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Make Me A Supermodel Season 2: Meet The Models

Make Me A Supermodel returns for a second season on March 4th.


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Love Colin and Sandhurst. Not too crazy about any of the women but my favorites would probably be Amanda and Karen (not Kerryn.) Looks like there may be some crazies in the batch to keep things interesting. And what is up with Salome's mustache? I guess Mennonite's don't believe in bleach or depilatory?

interesting faces. last season's cast looked like generic LA models but i'm glad to see they picked people that don't have obvious looks.

I must be Bravo-illiterate, but I can't figure out when MMAS is actually on. Can anyone help?

Elaine Snutteplutten said...

I must be Bravo-illiterate, but I can't figure out when MMAS is actually on. Can anyone help?

Hi Elaine,

According to The Dish, Make Me A Supermodel returns on March 4th.


Why are all the women wearing RIDICULOUS amounts of eye makeup?

Wow--is it just me, or was last year's cast MUCH better looking?


Nope, not just you - a couple of the women have potential, but the guys last season were WAY hotter - damn! Eh, they'll probably grow on us...

I don't even judge them until the makeovers and photoshoots...the interview lighting doesn't flatter anyone and people who might not look great in person can morph into astounding models given a makeup artist, good lighting and a computer whiz who can airbrush well. I'm just looking forward to knowing I'm not the only one watching anymore!

Um. Why is everyone so fug this season??
I miss Perry already. :(

I'm picking Sandhurst for the win. Total standout. Many of them seem a tad old, dontcha think ?

I know ! 24's not old
but didn't so many of these actual super models start out at like, age 17 ?

mid 20s is a little late to be trying to launch a modeling career. During the first season Ronnie I believe was the oldest at age 25. He had done catalog work prior to that but never made it big likely due to the issues that the judges brought about him and his type.

The other contestants were younger than thatcollege age or a little older.

Modeling careers are generally short lived unless you're a true supermodel. Cindy Crawford was still in High School when she became successful.


Sandhurst. Gorge! He has presence. Must be the ballet training. I'm hoping for a love connection between Sandhurst & Jonathan. That would be incendiary! Unfortunately, I don't find any of the other hopefuls attractive or interesting.
Not that anyone asked.

Why are all the men fug? Last year's men were hotter.

I think Colin has the best features for high fashion, but he seems very emotionally reserved and/or controlled. I can't help but look at these models and wonder who would best handle challenges like last year's, um, bedroom romp.


That was classic! They'll be hard-pressed to top that one. Casey and Perry were terrific.

They were indeed! of course, I'm a little biased because I knew Casey as a kid here in Atlanta. I did musical theater with he and his brother. I was happy to see him do so well on the show.

Aaaaggghhh, that one girl, is it Jordan? With the long reddish hair and bangs, her mouth and voice remind me of the evil Kenley fron this past season of Project Runway, I hope she is not like that. Ew. Otherwise, eh. Last year from the first promo I was completely intrigued by Holly, Perry, and Ronnie. None of these contestants are really blowing my skirt up. We shall see

Well the reason I started watching Make Me a Supermodel was because I was Perry in a commercial and was completely compelled to watch. No one this season is doing that for me.

SANDHURST!!!!!!! Can't wait to watch!

*Does the level 4 hands* ;)

Maybe it is the fact that I had THOUSANDS of dollars of corrective dental work... but didn't it seem like a LOT of gaps in their teeth (front two teeth)?

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