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T Lo interviews Joan (Also Ryan!)

Darlings, we've had a tough time keeping this one under wraps but in the latest issue of Metrosource magazine, we got the chance to interview our current girl crush, Christina Hendricks, the fabulous Joan Holloway of Mad Men.

See, the theme of the issue is "People We Love" and our editor (We love saying "our editor." It sounds so Lois Lane-y.) asked us if we had any ideas for interview subjects. We were all "People We Love? JOAN HOLLOWAY, bitch!" and he was all "I'm on it!" and then we were all "Score!"

She was a pleasure to interview and she's absolutely nothing like Joan. She's giggly and funny and sweet. She doesn't even sound like Joan when she talks. Some bits:

You’ve become quite the poster child for curvaceous women. It seems every article about you has to mention your body.
I guess I’m surprised because this is how I’ve always looked. I’ve had lots of people come up to me on the street — women and men — and tell me how refreshing it is to see someone like me on TV. That feels really good. I’ve always felt like a woman, and I’ve always had curves and felt beautiful.

Well, clearly the women and straight men love you for it, but we’re here to tell you the gays LOVE Joan Holloway.
(Laughs) That’s fabulous!

We must have seen at least a half-dozen Joan Holloway drag queens on Halloween!
That’s so funny, because Matt Weiner [the show’s creator] said after the first couple of episodes, “I know we’re a success if I see Joan Holloways on Halloween."

But don't take our word for it, go read it.

In the same issue, we sat down and interviewed Ryan Brown, the cute one from Flipping Out. Also an incredibly charming and down to earth guy.

How did you meet Jeff Lewis?
He and I met through a mutual friend of ours who was an interior designer as well. He introduced us years ago. I had heard some stories about Jeff, and a lot of my friends were completely in love with him.
We didn’t work together when we were dating. We broke up, and there was a period of six months to a year where we talked about doing some projects together. We bought our first house together and started working on that. It was certainly a rocky road at first. I don’t recommend it to anybody — working with your ex right away — but it seemed to work with Jeff and me, for some reason. I think what it came down to was that he’s one of the people in my life that I absolutely trust.
To this day, we get along great. We fight, we scream and yell — you know, everything that’s shown on the show — but at the end of the day we are a family, and we realize that.

How did Flipping Out come about?
It was basically the brainchild of Jeff’s assistant, Jenni Pulos. She had an idea for a show [featuring] her and her husband called The Wannabes. They were trying to be actors, and they came up with what I thought was a great concept: [The show would follow] their everyday life, going to auditions and trying to become actors while at the same time working for Jeff. But when they got Jeff on camera and saw what a big personality he was, Bravo ended up really liking that concept, so the show revolved more around Jeff than Jenni. Jenni is amazing. Honestly, [she’s] one of the best people I know.

Again, go read the whole thing. Metrosource cycles the links on their web page, so we don't know how long these will stay up. We've got a bunch of new interviews scheduled (they'll have to remain a surprise for now) for their next issue, so if you can't find Metrosource in your neck of the woods and you want to keep up with the T Lo experience, you can always subscribe.


I'm going through Mad Men withdrawal, so it was very much appreciated to see my favorite TV lady! I don't know why I haven't seen her on any magazine covers yet-- between her talent and obvious beauty, she's FAR more interesting than all the interchangeable twigs you usually see.

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola


Talk about X-mas coming early....

Thanks for the interview TLo!

Thanks for the interviews - wish the format allowed them to be longer.

I've been reading them. They're great interviews!

formerlyAnon said...

Thanks for the interviews - wish the format allowed them to be longer.

Ryan's is actually much longer in the hard copy of the magazine.

You're right, MAJOR SCORE!

I still think Christina Hendricks is, in real life, tiny, but with enough curves to make her look (on TV) "ample". Regardless, she makes real women feel represented and more at home with their bodies.

Sigh. This was like an early Christmas present.

Um...yay? Be an asshole...get a TV show! "Big personality," Ryan? That's putting it mildly.

Christina AND Ryan?! Thanks for this TLo!

I have such a girl crush on Christina Hendricks and "Joan"! Christina even manages to work that body gracefully on her occasional apperances on NBC's Life ( love that show and love Damien Lewis!)


This was an incredible treat, boys. Thank you so much.

pumpkins, i sense a bit of the cat in your mention of my angel, jeff lewis. back off my boy. he is beyond fabulous. i don't know why you can't see it.

Personally, Flipping Out is one my least favorite shows. You follow that and not Top Chef??

Are you following Bromance? One of the gayest shows on the tube right now.
You've got to love a straight guy declaring himself a "Bromosexual' on national TV.

She's fabulous. When I go to heaven, I want her figure.

Fabulous!!! She's amazing. I love her!!!

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