway. I believe there have been 2 seasons).

Of course, I understand you can't blog too much about those shows since they don't air on US TV channels... but they can be found out there if one looks :)

I'm lovin' the blog.

It's so much better than America’s Next Top Model. It reflected the industry much more; the models look like models and for the most part they fit the industry standards.

OOOHHH, I'm the third person to blog
and I don't have any pithy thing to say. . . didn't watch the show but I will love to read your take on season 2 !

Oh, yay! I'm so glad this show is coming back. I watched it last year not expecting much, and ended up getting totally hooked. And I'm extra-super glad that you boys will be blogging it.

Perry and Casey's gay photo shoot last season was HAWT!

I'm curious to see Catherine Malandrino as one of the judges. I still remember what she said to Angela when she was aufed. Pretty hilarious!

Amanda in Austin

Hee hee! Did you mean to say "overlords," and mistakenly wrote "overloads"? Because that is the funniest Freudian slip I've seen in a while!

So happy to hear you'll blog Season 2. I very much enjoyed Season 1 (and, oh my yes, ToddNY, that Perry-Casey photo was beyond hotness). This show is nothing like that Tyra travesty of a modeling show. For starters, the contestants actually look like models. 'Nuff said!

WOW!! I am SO happy SuperModel is coming back!! I LOVED it. And I LOVE the fact that you boys are going to blog it!!!

Tyson Beckford is a God, omg...hottest. man. alive. I liked the first season...I thought the guys were overall stronger than the girls. Shannon, however, should wayyyyyy have won over HOLLY. Ronnie was the best guy, but it really bothered me that almost none of them could walk, and didn't really seem all that interested in learning how. Let's hope this season will be better.

Amanda in Austin said...

Hee hee! Did you mean to say "overlords," and mistakenly wrote "overloads"? Because that is the funniest Freudian slip I've seen in a while!

Fixed : )


Bailey said...

Tyson Beckford is a God, omg...hottest. man. alive.

He is HOT HOT HOT. At first, I thought he was just going to be this dumb model on the show, but he's actually a great judge and mentor on the show. I can't wait!

I have to admit, I got sucked into season 1. I wasn't going to watch (I avoid ANTM) but ended up watching a late night repeat when I could sleep. I was nicely surprised by the judging and what I learned about the modeling industry.
I could have done without the audience voting, however. Too many teenage girls voting for their favorite guy and not the best model.

I like make me a supermodel, because it is more about modeling, but I think the judges should actually pick who should go home since they are the ones who know more about modeling and people are just choosing their favorite models. I hate public voting.

I didn't watch Season 1 either because I didn't want to listen to these nitwits, whose only 'talent' is hitting the genetic lottery, whining about how hard they work - omigod it's so hard i have to get up soooo eaaarly and try on like 20 bikinis and the sand it itchy - Zzzz...(And btw, who decided that models should start speaking anyway? Whoever they are, they should be brought up before The Hague.)

But now that you'll be blogging it, I'm going to have to watch.



Nicole Trunfio looks like she has a serious eating disorder in the second photo. No one is that thin naturally. If she keels over during the show, we can put a check mark next to "tragic"

YAY! Great new, TLo!!
MMASM is far better than ANTM. The casting in this show is MUCH better than ANTM, the girls that are cast are often too old to be breaking into the modeling industry. The photo shoots are much better and more realistic.

" Anonymous said...

Nicole Trunfio looks like she has a serious eating disorder in the second photo. No one is that thin naturally. If she keels over during the show, we can put a check mark next to "tragic"

You know what? No one is obese naturally either. You have to work on it.

It does seem that Bravo makes its competitions with the actual industry in mind. Of course they come up with things to knock the competitors off their game, but the original challenges are usually based in some way on the industry. Even the wacky, use-groceries-type challenges are about using unconventional material, which is an important part of creativity in fashion.
Meanwhile we get dreck like Stylista, which is basically a parody of fashion publishing, rather than an extreme and contrived version of it.
Supermodel bugged me not because of the show itself, but the obvious (to me) bias in voting. Guys who should have been axed early skated by while girls got cut on the flimsiest pretext. I suspect it has to do with the audience; gay men and straight women are the overwhelming majority of the audience and they want the boy eye-candy. Lesbians and straight men are far less likely to watch so the girl eye-candy gets taken away. In the end a woman won I suspect because the former group was split while the later had only one choice.

Mariana (The Unoriginal)

I loved Holly. I'm so glad she won last season. She had a very unique look. Remember her wearing Christian Siriano's dress? She looked fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Nicole Trunfio looks like she has a serious eating disorder in the second photo. No one is that thin naturally. If she keels over during the show, we can put a check mark next to "tragic"

Yawn. She also looks completely airbrushed in that photo. Thanks for yet more faux concern about eating disorders. Funny how diseases like cancer never to seem to kind of comments that anorexia does.

And while I know nothing about this Nicole Trunfio woman, I can definitely affirm that yes, some people ARE that thin (and thinner) naturally. There is a wiiiiiide variety of natural body types out there, and not all over them are size 12s.

I am so glad you boys will be covering this show. I didn't pay much attention to Season One either - I too thought it would be another ANTM (and I am NOT a Tyra fan). Then people started talking about all the hotties and the drama and the cute straight prison guard and his friendship with the cute gay boy...

I am SO looking forward to your coverage.


David Dust

Holly had the most generic pretty look of all the girls last season, which is nice for catalogs but shit for the runway. The public getting to vote last season was ridiculous - as many here have pointed out, really bad male models stayed for weeks while the girls went home right and left. I'm surprised to see so many comments here praising the judging of last season, as I thought it was the worst part of the show. (Holly won? Really? Shannon is actually modeling runway in NYC now. Holly is probably back in Ohio. Maybe she can do a Skechers ad or something.)

thank god you are going to blog this show for us! i watched season one cause of tyson. love him. he kissed & hugged me on my birthday in nyc. the man is drop dead gorgeous!


C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

Tyson Beckford...mmm, mmm, mmm, bring that sweet man-candy over here!

TLo, please promise fantastic screencaps if the man EVER disrobes on camera!

Oh, thank GOD you guys are doing this. The first season, I was desperate for some other opinions about the show but it seemed I was the only one watching it. Hurrah!

Speaking of the first season, remember that guy with the long hair who sounded EXACTLY like zoolander? Damn, I love this show.

You know, during the PR lull, it would be a great idea if you watched season 1 and blogged was quite amusing and entertaining!

Does anybody know why Nikki Taylor was replaced?

Jenna said...

I wish you boys would critique more of the dresses from the award shows (even if they aren't related to PR); it is fashion on television, after all! I always view the dresses with the phrase "What would TLo think?" in the back of my mind, and wish I could know!. Please consider it!

Yeah, I agree with this. I mean, let's face it, Debra Messing's connection to PR is very tangential, at best. Why limit yourself with such a seemingly silly rule? Your fans and readers will surely be interested in any of your fashion critiques, not just ones involving people who were on one episode of PR for 5 minutes like, 4 seasons ago. (Your string of Debra Messing posts belies that reality that you really need to branch out a little.)

Tyson kissed and hugged you?!!!!
I hope you grabbed his ass you lucky girl ! Talk about buns of steel.
I watched almost every episode of the first season and missed the big finale. But hey, if TLo's blogging I'm not missing a minute.

And Mary, maybe Nikki was replaced because she was deadly dull.

I'd much rather watch Project Runway Canada, with the divine Iman, than this Bravo garbage.
"a far more stylish, more real-world-rooted modeling reality show": Really? I thought it was yawn-inducing crap.

Tyson, Malandrino, Jenny Shimizu (my girl crush) judging & TLo blogging? Count me in!

Myra Flection said...

And Mary, maybe Nikki was replaced because she was deadly dull.

Yeah, gotta say, Niki was pretty bad. She seemed sweet, but I always thought she was an odd choice, considering she was more known for her spokesmodeling and swimwear work than runway fashion, which seemed to be the focus of the show. Kinda like Heidi hosting Project Runway...

OMG. Jenny Shimizu, the hottest androgynous model and my favorite madame Catherine Malandrino?!

Be still, my little gay heart, I think I've died and gone to fashionable heaven.

I enjoyed this show last season but it was missing something. . . you boys!

So yay for you blogging season two! It didn't think Nikki Taylor was that bad and she knows the industry for sure. I wonder why they replaced her?

Niki Taylor is having another baby, due in March, and doesn't want to have to do all the traveling. (This from a post at TWOP).

When will Bravo give TLO their own show? At least you should be guest judges on PR....that is, if it is back on Bravo. (what was the final decision?)

another laura

I can't do this show. I just can't. I'll read TLo's post and get my giggles.

TLo, I hope you're going to blog the fashion red carpet from the Golden Globes, yes? Oh, that would be FUN, and even if awards shows are not technically a "fashion TV show" let's face it, the Golden Globes (and the Oscars) are TV shows with their own fashion segments.

yours truly,
another laura

I guess there is no chance at all that PRS6 will air sometime this month. Sigh...

Ooh, please please do a post on RuPaul's show that is going to be on LOGO in Feb. They have some early clips up and it looks hilarious. Plus Santino from PR is going to be on the judging panel. This will get me through winter.

I'm curious about why Nikki Taylor is gone, too. I hope this is a good show. It's the January doldrums - we need some fabulosity!


thank God we'll have something to look forward to, what with PR in litigation limbo.

I caved in and watched the first season, and thoroughly enjoyed it.
So glad that Tyson is back-he's such fabulous eye candy for both sexes!

This sucks
1. Core Boutisa and Jennifer Starr were awesome judges. A designer and model (who I've never heard of) judge will add NOTHING (though I'm not opposed to a photographer and model scout).
2. REPLACING NIKKI TAYLOR WITH NICOLE TRUNFIO? NOT EVEN CLOSE TO A GOOD SUBSTITUTE. She hasn't modeled for any long (8 years) and hasn't been on the cover of any vogue except Australian (which is like the least legitimate one...ahhhhh). I miss nikki already. Maybe Nicole will be more of a diva/entertaining.

I take that back...I know who Jenny is and I do like her...but still as a judge?

She just hasn't done anything lately at alla skdljf;asdjf.

True confessions: I watched last season. And I liked SOME of it, but what I liked was Niki. Tyson is gorgeous, but he played favorites and was blatant about it. Makes great TV, but Niki stabilized the show. I'll miss her.

Bailey - normally I agree with many of your post and totally agree about them sending home all the gals to keep some ehh guys. But to take a couple of exceptions - I don't think Holy was from OH, Jackie was. And I wouldn't say "Holly had the most generic pretty look - she had a meek chipmunk look with a tiny mounth :)

I watched, but I did consider the show pretty dull over all. Hey look at me I am pretty - watch me, watch myself in the mirror.

hey myra
long story as to why i got a kiss & hug from tyson BUT, he smelled good, his face was oh so smooth & he was a very nice guy. not that it mattered but i looked like poo!

so did you grab his ass ?

I ended up watching the entire Season One (but didn't admit it to
anyone-it was a guilty pleasure).

Fav episode was the New Orleans cemetery shoot.

I'll miss Nikki Taylor.

I'm sure you boys will make watching even more fun! Thank you!

OK TLo. If you say so. Worse comes to worst if the show sucks I can at least just read the blog...

So happy to see mean Anonymous (11:15AM)! Please post early and often... Loveyameanit, don't ever change!

I'll watch the show, but there were a lot of things about last season that made it hard to watch, particularly towards the end. Top amongst these was the fact that the remaining guys became outright vicious cavemen and did everything they could to torment Shannon and Holly. Perry became an outright dick. Ben became a homophobe. And Tyson clearly egged them was not pretty. Let's hope that trend of "Bros vs. Hos" (urk) doesn't continue this season. It really is nauseating to watch.

edina monsoon

Tyson Beckford is exquisitely. But, some of the other young contestant dudes were just as divine. And granted, I'm old enough to be their --- aunt... I do look forward to another season of mindless entertainment (is there any other kind these days?). On a side note --- my absolute fav moment from last season was Tyson screaming at a male contestant because he showed up on the runway chewing gum. Hilarious!

- edina -

Season 1 was horrible, boring and not worth the time. I can't say it is worse then ANTM but it is not better. If you want to blog about anything it should be the new snarky show True Beauty on ABC. It is hysterical.

Getting excited about models is so 90s.

Season one offered a lot of eye candy. Tyson is hot and some of the male contestants were pretty hot too.
The girls were the usual: pretty and boring which is why they got voted out. Wish they would find equally hot girls but I guess the industry wants the boring look as well as the boring personality.
Still can't get over Holly's win, she should have been voted out weeks before.

Please don't do this to me. I do not need to get hooked on another "reality" show (in quotes, because most of these shows have only the vaguest connection to reality). But if you guys are blogging it, I know I will.

I blame you for hours wasted on Stylista!

i liked nikki taylor sigh :(--- i was a devoted season 1 watcher- no shortage of drama, but it seemed less trashy than antm not as low brow--

I actually enjoyed the England's Make Me a Supermodel. Bravo rana random marathon and I thought it was far better.

Tyson was horrible. He's just so full of himself and clearly plays favorites. It was worse than Tyra. I love Nikki Taylor, she's probably the reason I started to pay attention to fashion and I thought she was a great mentor/big sister.

I really hope they eliminate the audience voting. It really comes down to who you "like" and their attitudes which it shouldn't be about.

Gotham Tomato, Thank you soo much regarding your comment about models not talking. Ever since I heard Linda Evangelista's voice I have been scarred for life!

I hope you do keep blogging this and other shows, TLo! (And I'll die of happiness if you eventually move onto the international versions of Project Runway... there's way too much hilarity in the Phillipines to NOT be run over by your steady hand.) I love your postings and it's been depressing to see so many weeks go y without something to really look forward to on this blog.

I'm with Fresca. Tyson may be handsome to some of the folks out there but he was really a totaly a-hole, especially to the women. Watch the reunion episode to get the full drift of the guys-in-the-locker room mentality. I don't know that Holly will be successful but I do admire her for sticking up for herself to all of those dicks(and her boyfriend was absolutely gorgeous).

I totally could not get into his show. While America's Next Top Model is totally a guilty pleasure of mine--I have no interest in the "real world" of modeling or anything like that. I like ANTM because Tyra's insanity is incredibly amusing. ("Smile with your eyes!" I mean, come on...)

That said--why don't you blog Project Runway Canada? It is so fabulous, and it has IMAN fer chrissakes.

Also--anyone know where I can catch Season 2 of PR Canada?

Oh I was totally in to Season 1...great challenges, catfights, bromance, DRAMA and fashion (hair and makeup). Can't wait to follow along this next Season w/ you fellas!

OK, here is the big question: When does it start airing?

Make me a Supermodel had the most obnoxious judges (who'd often say the opposite of what the designers or photograpers thought about the models) and the makeup and clothing was continuously ugly and overdone. No doubt you gays will make it funny enough to read about, but honestly, the winner of the first season was a 20+ girl who was already showing cellulite.

LOVED. THIS. SHOW. I'll miss cute Nikki Taylor though. Catharine M. is a great add!

Soooo...didya see the teaser this week? Some interesting looks but I think the African fella is gonna take it all.

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