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Ripping the Collections: Leanne, Part 2

This would have to be the look we like the least. Dramatic, certainly but not particularly pretty or flattering. It's more of an intellectual piece than a practical look. Still, kudos to her for the shorts and jacket.

Gorge. This is a reworked bridesmaid dress and we may just like this more than the original version. The highly structured origami-like top serves as a counterpoint to the soft waves of the skirt. Love it.

Pretty, but we think it works better in theory than in practice. The pleats on the top go in the opposite direction from the pleats on the bottom and all of the pleats are blue on one side and white on the other. She went for a looser pleat on the bottom and we commend that but it looks too sloppy and limp.

Stunning. And completely noodle-free! That bust could be fitted better, though.

And we've said all that needs to be said about this dress. In our opinion, it was the best look out of all the PR runway shows this season as well as one of the most beautiful garments ever produced for the show.

In the end, Leanne gave us a collection that was both stunningly beautiful and highly creative. We simply don't agree with people when they say that she just does one kind of clothing. Pleating is a detail and it's not at all uncommon for designers to go through periods where they return to the same detail again and again. It's to her credit that she obviously worked very hard to make that detail different in every single garment. No two looks had the same pleating. The fact that she is the only designer this season to show such a wide range of looks also puts to rest any idea that she does only one look over and over again.

Watch the runway show:

[Photos: Getty Images - Video: YouTube/Taxiplasm]

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I love almost everything she has done. So original. Such a strong point of view

I love love loved that wedding dress!! I have no idea if there were pockets or if the model just fit her hands between the noodles but it made it look so cute. I wish I could buy a wedding dress designed by her but I'm terrified of the price, haha.

And the blue dress does have noodles!! They were just gigantic kinds - not linguini but more lasagna.

Beautiful collection. And I did think it had the best runway music of the three.

I have to say I loved Leanne's collection the best too. It looks like stuff I might wear if I had the body for it. :)

Also, any chance you're going to be ripping the decoy collections? I'd love to hear what you have to say about them.

I love all of these looks, including the jacket with the high collar. I'd never wear it and I agree that it's more of an intellectual, conceptual piece but I like the look paired with the shorts.

I've already said that this is my favorite PR show ever. Just stunning, stunning work. She really evoked the waves she cited as her inspiration by creating variations on a theme. And for those complaining about its "wearability" or Leanne being a one-note designer, please take a look at her audition video or her website. She has a signature style (which is a good thing - some designers work for decades without achieving that) and her work is actually quite varied and wearable.

Did anyone see her on Craig Ferguson's show a couple of nights ago? She was wearing a red dress that she had made that day in her hotel room. It was adorable and while it had some of her signature embellishments and looked like a Leanne creation, it was very different from anything she produced on the show.

Love her work! So glad she won.

Perfectly divine!!


Is that a tear at the bottom of the wedding dress??

I thought the jacket and shorts combo was stunning. Perhaps not as wearable as the other pieces, but really amazing in construction and concept.

Leeane had a really appealing color story with this collection.

once again beautiful!


The Huffington Post is calling, they are looking for someone to identify the designers for Sarah Palin's 150K wardrobe... bitches I do not know anyone who could do this better.

Great analysis as always!

I love that blue gown. It was a stunner!

And that blue and white short dress with opposing noodles? I'd have liked it better with a different belt. The belt looked cheap compared to the rest of the outfit.

" Anonymous said...
Did anyone see her on Craig Ferguson's show a couple of nights ago? She was wearing a red dress that she had made that day in her hotel room. It was adorable and while it had some of her signature embellishments and looked like a Leanne creation, it was very different from anything she produced on the show.

I would love to see this interview! Hint hint!! ;)

Oh, and by the way, I endured the insipid Rachel Ray just to watch Leanne on Craig's show. She was adorable and thoughtful. Just what I expected. The dress she made was very cute, too!

Can't do much but say "ditto" to what TLo say. I only differ in that if the "opposite direction petals" dress had had less limp petals on the skirt, it might have been my fave short dress. I really liked the hint of the opposing color showing on the reverse of the noodles.

PR5, I bid you adieu.
T&Lo, many thanks.

Is Leanne the one who claimed to be the silent fashion assassin?

Found the Ferguson interview!!

young sally, read TLo's interview with Leanne -- it's all explained.

I have to disagree about the shorts and that top, I loved them. Impractical? sure, but I loved them and would still attempt to wear it if I could. Loved the rest of the collection as well, though I agree, the blue and white pleasted dress worked a little better in theory. I liked it and thought it very pretty, but this was a case where the pleats fluttered a bit too much.

Yes, there was the bust fitting issue with Tia's dress, but as we know, that's because it was last minute switch with her. I still think it looked gorgeous and Tia was working it.

As with the others, I thought the second half of this collection was better than the first as I didn't think there were any real misses in this group.

And I thought the blue dress did have "noodles," they were just long, rounded, flowing ones.

Lastly in terms of being one note, I saw Leann on Craig Ferguson and her dress was gorgeous and a lovely deep red colour and was highly wearable. She said she whipped it up while in LA at the hotel. I wanted the dress verra much. Oh and I think she needs to start wearing those cute glasses again. I like her better with them. Though her shorter and yes groomed hair, did look very nice.

To TLo and the PRG Community:
I'm so glad we had this time together,
Just to have a laugh, or sing a song.
Seems we just got started and before you know it
Comes the time we have to say, 'So long.'

Thanks for memories... (oops another theme song!)

Anywho, thanks gays, mwah!

* Carol's Theme from The Carol Burnett Show.

I loved every look, even the white shorts outfit, though I would have preferred it with a more understated collar. The model's gorgeous skin just set that outfit off beautifully!!
Many congrats to Leanne. I have not enjoyed a PR runway show so much since Jay's. ( I did LOVE Bad Mommy's show, though, and will never forget that gray and mustard evening gown. Gorgeous!).
Thank you, TLo, for all you do.
I only caught your fantastical blog at the end of last season, so I have a question. Do you blog Top Chef, too?? What a yummy treat (no pun intended), if you do!!!!

D'oh, someone else mentioning the Craig Ferguson interview and cute red dress.

But to make up for it, here is the YouTube link:

And how adorable is it that Craig is totally into the show? he was like that with the Divine Tim as well.

the colors and draping and design of that bridesmaid dress is so beautiful it makes me ache. seriously. i just want someplace (and a much nicer body) to wear that dress.

I'm still not a raging Leanne-fan, but I totally see that she should have won, and that she's got some major skills and talent. her clothes only work on the most sticklike, in my opinion - a woman with any padding couldn't pull off all that extra fabric of the petals and noodles and such. but - meh. NO ONE on PR designs for women of multiple shapes and sizes except Korto.

so - brava Leanne!

Love it! That wedding gown is GORGEOUS!! I read somewhere that Austin loved it too.

That's it, you guys are too fast. You're way ahead of me. I'll just go back to looking at the pretty, pretty clothing and witty witty captions.

Has the DVF luncheon happened?

The wedding dress is truly a stunner. No more need be said.

I disagree slightly with TLo on the jackets/shorts. While indeed more conceptual than translatable into RTW, maybe, it was a great element to the fashion show that she put on. Because this really was I thought the most successful *show* of all of them.

Leanne's clothes are pretty.

Remember how she had to change models for the first look, after it was steamed and stretched out? She put it on a larger model. Did the original model from that end up in the long turquoise dress? Could that explain the fit issues in the bust on that one?


I love the collared jacket and shorts. I think a little color splashed in there somewhere would have helped though. That model is perfect for that look.

I don't really like the reworked top on the bridesmaid dress, it looks too fussy. Live the skirt though.

The blue spaghetti strap dress is really pretty. I can see your point about the skirt but I really love the darker blue peaking out from the "noodles" on the top.

I want that blue gown. I don't care how...I want that in my closet. So stunning!

I love that wedding dress, I too have said all I can say about it.One can only gush so much without sounding repetitive!

Excellent Leanne!

6. This is one of my very favorites. I know I have said that formal shorts are dumb (and they are). I still love this one, for the jacket. That collar kills me. I would wear it in a heartbeat. Eventhoughiwouldlooklikeafoolit's never stopped me before .
7. I also like this one better in this incarnation. The color play on the skirt is so pretty and the vest looks like one of her signature pieces.
8. The only thing I dislike about this one is the belt and the shoes. I wonder how it would look in a free floating A line from the bust?
9. I dod not like this one in the still shots we saw, but it is divine when it is moving. I like the way she sculpted the skirt. I wonder if the fitting suffered due to the "dog doo" incident.
10. Beyond comparison.
I wonder if she didn't make a headpiece for the bride because of the poor reception of the head noodle in the green challenge.

One of the best collections ever seen on PR. A well deserved win for Judy Noodles.

Such a beautiful collection and really helped along by her bf's music, which was really watery (liquid-sounding) in a great way.

6. This ensemble would have looked so much better if it was the top and bottom only, no T-shirt. This look, if put together properly, would have been presented better in an editorial rather than the runway. In fact, I concluded that petals on the top are better suited for editorials, but that doesn't mean that it was a misstep to put them in a runway show.

7. I am not crazy about this look, it is too bridesmaid – sy (go figure?). The little jacket / vest is OK.

8. I see what she was trying to do, but it just doesn't work. Ugh, the belt is awful and the model doesn't have the right proportions.

9. Gorgeous dress, good combination of soft and hard fabrics. I suspect that the subtext to a lot of what Leanne does is using sustainable fabrics to create designs that are sophisticated and high fashion as opposed to “granola”. Tia was fabulous as always.

10. The Bad: The dress definitely suffered from having been worn before. I wish that Leanne (and Kenley) had inspected their dresses better and / or fixed them better, but hey they are newbies. On to the Good: This is definitely a statement dress, Tim said it best when he said that it was making music. Leanne's brilliance cannot be discounted when it comes to creating the dream wedding dress out of a fabric that we don't commonly see being used for this purpose, hey it's avant garde! This does make me want to know more about sustainable fabrics, and while I try to be eco-responsible, I am not deeply into it, so my awareness has been raised. Great model, I can't believe that this is the same model who walked in Uli's show, she looks different but was awesome both times.

Leanne has been labeled as serious and “sad, so sad,” but there was a lot of joy in the finale walk. Leanne was very cute, especially when she gave her muse model a peck on the cheek. The model also looked thrilled too and it all seemed so infectious.

a said, "I can't believe that this is the same model who walked in Uli's show, she looks different but was awesome both times."

Do you mean Nazri? That's not Nazri, though wasn't she in one of the decoy shows?

One aspect that hasn't been discussed much is leanne's inspiration: Waves. Her collection beautifully translates surf and sand and referencing that when concerning the "problem pieces" tends to mitigate said probs.

No, I believe they mean Hollis. She had a fro in Uli's show.

The bust didnt fit Tia due to the last minute model swap. she was using double sides sticker on Tia with that gown. Nonethelss, the dress is Gor-juice!

Hm... the blue/white alternating pleat dress I think would've been better had there been a model that worked it. It seems like it was meant to move from side to side as the model walked.


Thanks' TLo for all your hard work! that we just assume will be there when we click the on button...



Gotta say thanks to TLo for the Tim Gunn "Vote no on 8" link! I'm in CA, middle-age, suburban and straight as they come, and I can't WAIT to vote no on 8.

I wish I could have those dresses for bridesmaids in my wedding.

To. Die. For.

I am so, so glad that Leanne won! I'd thought it was close between her and Korto from the Fashion Week videos but it later became clear that Leanne was in a totally different category than Korto.

Did Korto's highly praised first challenge look remind anyone else of Folkwear patterns or Sew Your Own Ethnic Clothes or was it just me? She's very talented but I don't think she's a particularly original designer.

My daughter said she'd wear Leanne's wedding dress and I never thought I'd never those words.

Perhaps best collection ever.

I rewatched all six of the designers' BP videos just to see how the garments moved on the runway. Leanne's collection is so amazing in that aspect. The precision construction of the petals actually lends itself to the most organic, fluid movement on the runway, compared to less highly constructed pleats and ruffles.

In addition to wavelets seen in little tide pools and gentle surf against the beach and crashing surf against rocks, i also see echoes of the undulating movement of jellyfish floating in the water. I love the ocean and the more I look at Leanne's collection, the more I see her inspirations. It's truly *poetry in motion*....LOL just realized I made a rhyme!

A question for TLo:
Do you know if there are fans running at the tents at BP? Some of the movement of the clothing looks enhanced by blowing air.

LOVE the jacket and shorts look.

Thank you TLo for a fantastic season. You guys did such a great job and I really appreciate all your hard work for our enjoyment.

I think Leanne's collection deserved the win. I really enjoyed her collection. I think she showed true innovation and I loved her color palette.

I thought Leanne sealed the deal when the judges asked her why she should win. She had a very thoughtful answer as opposed to "I really want this." Is that a good enough reason to hand over $100k to someone?

I wonder if Leanne is gonna end up mass-sewing some of the bridesmaid dresses.. I mean after all, you can request custom orders from her via the Etsy [when she accepts them, of course.. since as of right now she's uber-busy]~

The only outfit I hates was in this batch the with short set was only okay to me it wasn't spectacular.

I agree with TLo. She absolutely does not make the same dress over and over again. I love her "wave" inspiration and every single look she sent down the runway reflected the inspiration. Some looks were more successful than others, but it was a very focused, very beautiful show. A well-deserved win.
Oh and that long blue dress still leaves me breathless. I adore it. The color is gorgeous and I adore the wave thing that it does on the skirt.

Let me add my THANKS TO TOM AND LORENZO for all the immense work it must entail to brighten all our days with your witty and detailed recaps of our favorite show(s). Being a part of this blogging community is some of the most fun I've had on the internet.

I love Leanne's collection, but I can't get over how transformed each piece appears when I see it in motion. They are beautiful in the stills, but on the runway -- amazing! Leanne very much deserved her win.

I adore Leann's collection. I love the colors and the pleating. It's just perfect.

I really hope you'll rip the decoy collections (I'm dying to hear what you thought of Suede's collection)

Picatso said: And the blue dress does have noodles!! They were just gigantic kinds - not linguini but more lasagna.

LOL! Lasagna noodles. Love it.

I have nothing to say except that I, too, hope that we'll get to see the decoy's collections ripped here. Maybe not as extensively as the actual finalists, but a quick walk-through would be nice.

Espec since I can't remember what any of them looked like anymore...

The structure of all of the dresses were beautiful. But I didn't like her color choices. Maybe it looked different live, but on screen and in shots, it came across as bland. Bland, bland, bland. Sometimes that makes you pay more attention to the details, but for me, it had the opposite effect of making everything just blend together.

I also didn't like her styling choices on the models. It made it harder for me to look at some of the clothes because all I could see was that the model looked weird. The hair and makeup detracted from the look rather than enhancing it.

But, yes, once I could focus on the clothing, it was pretty.

Don't worry, darlings. We're doing the decoy collections and then after that, we'll be doing the top ten PR looks of all time. As always, much to rip in the days ahead!

I thought all the looks were great except for #8, and part of that may be the model who didn't work it all. I liked the shorts outfit but it had a few workmanship or fit issues (the tab on the shorts waistband sticking out) and I'd have probably put this outfit on a different model. I also wasn't thrilled about the model wearing the bridesmaid dress. She certainly was doing the little girl thing and it didn't enhance the dress. The evening dress and the wedding dress are breathtaking and look fabulous on Tia and Hollis.

I'm so glad Leanne won and I agree that there is nothing one-note about her or her collection. Best of luck to her in the future.

The model in the reworked bridesmaid dress needs to be hospitalized and force fed. It's hard to look at her, she's so gaunt.

Love the evening gown and the wedding dress in this collection. It really takes a knack to make a wedding gown look like a wedding gown, but not look like every other wedding gown.

I think Leanne has a real knack with evening/wedding wear. It would be interesting if she went the Vera Wang route where she started in a high-profile specialty niche and then expanded.

I disagree with those who think her stuff could be worn only by the very thin. A fair number of them just require a waist to balance out the flares/petals/manicotti etc.

TLo wrote:

"Don't worry, darlings. We're doing the decoy collections and then after that, we'll be doing the top ten PR looks of all time. As always, much to rip in the days ahead!"

You just made. my. day.


personally, i loved the shorts outfit!

I thought the entire point of 3 was that one part of it showed the wave 'flipped over' and revealed the hint of blue. I thought it looked really cool and like a very wearable continuation of the collection. I also didn't adore the collar on 1 but I think I might have liked it more than you guys did.

When Denis Leary was on Craig Ferguson in late September, they fought over which one of them was the bigger fan of PR and which one looked better in a dress. Leary suggested that they both dress up as women and have Heidi come judge them.

Did anyone watch the Hemmy Awards with Chris March and Gina DiNunno on Stella figures prominently and looks AMAZING!!!!

TLo, can you post the link?

Again-- you two wrote what I thought..
The wedding dress was my favorite-- I would have been in heaven to wear that when I was married.

Love the blue dress too-- it's hard to choose my favorite, I really liked them all.

Her collection was only "okay" for me..the majority of the collection looked like there were humans walking down the runway inside of rooftop turbine ventilators..seriously.. take a look at the URL address provided.

I liked the 1st dress for the top, the second skirt looked like an upside down paper grocery store bulky and no shape..

The third look...I don't think anyone in their right mind would be caught wearing that unless they had a washboard about covering everything EXCEPT the love-handles.. the blouse in look 4 carried that outfit..not a fan of the ventilator skirt..

Look 5 was the first look that sparked my interest..this was a gorgeous look..Look 6..booty shorts and a Siriano top..okay..not so much.

7 was cute and youthful..8..overdone with the ventilators again. 9 was a beautiful color but had nothing else going for it.

and the wedding dress...the bust was very very nice..the rest of it...two pin cushions sitting on top of each other..It was like "here's my big bushy butt" and oh look "big bushy cankles" yipes..

yah Kenley's was very out there with the crazy shapes but I think Korto's collection had at least better than a 50% eyecatching pieces at least for me. Leanne's was 2, maybe 3 that I thought look striking.

I experienced a visceral reaction to Leanne's collection and knew the moment I saw it that she had won. Had she not, I would have given up on Project Runway altogether.

I finally got a chance to check out Leanne's Etsy site and her garments are not at all one-note. They are varied, thoughtfully designed, giving a hint of what we saw in her BP collection.

Speaking of, was that Alec Wek wearing Leanne's white ruffled top and shorts on the runway?

I hate formal shorts in all their forms, but I thought that high-collared jacket was actually very wearable as a kind of statement piece for cocktail or even day-into-evening. Imagine it with a pencil skirt, or, better yet, make those fabulous high waisted pants (the ones Leanne showed with the blue vest) in that blue fabric on or even a darker, wintry shade, and then zowie. Dramatic and gorgeous. Plus, when the noodles are on a collar like that and paired with a sleeker bottom, the sitting down issue becomes moot.

I wonder if that outfit right before Tia in blue gown is another one of the pieces that accidentally got steamed.

I love her.

I can only echo everybody else's sentiments - divine. The long blue dress totally knocks me out.

Love love love Leanne.

"The third look...I don't think anyone in their right mind would be caught wearing that unless they had a washboard about covering everything EXCEPT the love-handles.. "

Look 3 is meant to be worn over something, I think.. I mean, after all, it's just a noodle-vest, and most people don't wear vests alone [unless they have the body for it]

By far the best finalist collection in the five seasons.

I absolutely adore Leanne's collection. It's ethereal and original and gorgeous. The reworked bridesmaid dress may be my favorite -- it's so beautifully made, and, god, that blue is amazing! Leanne is a true artist, and I am so happy for her!

TLO said
In the end, Leanne gave us a collection that was both stunningly beautiful and highly creative
Sorry guys but this time I have to disagree. It was creative but not highly creative and it was nice but not beautiful.

And I absolutely hate that white wedding dress, ugliest wedding dress I've seen for a while.

I think Leanne is the most overrated designer on the show so far.

Finally, a final collection comes along that actually lives up to the expectations!!! I started rooting for Leanne after seeing the 3rd episode (for which she was robbed of a win imo), and I'm thrilled that she did so well. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this was the first final collection that was truly high fashion (do you hear that Siriano? Copying moves from the McQueen playbook and smothering a body in organza is not high fashion). The detailing was impeccable, all 10 looks were cohesive but there was enough variation to keep each look individual and to top it all off, it was beautiful.

If I had one complaint it's the color palette. I liked it, and it made a lot of sense given her inspiration, but it seems like she was consciously making sure that her collection was cohesive, and rightly so. There have been so many times on PR when the collections just don't flow. Using a limited color palette is the easiest way to make sure that that doesn't happen. But I think Leanne should have maybe used different shades of that blue and beige to just give the whole collection more depth.

It's a minor complaint though, and she definitely deserved to win.

Leanna is Fabulusious!!
I love this girl to pieces. She was the only one out of all five, that used good fabrcs in a way that looks expensive and crazy desirable. She was the only one with a set idea and theme for her collection. Isn't every piece in a collection supposed to look like they were made by the same designer? I don't think everone else got that memo.
The pleating was amazing, the whole time I was thinking of tulips floating in soft blue water.... I know, it's corney, but she's that good. Everything touched the body and it looked like being in those clothes would be so comfy. tyhje nto top it off, just to pull back from being too girly, she throws in the white belts. Genious and very simple.


Kisses and Cupcakes


I loved Leanne's wedding dress. The bridesmaid, not so much, in both styles.

That being said, I was pretty sure when her models started to walk down the runway that she had it in the bag. I just didn't agree with the judges. The unrelenting mix of white and aqua was quite tedious, and while her trademark use of pleats as waves, etc. is creative, who wants to see a whole line of clothes that pretty much resemble one another.

I wasn't a big fan of the noodles during PR 5's run, and I'm not a big fan of the waves.

Leanne overcomplicates fashion, and like Nina Garcia, I'm not at all sure that she's going to break out of the "clothes as geometry" mode. Time will tell.

One thing I know: I didn't get the absolute Wow! I got from Christian's and even the moderate Wow! I got from Jeffrey Sebelia.

And the girl could get a more winsome personality too.

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