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Children, the word for today is "bold." Bold colors, bold patterns, bold silhouettes. Like her personality, Kenley's designs are loud and brash. You know what's not the word for today? What never should have been the word for Kenley? "Retro." Looking over her entire output for the season, we can't seem to find many examples that could rightfully be called retro. Sure, it's a flavor in her work (4,6,7,9) but it's not the overriding aesthetic.

Much like Laura Bennett in season 3 (and believe us, that'll be the last time we compare the two), Kenley's own personal style overwhelmed whatever she was putting down the runway. Kenley dresses retro but she doesn't always design retro. In other words, people were looking at what she was wearing and not what she was designing.

No, the true through-line for her work is silhouette. More than any other designer this season - even Korto, who's "known" for it - Kenley played around with silhouettes. Whether it was an unusual skirt (1,3,6,8,11) or collar (2, 5) or even sleeves (8), Kenley likes to play around with and play off of the female form. It doesn't always work but we particularly like her Gristedes dress (1) and her "green" dress (2). In fact, looking over this collection, we're surprised to admit how much of it we liked. She seemed to get weaker as the competition progressed but that's not all that unusual.

Color-wise, she clearly likes to work with bold ones, particularly pinks and purples. As for prints, we've gone on the record as saying that we don't like the ones she picks and this collection isn't doing anything to change our mind. Certainly, the vibrant, '80s-inspired prints are back in style but that doesn't mean that she did a good job of picking the right ones.

So, looking at all this, what can you expect from her Bryant Park collection? Bold silhouettes, bold prints, pinks and purples and a slightly retro vibe. We'll say one thing for her: she's consistent.

[Photos: Barbara Nitke/Bravo]

she IS consistent: consistent in her designs, in her belief that she's the fashion messiah, consistent in her rudeness and her bad attitude, consistently unlikeable

#2 is the only one that didn;t make my skin crawl.

wow. looking at all of Kenley's pieces in one place made me realize: they're AWFUL. the only one I can stand is #2, and the Olympics one is barely tolerable. The rest are barflicious.

and I really didn't know I disliked THIS many of Kenley's pieces.

I question her taste level.

#7 and #11 are pretty much the same dress. Except #11 has extra dragon details.

Jackie said...

she IS consistent: consistent in her designs, in her belief that she's the fashion messiah, consistent in her rudeness and her bad attitude, consistently unlikeable

You judging the person, not her designs. Not the point.


Looking at all her designs together I can honestly say that I can't stand most of her work. I love the first two looks, the rest range from hideous (the zodiac challenge) to meh... the DVF challenge. You are correct however about her work not being retro. It's funny that we all project retro on her based upon her own personal style. Thanks for pointing that out!

Still not a Kenley fan but now I can say after looking at her body of work this season that I don't care for her design asthetic, not just her personality.

I disagree with what you may think is retro--I think #3 (80s bridesmaids or prom, take your pick), #5 (okay, so it's a drag Marilyn, but others were unique), #8 (Galliano for Dior or McQueen) and #10 (see Olivia Newton-John in Grease) should have also been included with #4, #6, #7 and #9.

After seeing her bridal gown, I just can't help but think that Kenley is one of those people who says that she never "watches" fashion shows (as she declared on the runway once), but is getting In Style magazine or Elle and perusing the photos of the show reviews. Since she cannot directly identify her inspiration (she didn't "watch" the designer's show), she is not copying. She faults her own bad memory for being a ripoff of other designers.

As with Leanne, there is only one garment that I hate, and that is the Drag Queen dress. Funny for a designer who is know for "bold" that the drag queen is the weakest and the only one that was really auf'able.
I think she should have won the green challenge and I agreed with the win in the "Night Life", although I liked Leanne's as well.
Most of her work is pretty clever. Now that we know she does the hand painting, the zebra print on the Saturn dress makes more sense. I don't think she will win, but I have throughly enjoyed her work though out this season.

For someone who experiments so much, I find her designs rather boring and uninspired, actually, as if she were counting on her prints to save her. Which they don't.

1 (Gristede's) is cute, 2 is gorgeous, 7 & 9 are not bad but kind of meh, and the rest are hideous. Really, really bad. She could have been aufed for any of those. Her Olympics dress was just as inappropriate as Daniel's and wasn't made as well as his - the plaids didn't match up.

She can occasionally pull off something good but for the most part her work doesn't impress me.

This isn't a very original observation but I agree with the TWP people that she's more of a stylist than a designer.

I don't see anything there that I would have removed from a rack in a store to try it on...just because it might look good.

I don't see the fine details (the collar on Leanne's Olympics top), the sparkle just peeping out( Jerrell sparkled a lot), the knowing fineness of leather work (Stella) that make me want to enlarge my computer screen.

I still see the expense of fabric in the fish scale dress where she spent money on fabric and the dress sold for less than the cost of the fabric.

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

Well TLo, you are correct when you point out that some of us were confusing Kenley's personal style with her runway style. I will admit that I fell into that myself.

Kenley may be consistent in use of bold colors, prints, etc. but there's not a whole lot, aside from the prints that mark it as distinctly "Kenley". Maybe this is because she is young, and doesn't have a firm grip on who she is as a designer. While she does play with silhouettes, they seem all over the place to me. And while it's not retro, it doesn't exactly read fresh and/or new.

In a way, Kenley and Leanne are at polar opposites when it comes to color and design. Noodles are a trademark for Leanne, and you know whose dress is walking down the runway because of it. Leanne, as has been noted before, has more muted colors.

It's good to see the contrast between the two, and to review the clothes Kenley has done seperate from watching her behavior in the workroom designing them. However, it does not change my vote.

Go Leannimal!

It's interesting to see that she did well in the beginning and then just crashed and burned, especially the last looks. I love #2.

After looking at Kenley's designs as a group, I have to say, I don't hate her work. In fact, I don't hate the girl (just wanted to clarify since the line seems pretty thin from the comments posted on this blog) She certainly is consistent, but the work still appears derivative of what other more established and successful designers are putting out there. Very derivative. Kenley can sew a mean frock, but where are her own original ideas?

I've seen her BP collection and it's very similar in tone and theme to the work she produced for BP. The retro vibe? I see sparks and hints, but nothing significant.

- edina -

I was good with the first two outfits, but then it seemed as if she stagnated. You just don't see any growth or change, which, when you think about it is par for the course because she was so resistant to accepting input from others.

In other words, people were looking at what she was wearing and not what she was designing.

Leanne, too. I think she wore noodles more than she designed them for the competition.

And I completely agree about Kenley's trajectory. She started out very strong. 1- 4 are very good (I'm not nuts about the Green dress, and the Olympics look is wrong for the challenge, but still . . . they look good). Then it started to go downhill. I guess her DVF dress was good, but I still think her first 4 designs are the strongest (and her wedding and bridesmaid dress).

Looking at this, I forgot how I did like her first 3 looks. In fact, her first-challenge look might be my favorite of hers. But from the Olympics challenge on, I haven't really liked anything she's done. It's been competent at best, ugly at worst.

I didn't realize how much I didn't like her work this season until I looked at this. The only one I like is from the green challenge (#2), and even that one had bust fit issues on the fabulous Shannone.

I didn't remember how much I didn't like her work until presented like this. I'll give her points for #1 just because of the challenge, and I kind of like #2. But, looking at all these together, I don't know how she made it to the final 3.

You might not like her designs, you might not like her, but she was the only person providing an entertainment factor to the show these past few weeks. Thanks, Kenley!

I don't know, boys. I still think Kenley is more retro than any other finalist in PR history. More than half of her silhouettes harken back to the 40's, 50's or 60's.

I thought she should have won for #2 (when Shannone picked the green fabric) and agreed with her being in the top 3 for the DVF but thought 4, 8, 10, and 11 were aufable. The odd thing is I hate the prints she chooses, but they're also the only thing about her work that makes it interesting. Most of those silhouettes, if done in solids, would be tres boring.

The way she seems to play with sillouette is that it's form fitting except for one weird place that juts out way out of proportion. Except where she tones it down and just does the form-fitting, like the Marlene Dietrich dress (but can you actually see Dietrich wearing that?).

I think she could easily have been auf'd at least 4 times. Note to future contestants: just defend, defend, defend, no matter how dreadful your look. Judges are impressed when you stand up for yourself, no matter how obnoxious you or your designs are. (Remember DvF?)

Kenley was my favorite after Leanne early on in the show, and this pictures show me why. Her work degenerated as the season went on, as is the case with many others.

Although my money is still on Leanne (or Korto), Kenley's aesthetic comes out stronger in this collection of photos than Leanne's did. Even when Kenley's silhouette was awful, the fabric popped.

By the way, I loved Christian's positive comments about Kenley's "ferociousness/fierceness" on after the sew, as well as Jerell's defense of her. She is spirited, and in my view, it is better to have a lot of personality than none.

I'm actually surprised at how many looks I DIDN'T like.

I'm no fan, believe me -- but somehow I had remembered liking more of her designs before she started showing her ass.

Hard to tell anything from the Gristedes challenge, but hers WAS one of the better ones. I thought her green dress showed some potential, but at the time, the boobs looked weird to me, and the collar messy. Then the NY dress - hated it. The Olympics, cute but unforgivably off-mission. Drag - boring & cheap. Car challenge - that SKIRT! DVF - cute dress, but by now I pretty much hate her and think she should have gone already.

Avante garde, makeover, hip-hop & garden -- to me, all 4 of these were AWFUL.

So sum total for me is kinda 2. One nice dress & two with potential (1 + 1/2 + 1/2). As much as I want to slap her, I expected to like more than that.

winkleperi said...
By the way, I loved Christian's positive comments about Kenley's "ferociousness/fierceness" on after the sew, as well as Jerell's defense of her. She is spirited, and in my view, it is better to have a lot of personality than none.

Of course he was going to defend her. 75% of his success is based on personality. It shouldn't matter in the competition. When I buy a dress, I buy it because it's beautiful, not because the designer made fun of the assistants.

The outfits look polished. I liked her efforts for the first three epis, but she lost steam starting with the Olympics (for me anyway). The DvF dress was nice, but nothing revolutionary. Loved the wedding dress, but it was Alexander McQueen's design.

I do think she's totally capable and makes nice stuff, perfectly suitable for sale in independent urban boutiques. I guess my problem with her is that anytime she makes something worthy of note, it's a designer imposter.

The only one I like is #1, and I'm not wild about it. There isn't a single piece of hers that I'd ever have wanted to wear at ANY stage of my life. Even her bridesmaid's dress (not included in the 'ology), which I consider her best, is nothing I'd have pulled off a rack and tried on.

That's a big change from my feelings about Korto and Leanne's work. I'd have been so thrilled to have Leanne's wedding dress or her car challenge dress (how I would have rocked that in my younger, skinnier days) or the DVF gown. Korto's seatbelt coat is something I seriously lust for. I know it's stiff and uncomfortable, but it's so beautiful.

I hate to sat it, but looking at the collection, as a whole, I kinda like it. Except for that fairytale monstrosity she made for the zodiac challenge. Ye gods.

Just got through reading all the posts on the "Homeward Bound" thread. About Jeffrey hate vs. Kenley hate: I hated Jeffery and Santino, but I think Kenley gets under your skin in a different and more infuriating way. Jeffrey was a raging a-hole, but Kenley is just so delusional.... every single episode she talks about how she "has it in the bag." Every single episode she clearly expects Tim to fall all over her design, and when he gives advice she brushes it off with "he doesn't get me." On the runway she's incredibly disrespectful to the judges and the other designers, and then feeds us ridiculous lines like "I don't look at collections," "there isn't another silouette like this," "Leanne sabatoged my outfit," and "Korto and Leanne stole my idea of short bridesmaids dresses." As TLo said, PLEASE.

Taken as a whole it's not a terrible collection. It's unfortunate that her designs and aesthetic were overshadowed by her behavior.

Amanda in Austin

And she always defines the waistline. No loose, baggy silhouettes for Kenley. Every single one of her pieces has a well-defined waist.

Yup, she's always had that betty boop vibe in her clothes. The thing that's kind of over the top, but well tailored. However, he work feels costumey, and were she designing for Disneyland, it'd be one thing. But she's not.

I still hate her Mr. Peanut dress (the one with the shoulders).

Looking at all her designs all I can say is that she started out with some interesting designs and then deteriorated. Some of her later designs are outright ugly but I have to admit that her fabric choices play a huge role with this. She clearly has bad taste in fabric.

She said she only designed for KMart or WalMart and that is exactly where I would expect to find these designs. I'm underwhelmed.
I thought Kenley should have gone home over the New York Inspiration challenge - there was nothing flattering about that dress, the fabric, the silhouette (I don't care what designer just showed it on the runway - I'm tall and wear a size 4 and I still don't want my hips protruding out like that).
But I will give her this, she does seem to know how to sew, her garments do look polished in the fact that they are put together well.

I still like Kenley. If Leanne wins, I'm sticking a pic of her "brown Peter Pan shoulder-noodle outfit" on my refrigerator door... to remind me that PR is a TV show, edited to make tuning in (and suffering through the product placement/commercials) the top priority.

If Korto wins, it'll be the "wedding dress from hell" pic.

TLo, you guys are the only reason I still watch this show!

You know, for someone who is known for her work with prints she sure has a knack for picking some butt-ugly ones. Almost all of them are really bad.

And every time I see that Minnie Mouse monstrosity she created for the Avant Garde challenge I can't help but laugh. That has got to be the most ridiculous garment ever produced on PR. She should have been aufed for that. The fact that she wasn't shows just what a travesty the judging has been this year.

Jillian was by far my favorite designer last year--I loved her final collection. I just went back to last year's Jillian-ology to refresh my memory, and...Surprise!I didn't really like too much of what she had done throughout the show. I wouldn't say it was vastly superior to what Kenley has produced. There were a couple of standouts, but quite a few eh's as well. Of course in terms of personality, Kenley and Jillian are worlds apart.

There are sone Kenley pieces I do like alot, including the NYC challenge (maybe it's a Balenciaga copy, I don't know, cause, unlike Kenley, I REALLY don't look at collections unless TLO "forces" me to).

I don't know what point I was trying to prove here.

delilahboyd said...

I still like Kenley. If Leanne wins, I'm sticking a pic of her "brown Peter Pan shoulder-noodle outfit" on my refrigerator door... to remind me that PR is a TV show, edited to make tuning in (and suffering through the product placement/commercials) the top priority.

If Korto wins, it'll be the "wedding dress from hell" pic.

With respect to Leanne and Korto's outfits, we all agree that they were bad, but those ladies didn't just benefit from the fact that tuning in might be the top priority -- they benefited from the fact that there were other bad (arguably, worse) outfits on the runway, too.

I hope you would post a picture of the hip-hop outfit if Kenley would win. To the extent that tuning in is, in fact, the top priority, she benefited from that as much as anyone.

Looking at this ology, I'm surprised at how much I really dislike her designs. After dress #2, she completely lost me. That said, I revisited her final collection, and I like it a lot more after the second viewing.

she is consistent, in her tackiness displayed in her design, fabric choices, and ripping off other designers (balenciaga, mcqueen). It is very clear to me she does pay attention to other designers, as I said before, this is what usually people in design fields who claim they don't pay attention they clearly do, they just want to appear to be completely ingenuine and "original"; and that's just unprofessional. I only liked looks 1 & 2, the rest, blah, tacky ugly fabrics, ugly customy shapes, not wearable at all. As for her color choices, also uber-ugly. Her clothes are just not femenine at all, but I guess she would be a hit designing customes for plays. And, of course, her personality, really gets on everybody's nerve, she better learn to get criticism well, or her only customers are going to be her friends on myspace.

To me, Kenley has a point of view and an accessible style, though to me she isn't particularly "fashion forward." She was doing fine until she fell off the truck with #8. After that, bad, bad, and worse. Just my 2 cents.

Maybe she should drop the retro label and call her work Hyper-Realism.

Why does no one think Terri is Mean Girl?

I ended up really disliking her.

With this "ology" it is clearly to me that Kenley was kept for the entertainment. Obviously, she's not a contender in the finale show, but I am 100% sure it will be extremely entertaining to watch her argue with every little thing the judges will critique of her work, watch her cry as she says she has had it tough in life and how much she has fought, tugboat thing, blablabla; and to see the judges reaction and bitchslap her... This will be THE most entertaining finale show, EVER.

Do the judges usually give a detailed critique to the 1st designer dismissed from the runway at the finale?
Surely if a designer has made it that far in the competition their work should be fairly good and consistant and who the winner is , is more or less a matter of taste, unless or course the judges themselves are flawed..

Meh, I only like three of those looks. (1,2 and 7) The rest is fugly to me. I will agree with you guys that she seemed to go downhill as the season progressed. In the first two weeks, I was like this girl is good! Then, week three came along and I was like, what the F is that???

Anon said, "Why does no one think Terri is Mean Girl?"

People did comment that Teri got very snarky as the show went on. But then she was gone.

Thanks for the re-cap...

I was surprised that I really didn't like that many of them. I still really like #1 and I think it + her look made me think Retro Designer... but if you look she has sent down the same tight top/waist look for everything 2,4,7. . . 3 and 6 too...
nice but nothing WOW !


Veronica Sawyer

THANK YOU. **FINALLY** someone has said her work is not retro. Also, I am SO tired of everyone claiming all she does is a "50s dress," when the only thing she's done so far that's remotely 50s-ish is the wedding dress in the last challenge! Even though retro is a "flavor" in her work, as you put it, the decades that show up most as influences are actually the 40s, the 60s, and the 80s. Maybe that's being nitpicky, but seriously, shouldn't fashion experts at least have the decades straight?

She picks ugly prints. Her prints in her BP show were slightly better than what appeared in her body of work on the show.

For someone who loves bold colorful clothes, she sure doesn't have a good eye for prints. Unlike Uli.

Veronica Sawyer said...
THANK YOU. **FINALLY** someone has said her work is not retro. Also, I am SO tired of everyone claiming all she does is a "50s dress," when the only thing she's done so far that's remotely 50s-ish is the wedding dress in the last challenge! Even though retro is a "flavor" in her work, as you put it, the decades that show up most as influences are actually the 40s, the 60s, and the 80s. Maybe that's being nitpicky, but seriously, shouldn't fashion experts at least have the decades straight?

Kenley please restrain yourself to from answering the posts, just read them.

I actually really like most of what Kenley's done - she's definately had more hits than Leanne.

of course, all three of them (korto, leanne & kenley) have some real stinkers in their collective work this season, but the biggest issue i have is that kenley started out great and just started to slide downhill -- any of her last 4 looks could have (and should have) gotten her aufed. (particularly the avant garde one - i will never understand how she slipped through on that -- oh yeah, producer manipulation...). leanne struggled through the first couple of challenges, then got her stride and started producing some really nice designs. korto has had ups and downs, and i'll have to look at her collection when it's posted, but my sense is that she also had pretty strong stuff in the last couple of challenges. (not including the bridal party stuff)

It seems her designs got uglier and uglier...from the air filter dress and on, it was just a downward spiral of ug. In my opinion!

This is what makes this blog great - yet another chance to view the show/designers/garments from another view and maybe learn/realize something fresh! (when the show itself is getting sadly tired . . .)

I would probably never have realized without seeing the whole season's worth of designs together that I don't (as I would have said) disliked (but not hated) most of Kenley's work. What I dislike is her color palette - or maybe its less a palette than just a few tendencies, usually in combinations not to my tastes. The shape of her garments is (to me)unexciting, not achieving beautiful, elegant or witty.

To me, the drag queen garment stood out as most-unlike the others - it was much less structured and body-conscious than most of the work, as if either Kenley's skills or the time constraints didn't allow her to make a structured garment to fit a man while giving the illusion of womanliness.

A great place to see the graph of the wins, highs, and lows of each designer is at:

Click on "Challenges," and look at the final 3 (at the top).

Note: Like Chris March last season, Kenley didn't get winning credit for the work she did on the team challenge (Lipstick Jungle) Keith is listed as the only winner for that challenge.

One last point: Leanne has been on the bottom 4 times; both Kenley and Korto 3 times.

Interesting graph.

Her work IS consistent...consistently better than anyone gave her credit for. I think she had far fewer misses than Jerell or Korto had. And looking at her and Leanne's final collections more and more...I'm not really sure who I think should win. It will be interesting to see tomorrow, that's for sure.


PS I love her prints. I think they're FABULOUS.

I think Kenley is very influenced by retro styling, particularly from the WWII era, 1940's through to the early 60's. There are retro styling elements to almost every outfit, save the Gristedes challenge--and that may have had more to do with the materials than anything else.

I agree that her silhouette is very distinctive. She tailors everything, including the drag queen gown, which was probably draped initially.

So yes, in construction, her look reminds me a lot of Laura Bennett's. Is it good design? My jury is still out on that.

Personality wise, she was a lot like Jeffery, in that, I believe his personality almost got in the way of his design aesthetic. That's why his Bryant Park show was such a surprise. Will we see a similar surprise from Kenley?

I've got my opinions, but I'll save them for next week!

I actually think Terri was more mean than Kenley, but Terri's gone and Kenley's still here so Kenley gets to be "Mean Girl."
I actually like the concepts behind Kenley's designs but she loses me with those prints. The first three outfits are my favorite, but then she's got some clunkers. Call me crazy, but I actually see potential in #10, just not for the challenge (hip-hop) and the jeans were a mistake.

A big part of the reason she wasn't aufed was PR's habit of rewarding ugly over boring.

That zodiac thing was truly ugly, but I guess it wasn't boring. I guess they thought Terri's was dull.

Also, if she had been out instead of Suede for the music challenge, how thrilled would we have been with Suede as one of the final 3???

Not too, is my guess.

I remember loving her aesthetic at the beginning of the season. Of course, this was before she started getting a significant amount of negative camera time. Her stuff definitely took a nosedive after she lost Shannone. I can't tell whether or not Shannone could've sold some of the crap that Kenley produced later in the season. I think her persistence in the competition is indicative of how poor the talent was this season. There is definitely an argument that Jerell should be at fashion week instead of her, but can you say that someone else deserved it more? Besides, she's not going to win anyway. She's just getting an extra week of camera time and it will probably make people hate her that much more.

Kenley's work has been utterly forgettable, with the exception of the horrific zodiac dress and the hip hop travesty: those will go down in infamy! And in a week or two, she'll start fading into oblivion. Thankfully.

It's funny how this walk down memory lane can make each contestant's collections stronger. I don't hate the majority of her work. I don't like most of the patterns, but the girl does seem to know what she wants.

I don't think Terri was mean, but I don't think Kenley is either. Both were a little snotty with the judges, but I kind of enjoy that. The judges critiques are often extremely unhelpful, rude, and ignorant. They are more for the zigger than anything constructive, they frequently laugh at the designers right in front of their faces.
So when someone like Kenley gives them a little back talk, it is refreshing and fair play.

Tim usually gives thoughtful critiques but they come too late in the design process to be helpful in most cases. He never seemed to have much of a problem with her on a personal level. You can usually tell who he doesn't like by reading his blog.

Good / Great - Looks 1, 2, 3, 4, (surprisingly) 6 and (just barely) 7).

Almost but Not Quite - 5 and 9.

Bad - 8 and 10.

I Haven't Made Up My Mind - 11.

Like vegomatic, I liked her designs and style at first, but my like started going downhill second half of season and really slipped with the Zodiac challenge.

Also, as someone who rented a duplex from a retired couple in Pompano Beach for seven years, her prints remind me way too much of loud patterns favored by South Florida retirees.

But what her taste really makes me think of is Key West Hand Print Fabrics (Lily Pulitzer, anyone?)

I loved the week #1 dress - especially the use of dodge balls. The week #2 dress would have been good except for what it was doing to the model's boobs. But for me, it was steadily downhill from then on.

As for her fabric choices: I never liked them, but from the pictures I've seen of her BP collection, it was so busy that it would require Dramamine to watch it.


Her first two are excellent, none of the rest are particularly good.

The third is lovely, but completely rips off of Balcienga, just as her wedding gown was lovely but completely ripped off of McQueen.

In many of her designs, Kenley lets the prints (which are not pretty prints) do all the work. I see this in 4, 7, 8, and 9.

As a young woman who likes clothes with a retro "flavor" and am probably how she envisions her target audience, the only ones I would put on my body are 2 and 7.

I think she declined as the competition wore on. 8, 10, and 11 are really atrocious.

It's retro, but it is more retro 80's than the 50's. This really shows up in the BP collection. Her wedding dress made me immediately pull out my parent's wedding picture - circa 1958, though.

Her stuff is certainly not my aesthetic, probably because I had to live through dynasty the first time. DEATH TO PUFFY SHOULDERS!

Like anyone who has made it this far (Santino excluded, as I generally hated even his stuff that the judges fawned over), she has some hits and some misses, and a few horror shows. I'm on the Korto bandwagon - I don't think she ever missed anywhere nearly as badly as the zodiac dress here did.

As to mean girl? She's not mean. She's narcassitic, rude, self-absorbed and delusional. She's not malicious, though. Nothing a little self-awareness wouldn't help.

Well, there are some things I have always liked about Kenley's work, but #8 and # 10 are not representative of my taste at all. Blech!

Kenley has a youthful approach to design and she is a good seamstress, from what I can tell.
I don't ever wear loud South Beach colors, but can see where some people would like them, especially young people.

I don't care for her too-short-bubblish silhouettes. I'm not sure who could wear them, short of runway models.

#2 is really pretty, and I had forgotten all about that one.

Does anyone else feel like that dress with the flowery high neck is a direct ripoff of one of Daniel V's design in his season?

I just am not sure of her originality.

Yeah, overall pretty hideous. I'm sitting here thinking of so many designers from past seasons who made so many lovely garments but didn't make it to Bryant Park.

Lady Luck must like tacky prints.

What I find most interesting is that she used short sleeves--thrice. When's the last time any of you tried on something other than a tee shirt with short (not cap, just short) sleeves?

Overall, I like her stuff more than I remembered.

Wow, interesting stuff in the first episodes and then just turned fugly.

Actually, I was noticing that she had a tendency to return to some silhouettes over and over again. Except for embelishments (collar, sleeves, scales) 2, 4, 7 and 11 are all pretty much the same, and except for the peplum and odd materials, 6 fits in there too.

So... I loved 1 and 7, liked 2 (titshelf), was meh about 3, 4, 5, 6 and 9 and really hated 8, 10 and 11.

That Red Mermaid's Dress is one of the most embarrassing pieces, ever! It's gonna be hard to watch Project Runway again.

I admit, in the beginning I was a fan of Kenley's (I really hate to admit that). She should have won for the Green challenege (#2) and I think Leanne should have one for the night life one (#3).

There was a clear peak for Kenley which seemed to emerge with that win in the 3rd episode, then went down a notch, resurfaced for a short time (#7, which looks like that turquiose dress with the rope from the last episode), then hit rock bottom the very next episode with the zodiac challenge (#8).

Her attitude did schew my opinions of her a little. She is talented, just not original. I thought originality was one of the most important qualities. That should be rewarded. The fact that she got rewarded for something that looks so much like McQueen's collection dress isn't right, producers or not.

Her attitude along with her unoriginal ideas should be enough for her not to win this season.

Maybe a spoiler alert. When Tim visits Kenley at home and we see a couple of the fabrics she has painted they are good. Perhaps she should rethink her career path and look at fabric design. But too much print for me.

Sewing Siren said...Do the judges usually give a detailed critique to the 1st designer dismissed from the runway at the finale? 3:25 PM

All of the competing designers get the detailed critique / dialog / defense. They are then dismissed and the judges deliberate and select the winner. When they come back on the runway, they tend to dismiss the also ran(s) fairly quickly. They talk more with the final 2 and sometimes a dialog ensues but it is really a moot point because the winner has already been selected.

her best outfits were her first two, which i like very much . i still don't like her much :(

i'm not dorothy gale

Made me kinda throw up a little.

she si not so bad after all,I mean her work,except that dress #11 ,that skirt was a joke,great for halooween!.
And I do like her as a person she just needs to mature and realize what she is doing wrong,specially the way she responded to crticism from Tim,that was so rude and stupid,hopefully when she sees the playbacks she will learn her lessons ,but I can see she is a good person at heart.

For someone who loves the bold prints and colors, I find her body of work to be dull.

Kenely is a seamstress. A good one, to be sure, but with these pieces, I just don't see that flair of artistry or originality from her that is necessary to make her a real fashion contender.

I'm reminded of Jillian last season when Nina liked the fact that she constantly surprised her by her work. I feel that the element of surprise is so, so important for a designer to have. Designers put out multiple collections a year, and as a potential customer, you want to have that surprise factor to the clothes, otherwise, why bother going to this season's showing? You could just haul out last year's stuff and be done with it. I've said it before, her work simply isn't innovative. As "kooky" as the judges seem to think that she is, I just don't see her, season after season, being someone who will evolve, try new things push the envelope. She certainly didn't do that in any of these pieces, will she suddenly start doing it once the cameras are off?

Though I didn't remember all of what she had done, looking at her entire body of work like this made me remember that the best I ever had to say about any of her pieces was that it was just "nice." Sweet P lost out on the opportunity to compete at Bryant Park last year because her stuff wasn't high fashion enough for the tents, despite the fact that the judges generally thought that her work was good. I've gotta wonder, based on this body of work we're seeing right here, is Kenely really that much more high fashion than Sweet P was? At least Sweet P makes stuff I'd want to wear. In all honesty, I would pass on most of what Kenely designed this season, despite it's ready-to-wear vibe.

I'm highly suspicious of this post from you guys. There's no way she could have won! If she wins I'll stop watching Bravo.

I think Kenley does interesting things with silhouette. Her shapes always reward further inspection, and it's appropriate that is where she focused her attention for the avante garde look.

I also really dislike her taste in prints. I find them so busy and garish that they overwhelm what I do like about her dresses, and result in an overall negative opinion.

Finally, I think she has boob problems, and Heidi has called her on it as well. Dresses 2, 3, and 8 all have weird boob placement.

I think she has talent and skill, and I admire her fighting spirit, but I hate those prints and I dislike her defensiveness.

Hmmm. I definitely agree that she got weaker as the season went on. #10 and #11 are just unremittingly awful.

But, aside from the hideous prints, most of her clothes aren't that bad. They're wearable and while they may not be cutting edge, they're fun and interesting.

I really do think, however, that she absolutely had the worst designs in weeks 10 and 11 and for that reason, I'm cross that she's still in. Jerell should not have had to compete for a place at Bryant Park at all, after winning the final challenge. I loathe the way that the producers manipulate things - and do it so obviously! - so that the 'competition' is so unfair. I know, I know - it's their show and they can do what they want. I just think it's a bad decision that turns fans off.

She really did crash and burn after the third challenge. Although I don't think her New York Night Life look was the best offering that week, it was strong. After that, everything became boring and mundane. Scratch that... not everything was boring and mundane. Her avant garde look was riduculous and insulting.

Looking at all her pieces has finally crystallized my sense of what's been wrong with this season: besides Korto and Leanne, no one has done anything very outstanding, and there aren't really any compelling contenders for the third spot. Some of Jerrell's stuff would have been stunning with some editing; some was insane. Kenley outlasted most people due to better technical skills, but her design sense ranges from cute-but-boring to ugly prints to copycat. I'm annoyed that she's going to Bryant Park, but if it wasn't her and wasn't Jerrell, who would it be? No one else's talent level was even close. This just underscores the BSness of this season: not aufing Kenley over the zodiac dress, letting 6 designers show at Bryant Park (Joe and Suede got to show!!! Gaaaahh...) and Jerrell's win in the second-last challenge not getting him an automatic spot.

I don't dislike it as much as I thought I would. Her aesthetic might not scream high fashion, but I think she'd be really successful as a juniors designer. With certain obvious exceptions, I would have loved to wear her clothes when I was 18--if they came with a juniors department price tag, that is.

I actually think that prints and color are a strong suit of Kenley's. While I have not been part of the I Hate Kenley Club, I wasn't bowled over by her prints and color mixing in the original season or the finale, I deemed her flair as bold and kooky but I wasn't piddling in my panties over them. However, after seeing a repeat of Tim's visit and looking at her BP collection, the girl is quite brilliant (yep, that's what I said dammit). LaCroix isn't everyone cup of tea and I don't think everyone will embrace Kenley's colors and prints. In fact Kenley does something that I haven't even seen major designers do on an ongoing basis (although my knowledgebase is limited in this area) and that is mix prints in unthinkable ways. In her finale collection (spoiler on)

The color and pattern combinations on the strapless bubble dress and the black dress with the pink wrap skirt work in a "strange and delicious way" [/ TC's Padma].

(spoiler off)
I can see a brash young Hollywood starlet wearing Kenley's clothes. With the derivative rap she gets, this comes from the Kenley experience. Kenley created these prints. As someone said upthread, she can have a career in textiles. I can laugh with the best of them over tugboat, styling grandma, Bettie Page, tough girl, ropes and fabrics from the South Florida Early Bird Special collection, but hey this mishigash has come together to create an interesting and unique talent.

Girls, I totally disagree. EVERYTHING she's come up with has been in my Barbie's closet. Just ask Robert. Just because something is RETRO does not mean it's ONE particular timeframe. Her body template is pre-1980 (when oversized took over) and is cut for that template. I see 1963, I see 1947, I see several different years.

Kenley's dresses are pretty, but I liked Leanne's dresses more.

I think she's awesome. I'm rooting for her!

Kenley FTW!

I think her looks started deteriorating when she lost Shannone which threw Kenley into a bitch frame of mind that she never really graduated from.



I think they are all very talented and i hope Kenley wins!! :)

Kenley is easily the greatest designer in Project Runway history.

I thought Kenley did do some retro looking stuff...but retro 80's. Which, if you think about it, channeled some 30's and 40's fashion trends (shoulder pads, peplums, etc.).
Her fabric choices made me think of drapery fabrics from 25 years ago, too.

All in all, I really wasn't impressed by her output.

Wow, looking at all her designs together it's actually not that bad. I'm still rooting for Korto though.

Kenley is the best. I love her!

I think there's one word that sums up Kenley's point of view really well:


What is it with all those belts? Are they really necessary? If that's the only cohesion element, it ain't all that cohesive.

No. 2 is the only decent one. The Olympics one was okay, but not for the Olympics. This was a sad collection of outfits. How did she survive?

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