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Make Me A Supermodel Season 2: Meet Kerryn

Kerryn, 24
Hometown: Russelville, Ark.. Resides in Memphis, Tenn.

Kerryn is proud to call Memphis, Tenn. her home, though she grew up in the small town of Russellville, Ark. At fifteen, she began modeling at a Christian modeling school called Excell Models and Talent in Little Rock, but has worked with Color Agency in Memphis for the last seven years. Kerryn loves to spend time outdoors, either hiking, rafting, or camping. She is working on starting her own jewelry line, and enjoys designing accessories. Kerryn's drive to succeed is inspired by very important people in her life, her mother and her brother – a Marine who was honored with a Purple Heart when he sustained injuries from a roadside bomb attack.

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Don't watch the show but just from the picture a big nononononooooo.
because of the head wrap,
Mr. Flatley from Riverdance is calling... bad look on everyone.

I agree with the parsnip, those head wrap things instantly spell Asshole.

Well hello there Hilary Duff.

Cute dress. I like her hair and she's very attractive, but she reminds me of too much of Hilary Duff, who I don't like at all.

I'm just marveling at the size of her head. It's so elongated in the picture.

Any and all details via written word are bouncing off my wall of bogglement.

She is dressed as Pocahontas. Ergo: I boggle.

I like her...big head, big features....give her some bangs.....big is dramatic.

yeah she has a really long forehead. Nothing some bangs can't fix.... i mean look at what bangs did for Rihanna?

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