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Photoshop Spice

Say what you will about Posh, she's got an amazing talent for making money off a manufactured persona and in ways that always get people talking:

"Mrs Beckham is promoting lingerie from the spring/summer collection for the Italian label which has already seen her husband David stripping down to his underpants with eye-catching results on billboards.

The former Posh Spice's images, shot by celebrated fashion photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, will similarly be on show in New York, LA, London, Milan, Rome, Paris and Tokyo.

Of the campaign, for which Mrs Beckham, 34, is being paid a reported £12million over three years, Giorgio Armani said: 'I chose Victoria because she is a stylish and intriguing woman.'

Fabulous. And hey, if they're talking about her flabby stomach, who cares? She can wipe her ass with thousand-dollar bills if she wanted to.

"In the past, Mrs Beckham has complained how she 'looks really awful naked', adding: 'I've got so much saggy skin on my stomach.'

She also has a C-section scar from the birth of third son Cruz in 2005.

In these pictures, however, the tummy's taut and flawless.

The carefully staged poses and shadows may have helped.

But airbrushing expert Chris Bickmore believes the artifice goes a little further.

'Her skin has been totally cleaned up and polished,' he said.

'Her breasts have definitely been enhanced. I would also say her legs have been shaped and retouched.'"

Despite all that (or more accurately, because of all that) the pictures look pretty damn fab. Plus, they give us the excuse to post her hubby's bulge-y pics from his Armani campaign:

We gotta say, it must be awfully weird to be their kids.

[Photos: Celebutopia]

I hope not everything was artificially enhanced in these pics...
for Posh's sake.

I love the pictures. She looks sexy and that's not the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of her. Her husband's bulge is really something, isn't it? Was that enhanced too?

Hahaha toootally weird to be their kids!

These pictures are dull and lifeless. She totally looks like an 80's model with that hair, styling, and set. I much preferred her weird-ass ads for Marc Jacobs.

David Beckham...*swoon* He and Hidetoshi Nakata are my fantasy football husbands.

"We gotta say, it must be awfully weird to be their kids."

This is why your interviews are good - in amongst all the fun, snark and intentional suspension of disbelief which makes celeb gossip & fashion so enjoyable, you can throw in a reality-grounded comment without killing the buzz.

No doubt the kids are too young at this stage - but middle school is gonna be a doozy!

In that top picture, she looks like a young Natalie Wood.

But to the more important question: If her husband's meat & 2 veg isn't among the parts that are 'enhanced', why the hell is she NEVER smiling??


Well, everyone knows that Posh's boobs are enhanced surgically. What I find amazing is that they were able to completely airbrush out her bones sticking out through her skin. Actually, when I looked at the pictures I wondered if they had put her head on a more meaty model's body.

And you are dead to rights - it must be very weird to be their kids.

"We gotta say, it must be awfully weird to be their kids."

I LOVE you guys!

With 0% body fat on their mum and dad - the pre/teen years will suck for those boys! (Rumer Willis, anyone?)

Still - I love the Beckhams :)

Bless you boys for these pics! After wrangling horrible traffic and battling sub zero temps - it's wonderful to come to the office to these =) SIGH

Gawd, Beck's bulge is mesmerising.

Posh looks amazing. Can I have some airbrushing too on my thighs??? Forget my stomach - no one has the strength for that, darlings!

Amanda in Austin

OMG. Thank you so much this morning for those pics of David Beckham. You made my day. Maybe my whole century.

Yes, it must be weird for their kids. No doubt, the kids will have their own reality TV show when they hit their teens.

I like to think there are times at home with the kids when they schlep around in pajama pants and sweatshirts. Their hair on sideways. Perhaps Posh in dirty bunny slippers. You know - just like the rest of us.

What celebrity ISN'T Photoshopped to all hell these days? She actually looks more natural than most celebs do in their photos.

"We gotta say, it must be awfully weird to be their kids."

ROFL. You bitches rock!!

My mother was a model and I have to look at her pictures. She looked good I have to say : -)

That bulge is going to 'bother' me all weekend now.

She's so airbrushed I wouldn't have recognized her if you guys hadn't identified her. I'd have recognized him, though!

I think they cross the line from photographs to paintings. The top one looks like a paint by the numbers.

"Britni said: She actually looks more natural than most celebs do in their photos."

Actually, I was thinking she looks more natural photoshopped than she does unphotoshopped.


"Of the campaign, for which Mrs Beckham, 34, is being paid a reported £12million over three years,.."

Which makes me wonder what she paid them to assure that the pre-photoshopped film/prints were destroyed.

Bulge-y pecs? Honey, that's not the most immediately noticeable bulge! LOL

Wouldn't it be nice to be airbrushed that way in real life?

Ohhhhh, thanks for the David Becks eye candy this morning, TLo!
I like Posh's pics. She looks hot. So what if they're airbrushed? Like every other photo in these magazines isn't? Do any of these models really have the perfect skin and toned bodies we see all the time in these ads?
She's had...what? 3 kids? Of course she's going to have a little bit of stretch marks/loose skin in the belly area. She's human (I think?). She still looks fantastic. Good for her. Love the pics.

Apparently, the photographer photoshopped a couple of sandwiches and a cookie onto Posh's spare frame.

Aren't their kids little? It won't be a problem, until their children become teenagers. And then it will get all kinds of weird. I see therapy or arrest records in their futures.

as i see it, the irony is that they usually have to photoshop out the weight on most people and with her they most certainly had to photoshop it in...

Weird to be their kids, oh yes!

Thanks for the Friday send-off, guys! I'm off to shop underwear for the man in my life....

Hubby and wife have got the goods. Nothing wrong with having hit the genetic lottery. She's a pretty woman with striking features artfully photographed.

As for photo re-touching, yea, you can do quite a bit, but they had a fairly decent starting point.


If Posh doesn't smile because she doesn't want to appear vulnerable, how could she have posed for these pictures? I bet she hated every minute of it.
They don't even need the money.
There must have been some serious arm-twisting to get her to sign the husband and wife Armani deal. must be awfully weird to be their kids.

In so many ways.

There was a fabulous interview they did with Ali G. years ago. He asked if they wanted Brooklyn to grow up to be a footballer like David or a singer like... Mariah Carey. The best thing was that they both took the joke really well. So maybe, with a sense of humour, they manage to make family life a bit more normal than you'd think.


GothamTomato said:
"Actually, I was thinking she looks more natural photoshopped than she does unphotoshopped."

I think so, too! She always looks so plastic-shiny.

if indeed there is so much photoshop(ing) done to the photos, what is the point? might as well just create the perfect body & then just add the face. hmmm, maybe thats what the did. say it aint so david!

I love this blog and I adore Tlo. But the whole Posh thing I'll never understand.

She is stiff and posed wherever she goes. Never relaxed and happy. Always posing like a mannequin, trying to be the 'cool kid' with that expressionless gaze. I'd rather see a healthier body and a fresh face that actually smiles.

Yeah, definately a LOT of editing going on here. She's so damn skinny at the moment that you know she pretty much has no boobage left.

"We gotta say, it must be awfully weird to be their kids."

This was my first thought when I saw those ads a few days ago! But underwear ads or no underwear ads, it's got to be pretty weird to be their kids anyway.

As for the photoshopping--knowing people in the business of doing such things--every single photo of every celebrity is retouched, so it's only really a matter of to what degree. I'm sure these are retouched like crazy, though ;)

She does indeed look completely lifeless, something about her awkward body posing and how she never looks into the camera, I wouldn't necessarily call it sexy...

I gotta learn how to do this Photoshopping thing for my own pictures...

Posh has a flabby stomach?!? Where is it, in the 4th dimension? I have seen zero evidence of any flab on that woman. Au contraire, she looks like she's hard as a rock. Just goes to show you that no one is happy with what they've got, even when they're as posh as Posh.

Are they just not going to announce who won the New Year's Resolutions Contest? I wanna know which one won.

Posh has got to be the first ever woman to have photographers photoshop her to look FATTER. She looks meatier in these photos than she has on the red carpet lately, so I call BS on the whole "Woe is my flabby belly" nonsense.

Besides, didn't she famously get a tummytuck at the same time as she got that C-Section?

" must be awfully weird to be their kids."
God, I think it must be weird to be *them*.

"Actually, I was thinking she looks more natural photoshopped than she does unphotoshopped."


Mommy has a new screen saver for the new year. Thanks, Daddies! (Hint: it's not Posh.)

Aw man, what I wouldn't give to run my soccer ball down that field.

I doubt Posh was as Photoshopped as Madonna was in her latest LV ad campaign.

The pictures are awesome but if you hadn't told me it's Posh, I would not have recognized her.

You know what I give her a lot of credit. She looks totes gorgeous, she doesn't look airbrushed to the point of oh-my-god-does-she-even-eat! and she's a mother of 3.

She looks utterly fab. F* the haters.

too many cats

Becks, clothed, at Armani in Milan.

The last photo of him, from aft, is not going to be a screen saver.

Am I a prude for thinking Beck's pictures just look sort of... skeevy? I've never been a fan of his, he just seems a little man-slutty for my tastes. To each her/his own though. :)

Posh... wouldn't be the least bit surprised to hear that a lot of those photos were photoshopped. Either that or she lost a lot of weight and muscle mass between when the underwear ad shots were taken and those recent party photos. Hm...

Clearly you have been drinking too much--that isn't Posh that is Sheena Easton!

ROFL Gotham: she does look more natural when photoshopped.

As for Becks....well, he's great from the neck down, but the face doesn't turn me on. Nor does the knowledge that he's dumber than a box of rocks.

In fact, I imagine sex with Becks to be something akin to a "Who's on First" routine...

"A little more like that..."

"Come again?"

"Not yet"


etc., etc.

Posh never fails to amaze me, but..Oh my... David is sizzling hot!

I wish someone would airbrush Becks into my bed. Mmmmm.

Your comment about the kids really made me think. Have you ever seen photos of Shriver and Schwarzenegger’s kids? At least one of the daughters zings back and forth with body issues. Shriver is SO overly thin...I've often wondered if she might have an eating disorder (I grew up around all that – so the look of it’s rather familiar). Posh is a lovely woman (gorgeous face!) - but she usually comes across terribly thin in photos – so I also wondered if they photoshopped a few pounds on her. As you say - that's bound to affect the kids.


DAMN! When is their "home video" going to be leaked onto the internet? ;)

too many cats said...

Becks, clothed, at Armani in Milan.

The last photo of him, from aft, is not going to be a screen saver.

5:27 PM

lol, cats, you are so right.

Posh is giving off a very 'Liz Taylor -Cat on a Hot Tin Roof' feeling to me.

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