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The Dress Collection by Victoria Beckham

Posh launched her line of dresses (entitled, tantalizingly enough, "The Dress Collection") on Monday and once again, Style has the goods:

"Every one of them could've been pulled from Beckham's own closet. The silhouette is beyond body-conscious, ultra-fitted from shoulder line to below the knee, with special seams along the derriere and torso to ensure against flat rear ends and busts, respectively. And each comes with woman-friendly details like a rose-gold back zipper ("so you don't have to dive into it and mess your hair and makeup") and a removable grosgrain ribbon lining the waist ("for posture"). If the collection owes a debt to anyone, it's Roland Mouret, whose Galaxy dress gave curves to even the most skeletal of celebrities, or maybe Dolce & Gabbana. But Beckham denies the inspiration. "This has been a lifetime in the making," she said, adding that she's been wearing the best designers in the world for about as long. And she's not interested in making an It dress. "I don't want to make dresses that will date. I've always been about clever buying." The dresses will range from $1,500 to $3,600."

It's actually a lovely collection. There isn't a piece here we don't like, some more than others. Tom thinks it's a perfectly inoffensive little collection (but perhaps a little dull), while Lorenzo LOVES it. We can both agree that if celebrities insist on branding themselves as fashion designers, they should stick to classic, simple looks. On that level, Posh knocked this one out of the park.

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Amanda in Austin

I like everything about this collection, except for the very visible zippers up the backs of some of the looks. It's kinda trashy looking.

Other than that quibble, it's a lovely collection.

Dear God I can't believe I'm saying this -- I love it. Unfortunately, I don't buy anything with a celeb name on it just on principle, but man, these are lovely. Ditto Amanda's comment regarding zippers for me though.

I echo Amanda's sentiments. Zippers are about function, not fashion. These clothes are beautiful fashion. Why do I need the blatant reminder of the function that makes them work? INVISIBLE ZIPPERS.

Maybe it's the simple styling, but that collection looks way more tasteful than I would have expected. Those are definitely silhouettes that we've seen on VB, but somehow they rarely look so classic on her. Put me down for a stunned two snaps up.

It's nice. Not thrilled with all those exposed zippers. Most of them look like high-end bridesmaids dresses to me (not that there's anything wrong with that).

I LOVE LOVE those dresses, including the exposed zippers. I think it's sexy. It reminds me of the fabulous Roland Mouret's dresses; which by the way, how can she deny the influence? She's a huge fan.

They are lovely. And I am sure they will be offered in a full range of sizes, from 'zero minus one' all the way through size 4 (for the plus size girls).

And put me on the "ditch the visible zippers" train.

"TLo Addict"

TO DIE. I want the blue organza number.

Fabulous! I can't believe I'm saying this : )
It so reminds me of Audrey Hepburn and Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Gorgeous, every single one of them.

Lovely, though a few of these numbers would look good a few inches shorter.

I like everything but the visible zippers. They cheapen the look of the dresses.

It's nice, but way overpriced. What is she thinking? I do not understand why some celebs decide to go super high end.

Beautiful and classic. Lovely. But a little monotonous? Would like to see a little variety. But I would rock every one of those dresses! Hopefully they will be offered in real women sizes, beyond size 10 that is. And real women price tags!


You're right. It's perfectly inoffensive. It's also incredibly derivative. Look three is a direct rip of the Roland Mouret Galaxy dress. Posh is a stylist, not a designer.

I'm impressed. This collection is actually kinda pretty. Like so many others, I'm not crazy about exposed zippers, but otherwise I'm liking it. Good job, Posh!

Those are all dresses for Joan on Mad Men! I can just picture her butt in them.

I'm a little underwhelmed with them. They seem a little boring to me. They look like a simple sheath dress with a few variations. Very classic styling. The first two look a little sloppy to me - could just be the fit of the model. I also find the length interesting. To my eye (and I'm not a designer by any means, just know what I like) they look a little long. Seems to me that mid calf might not be so flattering on everyone, but then I guess she's not aiming for everyone at that price point.

I get the zippers--they are kind of sexy, as they go all they way over the rear end. Like to see a close-up --she must have had the zippers specially manufactured for her collection?

Also like to see VB wearing all these!

I hate the visible zippers. They just don't look good in this kind of dress.
The dresses are quite nice but a bit boring maybe.

All very pretty and wearable. I would happily wear any of them. I did think that they were all a bit snug in the bum. If you look at each of the designs from the waist down, they are all the same.

I really hate the zippers in the back. It looks so cheap.
But the shilouette of the dresses is great.

Greetings from Ireland

Count me as one of the non-fans of the exposed zippers, plus, some of the dresses just look so baggy and poorly fitted--the white one with the textured top, the colorblock one, and the one with the square shoulder are all a little loose in the chest or hips.

Cute, but not worth the price, at all.

I absolutely love these--I would own and wear every single one--price being no object of course! These make me long (slightly) for the days when women wore dresses and hats everyday, and men wore suits to not only go to meetings but to baseball games and the airport!

I love the classic lines with a little twist, and I feel like these could be worn by women who aren't in the size 0-6 range--which one might have expected from the minuscule celebrity designer.

Excellent collection overall!

Where did you find the prices on the dresses?

Mariana (The Unoriginal)

yawningdog said...

Where did you find the prices on the dresses?

Read the post : )

Mariana (The Unoriginal)

They're beautiful. I love classic anything. They never go out of style.

I love the collection! I love the exposed zipper at the back too! :D

I am pleasantly surprised. I love the clean lines and think the zippers work. Because of the modest length and boob coverage the zippers are sexy without being trashy.

I just think the collection is rather dull. The biggest surprise for me is that Victoria Beckham's name is attached to it. Other than that, yaaawwwwnnn.

Isn't this the same dress over and over again? Why is everyone so gaga over the same silhouette?

I'm sorry....*yawn*....what was i saying - I dozed off....

Sorry. Those visible zippers are godawful and that length flatters nobody.

Not what I expected from Posh at all, but a very smart move to appeal to a wide range of women. I love several of the pieces.

These silhouettes are perfect for right now: The prices, not so much.

The dresses are simply gorgeous, and it's pretty obvious that Michelle Obama is going to be a style icon inspiring classic silhouettes, (so Posh lucked out there), but those prices, in a recession? I'm sure all the planning for the line started long before the economy took a total nosedive, and those prices are unfortunate for the current climate. If she could have done them at a mid-range price point, I'd think they'd fly off the racks.


I like the visible back zippers. They remind me of stockings with seams (which are also sexy).


"If the collection owes a debt to anyone, it's Roland Mouret, whose Galaxy dress gave curves to even the most skeletal of celebrities,"

I have to say this cracked me up. Why starve yourself to skelatility, then rely on a dress to give you curves? For god's sake, just EAT SOMETHING!


I want all the dresses and Posh to be my new best friend.

I can't figure out how a removeable grosgrain ribbon inside the waist improves posture. Can someone enlighten me?

I'm in the "like" camp - I'd also like to see how they fit someone size 8 or 10.

For a celeb line it's surprisingly good, no-one *really* expects Posh to be strikingly original, do they? (though I wish she'd just own up to her influences.)

I do think the hem length (while sooo much better than everything being way. too. short.) will not flatter some - but if you can pay for one of these you can pay to have it hemmed to the best length for your own proportions.

I really like the zippers.
The dresses are very simple and they are a sexy addition. But the one that seems to zip from the bottom would be very interesting to get in, unless it a a two ended zipper.

Unfortunately while lovely these dresses are for the very thin, only. And so similar to each other.

The collection ranges from inoffensive to surprisingly pretty - and I agree with others' statements about the too-visible zippers. From the back, these remind me of women in Duran Duran videos - ew.

I DON'T get the $1,500-3,600 price tag though - what the h***? These look like something you'd pay $200 for at Nordstrom. Doesn't Posh know we're in a recession? If these were more reasonably priced, she'd probably sell a bundle. As it is, I predict they'll go the way of her jeans line. A pity, because (other than the zippers) they are actually tasteful and flattering.

The zippers are a deal breaker for me.

And really, if I'm going to spend upwards of $2,000 on a dress I'll go right to the source and buy an RM by Roland Mouret.

Wow, I really love this collection! A huge surprise to me, as I'm not really fond of Posh's personal style.
I particularly love the black dress with the cool sort of shadow print. I agree with others about the super-visible zippers, though. Trashy. Might as well put a sign over it saying "easy access".
Otherwise, though, I think it's a beautiful collection. Well done, Posh.

Mmmmm, so you guys are just DONE with STYLISTA, right???

I suppose I can't blame you, but it's thanks to YOU BITCHES that I've actually started to CARE what happens next on that train wreck of a show or at the very least look forward to hearing/reading your take on the proceedings. Surely another episode has elapsed since your last post, no?

Really, if the CW isn't paying you guys, Tyra Banks should be! I wouldn't have even known the show existed before you two!

Not ringing my chimes for the most part. They are all too long and too monotone.... ditto on the zipper thing....

@ Eric

The last "new" Stylista episode was a recap episode of the first five episodes aired. Tyra Banks and co. are a big fan of these, and they are boring, boring, boring. It's just arguments and each episode summed up in 5 to 10 minutes of flashbacks and Slowey lumbering around in her heels. Tomorrow's episode should be new content.

These dresses are pretty. I will never see one in person. I wish I could fit a leg, or an arm, in one.

hot and sexy stuff. don't like the big honkin' zippers though.

I like the dresses (especially the blue..I wonder if it comes in green). The prices are too high for a line that is essentially a knock off of Roland Mouret. I should think that an unsophisticated customer purchasing on the good name of "Posh" is not going to be able to afford these.

GothamTomato said...

I like the visible back zippers. They remind me of stockings with seams (which are also sexy).

GT I totally agree with you... at least a few of us like those zippers.... and talking about our next first lady, at one of the debates she wore a floral dress that also had a visible zipper at the back and I thought it looked beautiful....
the prices are nuts though.....

These dresses are surprisingly age-friendly.

Nice to see the bateau necklines as well.

For the most part it's a beautiful collection, but I agree with those who are scratching their head at the price range. I don't "see" $1000 in any of those dresses. If I'm paying 4 figures for a dress (never have, probably never will unless its a wedding dress), I'd better see hand beading, very expensive fabric....something to make my jaw drop. The name "Victoria Beckham" isn't enough to make my jaw drop.

Daisy said...
I get the zippers--they are kind of sexy, as they go all they way over the rear end. Like to see a close-up --she must have had the zippers specially manufactured for her collection?


Zippers are manufactured in long rolls without the pulls or stoppers. At Findings Stores in the garment district you (as an individual or company) can purchase what ever length of zipper you want and the merchant attaches the pull and stop.

Pretty, but...

I just can't get into the exposed zipper.

Beautiful lines while standing - what happens when the model sits down? What happens when having been seated, she stands up again? I hate to be so practical, but unless these garments are all made of stretchy knits, they could look a lot less elegant after a day in the office or on the go.

I feel "deja vu" looking at this collection. Quite lovely (am I actually saying this?), but also "done before, and before and before....".

The zippers: a gimmick......

Thanks. I have developed a bad habit of skipping the quotes and only reading Tom and Lorenzo comments.

They're all very pretty (except for the visible zippers - no likey), but at the price range quoted? FORGET IT. Way too basic for the $1,500-minimum price tag.

I'm with Lo - I love this collection!

(With the exception of the strapless numbers - can't stand a strapless!)


I like the collection-if I had the body and income to buy these clothes, I would.

I hate the oh-so-obvious zippers. blech.

And the length? some of these could stand to be a bit shorter.

Otherwise, I don't hate.

Gotham said, "Why starve yourself to skelatility, then rely on a dress to give you curves? "

I know! To ensure against flat rear ends?! Like inadequate booty is issue for so many women that they have to ensure against it???

Next thing they'll bring back the bustle.

Yeah, I really like the zippers, actually. Overall, I don't love many of the looks, but the blue one is just fabulous.

Sewing Siren said


Zippers are manufactured in long rolls without the pulls or stoppers. At Findings Stores in the garment district you (as an individual or company) can purchase what ever length of zipper you want and the merchant attaches the pull and stop.

Thank you, SS!

(I was sort of hoping that for the price the zippers were made of sterling silver or something...or gold...)

i'm not dorothy gale

A borrrrrrrriiiiiiiinng collection from Ms. Skin 'n' Bones. The zippers seem like a vague attempt at edginess; sorry, boys, me no likee.

Lovely, yes, but I have to agree more with the description: "inoffensive". The visible zippers are awful and make, otherwise beautiful, dresses look "chip in a chip way."

GucciGirl said...
TO DIE. I want the blue organza number.

10:17 AM

Ditto on the blue...I covet that dress. Except I don't think they would make it in my size.

The 4th pic down, black & white 'splash' print with little cap like shoulder covers...That is the same pattern as a Barbie dress I had in the 60s. Love it on Barbie, love it here.

At least they are dresses and not skinny jeans.


Lovely dresses. My problem is that silhouette, which makes any little tummy pop out like you're five months pregnant. High waisted and tightly fitted are not friendly to anyone who has a tummy, even with Spanx.


I see Ms Posh loves the sixties. No argument there, but how can these designs be distinguished from dresses one can see in a 40 year old Ladies Home Journal?

The zippers are a mistake.

I think the zippers are supposed to be sort of "chip" looking. The overall feel of these dresses is very ladylike -- from the front, anyway. Then turn around and you see how easy it would be to get out of them. The zippers are like the librarian pulling the pencil out of her bun, and I think that's completely deliberate.

Patty O. Furniture

I like the dresses, and they are very reminiscent of Roland Mouret, who I love. But, like RM's dresses, these are slightly too long for my personal taste.

They're very nice, but they all look pretty much the same.

My first reaction to the zippers was "Won't that hurt when you sit down on it? Won't it snag your hose?" But maybe these dresses weren't designed to be sat in. Maybe somebody needs to design standing limousines in which women wearing dresses they can't sit down in can be stacked up like Vienna sausages in a can.

Very Roland Mouret (j'adore!) derivative, but I absolutely love the collection nonetheless. The zippers are very sexy & edgy (at least Mrs. Beckham is trying to be interesting), the lengths are very opera appropriate, which is where I plan to wear mine (the print). Never thought I'd ever use the words "tasteful" & Posh Spice in the same sentence.

Agree, tasteful, even if a bit bland. Zippers as an accessory? No. Prices are ridiculous, even if the fabrics and finishs are wonderful. I'm a sucker, though, for a black skirt & white shirt.

Count me out too with regard to the zippers. And I didn't think the first two did much for the top half. In all they are lovely dresses on the models but I struggle to pull off knee length at 5'8", how is Ms. Average supposed to do it? Then again I guess they aren't priced for the likes of us!

Really boring. Hate the exposed zippers, which make them look cheap.

Really boring. Hate the exposed zippers, which make them look cheap.

I agree that the zippers cheapen these particular dresses. I like the idea of these type zippers on the scuba dresses that MK did on his last collection.

I am pleasantly surprised she didn't book stick skinny models for these clothes. I agree that you can't have a gut on a couple of these looks, but a few of the dresses can are can be worn by non-waifs. Even if Victoria Beckham designed for herself, she designed for many other types of women as well.

Posh has got the goods if these were really her all of them. As far as some design details being 'derivative', fashion recycles itself constantly so I doubt if there is anything totally new in that world. Leanne's petals might be close, but even she used panniers. Posh created sleek, form fitting and flattering silhouettes with subtlety and sophistication. There is just enough flirtatiousness in the zippers and shoulder lines to make them sexy without being trashy. Count me among the astonished and intrigued.

Chacun à son goût, I L-O-V-E the visible zippers!


They all WRINKLE funny across the mid sections. Like you want to yank them down to straighten them out a bit.

ridiculous one note collection, with the same silhouette over and over again. Bo-ring!


I think it is ok. It is great for a celebrity collection though. Unfortunately there is absolutely nothing there that I could feasibly wear, but for tall skinny women it is quite lovely. I don't really like the zippers being so prominent though. Kinda like hooker wear, easy on easy off.

As far as celeb lines go, this one is probably one of the best looking. But that reviewer was dead on when they brought up the Roland Mouret comparison. It's so blatant. She's basically reworked looks that she's already worn. There's a big difference between creating a line inspired by your own personal style and dipping into the repertoire of the designers that you yourself wear to create said line.

As for the complaints about the price, I can't speak for these particular garments, but it's a general rule that if an item of clothing looks very simple and spare but carries a high price tag, there's a lot of work that went into making it which cannot be seen on the exterior. It's focusing on fit and finish instead of flash and fabulosity. Despite the fact that you can get a dress that looks identical for much less, the quality of finishing and construction will never compare.

Some of it is lovely (That blue dress is amazing), some of it is fugly (High-waisted skirts don't do it for me in these dresses, and I am usually quite fond of them). Overall though it's a pleasant surprise.

It's a lot dull. I've seen variations of these many places and nothing her shakes the world.

One thing: this line would be better served if she had models who could fill those clothes.

One silhouette, but a nice one. I can see these not looking dated years down the road, I guess, unless this kind of fitted look goes out completely? Not worth $1000+, of course.

Boring. Don't get me wrong, it's almost refreshingly simple in the sea of fug out there, but I just wish *someone* could design clothes that are both interesting AND attractive. It shouldn't be an either/or!

Oh yeah, and the hems are too long to be flattering.

Love love love the last dress.

I find it strange that each dress has more of less the same shape and exactly the same length. Most of them are attractive and wearable, if you have a figure similar to Posh. All in all, not bad for a celeb designer.

Her web site is awful - too slow, and too much effort to look at details (with that slow fade effect every time you click on anything).

I actually think these dresses would look good on a normal sized woman, but the prices put it waaay out of reach for 99.9999% of the women out there.

Come on! It's a total re-hash of anything and everything that other designers have made for her! Really. She should get some original ideas, or at least acknowledge the source(s) of her inspiration. And those prices are pretty stiff for what're essentially knockoffs.
Maybe I just can't forgive her for being fundamentally, inherently tacky and managing still to be considered an icon of style.

Except for the length of the dresses, I like.

lovely, not a lot of variation on the silhouettes or necklines. Pricy too!

She totally knocked off Roland Mouret.. with the lengths, fit and the back signature sipper..
She sucks..

We are not impressed.

I find the lengths slightly awkward. They hit the calf at an unflattering . . . oh wait, they talked about designs for skeletal people. Never mind.

Darlings, I LOVE the zippers! They are a confident woman saying guess what, I will be taking this dress off tonight! Everyone will think about unzipping them and no one will dare. Scandalous! Bravos for Posh.

UGLY! Especially the second and third ones... The second one looks like a pillowcase got attached to some white fabric with a string tied in the waist. The third reminds me of what my piano teacher would wear... which isn't good.
They all look like they could come from Ross. Sorry, it's the truth.

These are gorgeous! Are they going to come in a size bigger than "twig?"

Superb collection of these gorgeous dresses!! Zipper dresses are my favorite!!

i love the dresses. ♥

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