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Last month, our editor at Metrosource dropped us a line and cryptically asked us if we were fans of ABC TV's Lost. Like anyone looking for a gig, we lied. "Sure! Never miss it. Why?" It turns out they had an opportunity to interview Elizabeth Mitchell, who plays Dr. Juliet Burke on the show, and inexplicably, he thought of us. "We're on it, Boss!," we shot back confidently. We like to talk like wisecracking dames in a '30s screwball comedy sometimes. If only we had Roz Russell's hats from His Girl Friday.

Now, Lost was one of those shows we talked about earlier: one of those ridiculously popular water-cooler-topic shows with such ubiquity in the daily conversation that we recoiled from it, sick of hearing about it without ever having seen one episode. And so, we agreed to interview a cast member of a hit show we had never viewed once. It's all about the hubris, baby.

Or the stupidity. "How bad can it be?" we asked. We figured we'd zip through a dozen episodes and get the rest of the relevant information through a little internet research. Easy peasy.

Well. Two things happened. We'll start with the second one.

Elizabeth turned out to be an incredibly sweet, open, upbeat kinda gal. She's absolutely nothing like her character and a hoot to chat with . Earlier in her career, she co-starred in Gia as Angelina Jolie's girlfriend, so naturally we had to ask her who was a better kisser: Angie or Matthew Fox. Of course we're not going to tell you her answer. You'll have to pick up the magazine for that.

But before we even got to the interview, something else happened. A friend had seasons 1 through 3 on DVD and kindly lent them to us for some Cliff Notes viewing. The problem was, we, with some minor embarrassment, found ourselves utterly hooked on the show from the very first episode. Our plans radically changed from "We'll watch a few" to "We'll watch all of them."

And when we say we were hooked, we mean HOOKED. So much so that we bought each other the DVDs for all four seasons of the show for Christmas. So much so that we've watched every episode of all four seasons at least twice in the past month AND all the bonus features on each DVD. So much so that almost 5 years AFTER it became a water-cooler topic, we find ourselves eagerly awaiting tomorrow night's season 5 premiere like a couple of giggly fangirls. We've gone from being proudly ignorant of anything having to do with the show to becoming experts in the most obscure Lost lore and arcana (due mostly to the aforementioned internet research), all in the space of about a month.

So there you have it. As recently as Thanksgiving we would have had absolutely no idea what the following sentences mean. Ohmigod, what happened to Sawyer and Juliet? And how did Locke die? And what are Penny and Desmond going to do now? And Jin's not really dead, is he? What's up Sun's ass all of a sudden? How are they all going to get back?

Most important of all...

How are we ever going to get used to watching it only an hour at a time with commercial breaks?


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Does this mean you will be blogging Lost?

Welcome to the fold. Lost is awesome.

My Tivo was empty due to the Christmas hiatus. I borrowed Season 1 of Lost from a friend to kill some time. That took five days. Season 2 I polished off this weekend. I'm only a couple discs into Season 3 so far. I can't stop! I've surpassed that time I got all 7 Seasons of Gilmore Girls on DVD at once.
All my dreams are Lost-related now. (Last night, I stole Sun and Clair's babies and took them to Jack for us to raise together-it was kind of awesome). I am making a mad dash to finish these ASAP so I can watch the new Losts as they are on TV. I can't wait to be caught up so I can read all the speculative websites!! But I'm not thrilled about having to watch them one at a time. I do not have patience!!


Wah. I've never seen the show and never intended to. I've heard all the praise and all the hoopla, but it's just too much to catch up on now.

It's too much material. I can't possibly get involved in so much complexity after all these years. I don't have time to watch all those DVDs!

You dear boys will be blogging Lost with all your usual wit and insight, and I, sadly, will remain utterly lost as a non-viewer.

I'm happy for you and all Lost fans though. Have fun!

(Totally off-topic, but just have to say - Michelle Obama looks GREAT this morning!)

So glad you guys are following the show now. I was just like you last year, staying up much too late to watch just one more episode....

Can't wait for the show tomorrow night and your recap on Thursday!!

LMAO! I am in the exact same situation! I was very sick before, during and after new years in which time I borrowed and watched all four seasons of LOST. I too am now COMPLETELY hooked and eagerly await tomorrows episode! You are so right though, it will be very tough to watch them one at a time with commercials!

Yay! I'm so glad you will be blogging Lost!
One request, lots of screen caps of shirtless Sawyer!!

make sure you go to and read the Lost blog.... they notice things we mere mortals completely miss!!

I am totally with you. I watched the last three episodes of season four on TV and was immediately hooked, even though I had no idea what was going on. I watched all four seasons this past summer, and I'm having the same dilemma. All the episodes end on cliffhangers, how am I supposed to wait a week for closure?

Love this so much, even with (especially because of) the clever title. As one who is infamous for jumping late onto pop culture bandwagons - "Mad Men" & "Arrested Development" most recently - and then hurling myself onto them wholeheartedly, I can relate. No shame in this - or so I keep telling myself.

Better late than never.
Please blog the show. Pretty please.

How funny. I was like that last year. My husband got into it and I turned my nose up at it.

Then I watched a couple episodes with him. It was all over. It was me who got into all the internet backstory and have Lostpedia bookmarked. I can't wait until tomorrow, although I will try and hold off for 20 minutes so I can watch it commercial free. Oh wait though, they always have those FAKE commercials with clues. I'm torn!

I feel your pain. I just got hooked over the holidays too, and I finally watched the Season 4 finale yesterday, just in time for the premiere. Only one hour a week? Unthinkable!

Amanda in Austin

Welcome to the party, at long last. I LOVE "Lost." I got my husband hooked on it, too, and we are both addicted now. It is a great show.

"Lost" is quite simply the best tv show ever. Period. If you haven't seen it and you like T-Lo, do yourselves a favor and just go rent it already. You will NOT regret it.

By the way, as far as watching it one hour at a time... ha! It is even more fun because those cliff-hangers become real cliffhangers that are not resolved by popping in the next disk.

Can you imagine what those of us who watched from the first broadcast went through after that Season 1 finale?!?! ... "WAAAALLLTTTT!!!!"

P.S. You guys MUST blog the new season.

Welcome to your new addiction, I couldn't be happier! :) There is no other show on TV that makes me literally jump up and down like a five year old when I see the previews for this week. Please, oh pretty please say you're going to blog on LOST!!! You've GOTTA!

Oh my God -
I can't believe ! I am an avid reader from Germany - your covering of lost will literaly hook to my pc screen... Thank you!


I can't say I'm suprised...I was also late with my LOST addiction...but since I love all of the shows you do... :)

i hope you really are blogging LOST. it is in my opinion the most brilliant drama on tv right now. i am HUGE fan of the show. my LOST world will never be the same if TLO gets a hold of it. bring it on boys!

Great. Yet another excuse to watch at least one episode of Lost and become the next addict. Everyone raves about it and my husband is hooked. And now my favorite bloggers are going to cover it? It's time to watch Lost.

If Tlo can catch up all the way from episode one, then so can I!

Ah, welcome converts! Lost is pure gold ...

Can I just say I love you guys? I wish I could just hang out with you guys!

ack! i did the same thing with arrested development and battlestar galactica. at least arrested development was off the air and the entire run was on dvd by the time i got hooked. not that the plot line would have driven me half as insane as battlestar, but i'd still have to wait for my jason bateman fix. (i did the math. i've had a crush on him since i was 6 years old.)

My favorite way to watch series television is all at once - either on TV during one of their marathons or just as you did - DVDs baby.

I haven't watched LOST - and I've been blissfully happy about it. I just finished watching my new show - MONK. I watched a TV marathon of it a few weeks back and now I want to see more.

Can't wait to read the interview you did, I like her.

I got hooked between the 3rd and 4th seasons after renting the first few episodes. The show hooks you from the start with a great mystery that just gets better and better.

And last season was just SO perfect following the dramatic twist at the end of season 3. If this season is as good as last season's, I can't wait!

Although personally I'm not sure how this season will top last season. Season 4 was just too good. Every single episode was amazing.

Im so giddy!
that would be A-mazing
omg thank you thank you.

ok and i have a theory!
I think that the island moved back in time, and the
people left on the island will meet the dharma initiative BEFORE ben kills them all, and they will answer a bunch of shit!
cant wait to read your wit and insight!

I'm sooooo happy TLo is on the Lost bandwagon!

Two of my top favorite things converging, yay :)

Just a warning though - you are going to be absolutely tortured watching Season 5. Not only the commercial breaks, but the week of waiting between episodes is truly painful. You're lucky you missed the years of playing a new episode every 3 weeks, or even a 2-3 month hiatus. They finally figure out that this is a show that needs to be on every week.

Oh so glad you guys are blogging LOST. Be careful with this show boys, it's the TV version of crack and when the dealer (ABC) decides to hide your stash (end of season) bad things happen. IE, withdrawal!

Last year the Lost addicts gained a convert in my home, and 3 seasons on dvd were played out before my unwilling eyes. I see the attraction, but I never reached the involvement level to get past being irritated with the seemingly random and meaningless events, which are maybe, eventually, partially explained if you pay rapt attention.

Maybe if you blog it, I will be drawn in. Like I *need* another t.v. show to put time into. (Over Christmas daughter got me hooked on House. Compared to Lost it's a tricycle vs. a supersonic jet, but that suits me.)

fyi, Doc Jensen over on posts weekly on LOST and has the best insight into all the intricate details on the show that you haven't even dreamed of. It's enough to make your head spin,, I love reading it after each episode. If you're a diehard fan of the show, you'll love it.

OMG! I knew you'd come around to the Dark Side eventually!

I'm more in love with this blog everyday. I squealed like TLo hearing that TLo squealed!

God I can't wait for some great screencaps of Sawyer's sweaty naked chest and Jack's haunted eyes and Jin's abs.

That is exactly what happened to me. I never watched Lost, b/c of the conspiracy theories, and all the talk about it; enough already! It the same thing that turned me off of Desperate Housewives for 3 years.

But my husband got hooked while on deployment & when he came home he bought Seasons 1-3. Then he started watching Season 4..and I started asking questions...and got hooked!

Always late to the party i guess.

One of us! One of us!

Everyone's right -- the wait between episodes is AGONIZING, and it's even worse between seasons. LOST is a cruel, cruel mistress. But soooo good. Mm, Desmond...

I'm excited to read the Elizabeth Mitchell interview. I've come around to liking Juliet a lot, and Elizabeth seems like such a fun, bubbly person. She's got a great laugh, too.

Thanks for finally getting "lost" w/ those in the know about entertainment. I too have the same nagging apprehension of putting up w/commercial breaks without a complete psychological snap or tantrums that could best a 3 year old's. But I simply CANNOT wait 11 months to continue this saga and take the chance of overhearing or reading spoliers or having someone elso know more about what's going on than I do. I will not have that.
I look forward to "chatting" with you guys on Thursdays.

you guys always cover my favorite shows!

Nogrinnin: Dude. Getting caught up with Lost is nothing. I recently discovered Doctor Who, like, fifty years late. Imagine what I went through tackling that amount of info!! Lost is a walk in the park compared to it. Lightweight.

Seriously, though, Lost is worth the time. It's a magnificent, enthralling, wildly original show.


(I posted this on the other thread by accident, thereby pointlessly confusing myself. But here ya go.)


Oh, no. Just discovered Dr. Who? You are a brave soul. (Best Doctors ever: Tom Baker and Christopher Eccleston. Who, now that I think about it, would look a bit like Tom Baker if you put a Harpo wig on him.... hmmm... )

As far as Lost goes, I caught the last half of the season premier - uh oh, I'm intrigued - my library has seasons 1 and 2 on DVD - uh oh, uh oh .....

I might be succumbing.

I'm a 37-year old white girl who lives in DC. If I ever decide to start a retro riot grrrls band, may I steal the name "Time Jesus" from you?

Good God I LOVE me some Elizabeth Mitchell. Can't wait for your interview.

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