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Make Me A Supermodel Season 2: Meet Sandhurst

Sandhurst, 22
Hometown: Tobago. Resides in Philadelphia, Pa.

Sandhurst was born and raised on the small island of Tobago, in the south Caribbean, where the entire community encouraged him to pursue modeling. Sandhurst spent his later teen years in Fort Lauderdale, Fla, before relocating to Philadelphia to attend Temple University and major in Public Relations. He was picked out of a crowd during Trinidad and Tobago's inaugural Fashion week, and asked to walk in a runway show, which kick-started his career in the world of modeling. A classically trained dancer, Sandhurst has taken 12 years of ballroom dance, as well as studied ballet, tap, modern, and African dance forms.

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When will this season start? I feel like I've been reading Meet the Models forver!

My lord. I haven't seen such a beautiful man in a while.




He is, no doubt, extremely good-looking. I can't wait to see his photos and walk on the runway.

He is insanely gorgeous.

My g-d, I just made a drool puddle. Ewww...

Beautiful face and very well proportioned. Nice all around.

Gorgeous yes, but I feel like I can't get over that name. Sandhurst! Who names their child that?

The man is freaking GORGEOUS!


Wow, he's hot!


Wow. Beautiful man

i hope sandhurst is gonna win and i AM HIS BIGGEST FAN

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