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Bryant Park Collections

Doesn't Heidi look incredible? Nice to see she brought it after her "running errands" outfit from the last runway show.

Click to see the collections, darlings. We're reserving judgment until the episode airs, but we'd love to hear what y'all think. We don't have every dress up yet, so be patient, poodles! Done!

UPDATE: More pictures/Videos/Slideshows added to the collections!

[Photo: WireImage]
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Leanne's is breathtaking. Korto's is gorgeous. I'll wait to see all, but my money's on one of them for the win.

Korto's looks beautiful, but LEANNE! I hope she takes the trophy.

Kenley's collection seems like its derived from her work during the competition... I expected better.
Joe and Suede does not deserve to be there over Terri.
Their collection seems very lackluster.
Korto and Leanne's are my favorite.

WOW That was quick.
You are some SPEEDY GAYS

Thanks again for making us feel like we were there.


I agree with Amy G... Korto or Leanne for the Win!!

Leanne for the win!

Leanne - OMG. Good for her. Kudos to Korto, too. They better be REAL finalists! And great to see Heidi dressed appropriately! Who was she wearing, as they say?

Leanne's is amazing.
I want everything.


Leanne and Korto knocked it out of the park! The edge goes to Leanne. I don't see a single piece I don't like.

Joe's looks like some bad hooker night at the OK Corrall. egads that is all kinds of ugly.

Kenley, I hate it. I love the blue dress, but that is about it. I hate that pop of different fabric on the one hip. The one pink dress with the mandarin collar would be prettier if the skirt were longer. The hot pink numbers with the fly away boobie looks so awful. I think the black/hot pink number with the ballerina skirt has some promise.

Suede's one "wedding" dress is all kinds of ugly too.

Thanks so much for posting!

Just at a quick glance (I have to actually work today bitches!!!) I'd say Leanne has the edge. Korto's a close second.

Korto's and Leanne's are clearly a class apart; amongst the two, Leanne's is a more polished, cohesive collection, with her unique noodle-y point of view.

Leanne for the win!

I'm going with Leanne - that last dress of hers was a little baggy and blah, but the details on the rest of her stuff was fucking GORGEOUS, I thought. She's definitely got a style and point of view and it came through on this collection.

Korto's was good, but I don't think there was as much of a "signature" on her stuff as there was for Leanne.

You could definitely tell which was Kenley's, that's for sure. HATED those enormous skirts, and I don't like that she seems to have copied her NYC look pretty much verbatim for this collection. Definitely colorful, but a lot of those prints were vomitous.

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

Korto & Leanimal totally broke it out for the show!

Kenley #3: WTF? The rest: nothing I haven't really seen before....

Joe: Slutty, slutty, slutty!

Wow, Korto and Judy Noodles are both outstanding. I think the judges are going to have a rough time.

joe's hurt my eyes.. it's horrid collection ... i hope leanne is a finalist and win this.. the color pallete is gorgeous...

Everyone but Joe seems to have something that could be a bridal gown. (Joe may have one that hasn't been posted).

Hmmm. The plot thickens.

from what i've seen so far, i'm voting for Leanne -- gorgeous! i wouldn't be upset if Korto wins either, but the rest range from neh to fug. some of kenley's are pretty, but some i just don't think are that special.

thanks for sharing! can't wait to see your pix. love you guys!

Leanne has the best color and design bar far, Korto is nice but not as innovative as Leanne. The others arent worth mentioning.

Leeann's looked just beautiful. I can't wait to see more of it. I also rather liked the one look we saw of Jerrell's -- that boy can bring it when he's on, and when he's off...

Kenley? Exactly what I would have expected from her, and every bit as tired, done, and boring as I would have predicted. Honey, I took costume history too, you know? I can open a textbook any time I want.

Joe's collection is an embarrasment. What were they thinking, keeping him over Terri? It just look so terribly cheap and ordinary. Eww.

Heidi looks great. But I'm going to try to resist seeing the pictures of the collections. Am I the only one??

Leanne KILLED it! Amazing, everything. I loved the aqua fabrics she used too!
Did all designers have a wedding dress to make?

Leanne's is amazinge. I love the two side by side outfits, the ones in the light blue and cream that are like mirror images of each other. Absolutely wonderful.

the only think of Kelsey's that I like is the black dress the rest is just "wrong" and I love Kortos and Leannaes Im torn!!

i'm not dorothy gale

Um, at first glance my glam gut feeling goes to Leanne. There is coherence in her color palette and each style flowed into the next; not hodgepodge no-point-of-view like the others.

That's AT FIRST GLANCE, though - we'll see! was Joe doing? I swear if he says he was inspired by Texas, I will wring his neck.

Leanne's collection is INSANE. If I had money, she'd take all of it. I would LOVE to have a piece of any collection she puts out.

Korto's was definitely second for me. Jerrell and Suede need more pictures for further comment.

I love Leanne's it's absolutely gorgeous.

And I know that it's probably the unpopular opinion, but I also really loved Kenley's.

Y'know for all the whining and bitching that folks have been doing about how season 5 has the worst designers, it's not as good as season 4, Rami is the best, Christian is the best, Jillian and Jesus wept, blah, blah, blah...

There's no way that you can tell me that Leanne, Korto,(and even evil old Terri) could not have gone toe-to-toe with the holy threesome from last year.

That was some really good design going down that runway today.

Hats off, ladies!

Oh, and Kenley. Forgot about her.

There was some cute or two. There were a few rehashes from previous challenges seen in there.

Love Leanne, fine Korto okay (but not my style), and Joe is hoping to design for Jessica Simpson's upcoming country tour.

Kenley--look through a fashion book showing bridesmaids and prom looks from the 80s. Then you won't be so surprised when the judges claim they've seen your work before. Sheesh!

Leann totally rocked it. It was beautiful, wearable, sellable without looking like everything else out there, and the collection was cohesive. I'm going with Leanne for the win.
Thanks for the Twitter updates. I was so excited with every update!

we haven't seen much of Jerrel's or Suede's collections so I'll reserve judgment.

Joe's is bad. There was one look of his I liked, particularly the top, but wow is that collection gross. There might be a market for those clothes, but it's not sophisticated or tasteful.

Leanne is going to win. those are some innovative looks and unexpected silhuoettes.

Korto's is pretty, but that one green dress is bothering me.

Korto is the Uli of this season, great designer, but Leanne pulled out all the stops.

Maybe Jerrel will have a fantastic collection, the first look is intriguing but not highly innovative. I'm curious to see what's there.

Suede? the tiara sucks so my expectations are low.

I think that white collar thing in Korto's really belongs with LeAnnes noodly looks.

i got to say whoa! great stuff out there so far...

some of the designers mentioned mostly in this comments area grown in their design aesthetics.

...kenley on the other hand... it feels as if she has not grown or moved much on since she won one challenge. also, i think one set feels like it was ripped one of the garments from Balenciaga S/S 08

what do you think?

Korto's is just beautiful, but Leanne's is stunning - my goodness - that blue skirt is to die for!

OMG! Korto and Leanne! I expected great from both of them, but what they did is beyond. To quote Racehl Zoe: "DIE."

Poor Joe, meh Kenley.

Thanks Daddies, SO MUCH.

Loved the Twittering! Leanne's is really beautiful but I would come closer to wearing Korto's. Both girls are going to do well. I don't think you have to win to be successful post PR.

I absolutely love Leanne and Korto's collections!

Korto has some really beautifully constructed pieces in her collection, but I absolutely adore Leanne's. Her color palette was divine, and her girls were elegantly styled. Perfect spring collection. I would wear any of her pieces.

And kenley? repeated at least two looks from her stint of PR. She won't win, and I wonder if she's even a finalist since she repeated two of her looks. Maybe her heart wasn't as into it.

For the same reason I don't think Joe is a finalist.

For sure Korto and Leanne are, they better be...

My guess is the 3 finalists are jerrel, leanne, and korto.

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

Upon further review, Leanne for the win.

Korto threw in a clunker with that green mini with the slit up the front. Minis are fine, but I don't need to see anyone's bjango, model-quality or not...

Still better than Joe's, however.

Oh my. Suede's is scary-bad. Awful. He must be a decoy and had no help/advice/mentoring from Tim. It looks like a joke.

So I'm glad Suede used this opportunity to show off his skill for making barbie ballerina outfits.

The girls defenitly out shined the boys.

korto and leanne

Well, no suspense this time. Leanne's was the clear winner. I was really disappointed in Korto. And Joe's was a horror story! Suede was equally awful--talk about throwing away an opportunity! Haven't seen the rest of Jerell's yet, but the opening dress was pretty. Did you guys get to see Christian's collection? It would be great if you could blog about it, too! Princess would have left any of these guys in the dust.

Now that Suede's collection is up, it looks like he saves some of the pooped out fabric swatches from Blayne and used them in his BP collection. Hot tranny mess is the only words that come to mind.

I look forward to seeing what Jerrell has done. Though I am loving Leannes stuff and Kortos is also looking good.

Suedes stuff looks too cotton candy and tinself for my tastes and while I dont have any major bickerings with Joe's looks kind of dull. Not really digging Kenleys retro wannabe theme.

I think Kenley's got this in the bag, sorry to say. She presented the only diverse collection and the only one that had any eyecatching color in it. I know a lot of people will say it is tacky (and I agree somewhat) but most of her pieces are what the judges loved of hers during the show.

Leanne and Korto gave us a lot of good pieces, but in the end I think they gave us more commercial versions of what they made on the show. Nothing is as innovative or as high fashion as their best works on the show. Everything Leanne gave us reminded me of her New York dress on the show, which was beat out handily by Kenley's print abomination, and I think that's going to be the end result this time as well.

Leanne's collection is amazing. From a fellow PDXer, she makes the Pacific Northwest look great!

Leanne all the way!
Suede's and Joe's were TERRIBLE.

More of suede's is up... not as bad as I thought it would be, but I think Leanne and Korto still have the edge.

A second look at kenley's and I like it more. It's definitely her aesthetic, but I hate that she ripped off her winning outfit from PR, which already was similar to balenciaga.

Korto and Leanne both have beautiful collections. I haven't decided which is my favorite. Suede's and Joe's are hideous. I did like the one dress of Jerrell's that was up when I posted but since that's one of the few pieces of his I have liked I'm not expecting much from him.

and oh... joe's collection... i am lost for words (and it isn't a compliment!)...

perhaps i shouldn't judge the rest of the contestant's collection so early until later...

Leanne and Korto are the stars! Those two ladies really rocked it - although I'd give the win to Leanne for her original view and the way she wove it into her pieces. But Korto's clearly done fantastic work, just didn't have the thematic coherence that Leanne's did.

some of Joe's pieces looked like he was channeling Stella.

and did anyone else think of bad mommy's french outfit when looking at kenley's first piece - remember the black & white outfit where the collar lost its starch somewhere over the atlantic?

thanks for keeping us up2speed TLO!

Thanks for twittering and posting the pics, you guys!!! I don't have much to add to what seems to be the consensus: Leanne, Leanne, Leanne! I think Tim being the guest judge increases her chance of winning, no? Tim likes sophisticated looks. Korto's is ok, but I don't see the unifying theme of her collection. Joe's IS mall clothes, except I kind of liked his first brown dress.

Is that Danielle (now Dani, I guess) from ANTM cycle 6 in Korto's 2nd green outfit?

Is that Leanne's model wearing Country Joe's leather & red long dress?

Now Jerrell is up. The green number is stunning. The brown dress with the lace on the back is the fashion equivalent of the mullet, business in front, party in the back. This is not a compliment.

That one top that is superlow cut looks horrible on the model, she looks like she is recovering from a double mastectomy or something. One wants to make the girls look pretty, not non existent.

A few of his dresses had fit issues as well.

Korto and Leanne have collections above and beyond the others'. I hope they are in the top 3!!

Korto and Leanne are definitely in the final three. It's obvious from the quality of the work. And I'd say Jerell is, too.

Joe and Suede. Pretty obvious that Joe's not in it. And Suede, while there were two garments I thought had some depth to them, he's just not at the same level as the final three.

Kenley, haven't we seen all this before?

Hmm, it's really the context that makes Joe's clothes hideous. At a Rodeo, with a couple of beers, and a bag of pork-rinds...

is leanne's model walking for joe?!?!


Suede - awful, Kenley - not so hot, Joe - didn't mind, Korto - lovely, Leanne - beautiful. Waiting for Jerrell - liked the first dress.

I'm all Team Leanne! But Korto's collection is great, too.

loved leanne and kortos collections... kenleys was ok, predictable. the boys, on the other hand... ick. didn't see a piece i liked.

honestly i can't believe joe and suede are still around.

Nice video of Christian's collection at BP! With Tim gunn commention on the end.

It's definitely a different collection than his PR one, but he has moved into a different color palette, less puffy sleeves, but still the same drama and some of the same techniques. So not a 180 of what he did before, but a refinement and evolution.

some of the looks are a knockout so good for him! this collection would easily compete on this year's PR and I would argue probably beat out Leanne (tho to be fair, I'm sure he had FAR more resources for this collection than his first).

Generally from least to best (at least initially until the boys point out things that invariably will change my mind a little):

Suede: NO!!

Joe: Unfortunate

Jerrell: Not Cohesive although somewhat interesting

Kenly: Immature, seen it before

Korto: Off the charts gorgeous & innovative

Leanne: DIE. One of the best ever.

Wow, that is a whole lot of fug in Suede's collection. I hope they just told him they screwed up with the scheduling and he had three days to make it or something. Because, I mean, damn.

Otherwise, I agree with everyone else; Korto and Leanne are head and shoulders above the others here.

Korto has a couple of ANTM contestants walking for her.

Dear GOD, Jerrell. Uck, ptooey. A little restraint next time. Except for that long-sleeved burlap thing. Except for the cut-out in the back, that looked like a sack and seems to have the magic power of aging the wearer by a good twenty years.

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

I have only two words for Suede's colors in his collection: baby's nursery.

Leanne and Korto are definitely the top two! Korto's use of colors was amazing, and the different sillouhettes were phenomenal; however, Leanne's was so Chic and sophisticated! Can't wait for the episode, but BOTH of these ladies did a superb job!

and I think the finalist were Leanne, Korto and Jerell because their collections seemed more inspired, although Kenley's outfit was so hideous it makes me think she wanted to dress up for the finale....

Jerrell's is him. Lots and lots of the over detailing he did on the show.

Leanne's to me is the most editorial where as Korto is more commercial. Pretty stuff but did think she put Amanad in the right dress

Kenly is fine overall. Imperfect and in keeping with what you'd expect from her. some pretty pieces

Suede rehashed is stuff from the show. sad

I am embarrassed for Joe. Horrible collection. no personality, no cohesion. His attempts at leather so mismatched or cheap looking. Wish Stella was the decoy for him instead. Imagine a wedding dress she'd conjure up. It might be heinous but loads more interesting


I'm glad Leanne's was last. You go through the other collections thinking "meh," and then get to hers and it just drives home how much talent she has.

I don't know if my vision was obscured by the giant bitch glasses that I'm wearing, but I did not like Kenley's at all. Boring and ugly.


Leanne and Korto's were divine. I'm glad I'm not a judge, because I couldn't pick between the two.
Just one question, if Leanne is capable of making such magic, why the devil is she always in her Librarian blouse? ( I can say this because I am a Librarian!!) heh-heh

Leanimals is gorgeous. Not only that she seemed a genuine original. Korto's is lovely too. I would be happy if either one. Joe and Suede, oy, the less said the better. Kenley and Jerrell were in the middle with Jerrel taking show.

I know everyone's cheering for Leanne, but Korto really should win this.

Most of the outfits are chic, and they look like they can be worn by women of different sizes.

I gotta hand it to her, she came on the show to prove the point that fashion and beauty can exist outside of a size zero, and she did a damn fine job of it.

GO KORTO!!!!!!!!!

I was all set to root for Leanne in this, but there is something about her use of colors that disappointed me. Korto-- that green! That precise asymmetry-- Loved it!

Jerell's collection really brings in the ugly. Suede did better than I predicted, though Joe had all shitty things excluding the starry dress, which I liked. Kenley had some interesting stuff but it mostly looked whore-ish. I loved most of Korto's and Leanne's.

My prediction for the top three: Korto, Leanne, and Suede/maybe Kenley.
My prediction for the win: Leanne.

First impressions:

Jerell: Too busy. Some bits are interesting (the dress with the open back intrigues me), but mostly, too much.

Suede: MY EYES!!!

Joe: boys have it right: mall.

Kenley: MY EYES! Dude, lay off the tulle, really.

Korto: Wrong color for Amanda to wear, otherwise lovely, if a tad understated.

Leanne: Personally hate all the noodles, but will probably win.

I love Korto's and Leanne's. I say ... LeAnne for the win!

And Korto's baby for being SO CUTE! :D

Where's Nazri?

Unless there are pics missing, Joe doesn't seem to have a wedding dress.

At least I hope to god he doesn't think any woman would get married in any of those.

Loved Leanne's and Korto's. I think Leanne will take it by a noodley hair.

Joe, Suede and Kenley - collective UGH!

Jerrel's was...interesting, and that's an accomplishment. I hope his is not a decoy, but 2nd runner-up.

Korto has several 'Wow!' gowns, and she's my choice for the winner. I really liked the colors and sculpted fabric in Leanne's collection too.
Joe and Suede's collections looked like they came from Mall fashion shows.
Kenley and Jerell each had a few interesting pieces. But their collections were kind of all over the place.


I noticed that on Getty! Leann appears to have Tia and Joe has Karalyn.

How in God's name are Joe & Suede even there?! What a fricking embarrasment!

Jerrell's is interesting. Very him. I could see him as the third.

Kenley's is very cohesive, but honestly same-old, same-old we've seen alot of lately.

Korto's is lovely, flowing, great color pallette.

Leann's is to DIE for! This damn well should be the winner.

Amanda was wasted in that taupe colored poofy minidress by Korto. She would have done wonders for a more high impact garment.

Joe and Suede have to be decoys, and I think Kenley, too.

I like Leanne's but I'm going to have to go with Korto FTW.

Leanne's is best fashion -- Korto's is beautiful (even more so than Laura's last year)-- and I laughed out loud when I didn't a single sleeve in Suede's.

I can't figure out who I want to win it! But Seude's collection is boring and cheap-looking.And joe's: BORING. I hope the final three are Korto, Leanne, and Kenley. Although it's a toss-up between Kenley and Jerrell.


Supposedly JLo had a foot injury so Tim Gunn is apparently the guest judge for the finale. How fabulous is that?

It's a rumor though.

Korto or Leanne for the win! Personally, I prefer Korto's but I would be thrilled for either of them to win. Both had some stunning pieces.

Leanne and Korto have the 2 most cohesive collections. Although Leanne's is an interesting perspective, I can't help thinking of dinner napkins the way she folded some of the material. I prefer Korto's simpler approach.

As much as I love Korto's work if she wins over Leanne we have to say they were hounded by the ACLU to finally have a winner of color... although her shit is gorgeous... Leanne hit it OUT OF THE PARK.


i've been a huge fan of kenley's from the very beginning and she didn't disappoint. super cute dresses that i would wear in a second. love it! i really hope they give it to her since my favorite last season didn't win.

Leanne for the win. Hers was outstanding, innovative, fresh, clean and sophisticated. Man, that was cohesive. It was dreamy, feminine, eye-catching. I can't summon up enough complimentary adjectives.

Korto for very worthy runner-up.

The rest all were significantly behind Leanne and Korto.

Joe - TLo nailed it: mall clothes. Why would you send that to Bryant Park?? Your chance to make an impression, and you flubbed it.

Jerrell - some hits, more misses, and not really unified.

Suede - Several of his offerings were urp-y.

Kenley - Another increasing odd point of view that didn't really, somehow, go out of the been-there box to say wow.

Leanne, you need to cozy up to some FABULOUS gays (Paging TLo! Paging TLo!) for some haircut advice, 'cause you're going good places, young lady!

All the best,


Also, those shoes Heidi is wearing make her look like she has smooth, nude hooves.

anonymous said:


Supposedly JLo had a foot injury so Tim Gunn is apparently the guest judge for the finale. How fabulous is that?

It's a rumor though.

No, it's true.

And I liked Miss Jerelldine's, too.

If anything, it's cohesive (probably the most of them all), and totally her style.

She did have one dress that totally looked like Jillian's from last year, though.

But overall, don't love it, but like it.

Judy noodles rocked it. Korto placed second. And Joe, that is what you think passes for "fashion"?

Second impression: Leanne is very smart and has watched all the previous seasons. Her collection is cohesive, has a nice "color story," has a point of view (even if that pov is noodles) and shows range. Pants, dresses, etc. etc.

She will def win.

I personally prefer Korto's aesthetic, but her collection is less diverse (all dresses!) and she made a few missteps. Wasting Amanda is a cardinal sin!

Looks like Leann dumped Karalynn.

And that dress on Amanda reminded me of one of the little gold dresses Chloe did in S2.

Leanne or Korto. The two collections are FAR better than the others.

Leanne's had collectin was draw-dropping beautiful! Love it.

Exquisite collections by Korto and Lee Ann. Elegant, innovative, well-constructed with unmistakeable point of views. They got to Bryant Park on their talent and hardwork. Korto, in particular, was the bridesmaid way too many times. Her face showed disappointment and frustration but she was always the consumate professional. If they aren't the top two, there's a fly in your Chardonnay. But that's the Project Runway -way. Now Jerrell, he's channeling Bob Mackie and seems bound for Las Vegas. An old aesthetic for a likeable fella. TLO- Can you feel the love? You made us proud and happy. As fashion reporters, well, sniff, you're all grown up now. In your PRIME!

Thank you, TLo, for all your hard work! And I loved the Twitter updates.

Korto and Leanne's are my top picks with Korto slightly higher. Her colors were stunning and everything flows so well. Leanne's are very nicely constructed but I was a little underwhelmed by it all.

Some of Joe's looks were cute (yes, I said cute!) but it's all been done. Did he just copy off of existing patterns?

I loves me some Jerrell but can't muster any enthusiasm for his collection. Some were pretty but most left me confused. And someone needs to convince him that bare sternums aren't flattering!

Kenley ... blah. Sude ... can't even remember what he sent down.

Leanne's got this in the bag. If she's a decoy, then the season should be scrubbed from the books.

Korto and Leanne are both incredible. I think that its going to be a win based on the taste of the 'guest judge' who seems to be tiebreaker on these things. And since the guest judge is Tim I can't believe he won't have the best taste out on the floor. I'll be happy with either of them winning however.

Leanne: "dinner napkins" -- you nailed it, anon. That bugged me too!


I can't believe that Leanne would dump Karalynn. I actually hope it means Joe wins a challenge at some point and takes her.

Nazri was wasted in Suede's first dress. That dress was meant for Britney Spears - not Nazri.

Leanne, all the way. Her signature detailing made the collection memorable for me.

Oh, Joe! I was really rooting for you...*sigh*...stick with Bugle Boy (are they still around?) comment.

Leanne's was incredible, it was very Leanne, I think she's going to win this thing.
Korto's was beautiful and very wearable, I LOVED the colors she used, her clothes are soo cute!
I liked Jerrel's (minus some exceptions), I think he has some really pretty stuff in there, and I liked that it's party dresses.
The rest, just no. Ugly, boring and tacky.

Stella Miss Her

Wow, Leanne and Kortoes were both great.

Suede's designs that weren't dropped waist seemed to hit exactly at the widest part of the hip.

I saw a couple of things of Jerrell's I'd totally buy, but not all of it.

Kenley had a few things too, but not to the level of L&K.

And Joe's is horrid. I hate to say that because I've been cheering for him.

So my impression of the decoys: Joe definetly and perhaps Jerrell.

suede's collection is ugh, i dont like the colors and the shapes are weird.

love leanne's work!
i also like korto's collection.
i agree that kenley's collection felt like a repeat from some of the pieces she made during the competition.

Wow... loved Korto's collection and was sure she was going to win...but the moment I saw Leanne's, hands down it was new and exciting. That girl needs to win it!

Vienna Marriott said...
As much as I love Korto's work if she wins over Leanne we have to say they were hounded by the ACLU to finally have a winner of color... although her shit is gorgeous... Leanne hit it OUT OF THE PARK.


I find that very insulting to Korto. If she wins, it's because she's an amazing designer who puts out gorgeous work. Let's give the woman some credit and not attribute her success some far-fetched conspiracy theory.

Jerrell, Korto and Leann's collections are beautiful, with Leann's being the most cohesive IMHO.

GO JUDY NOODLES!!! so cohesive. want to own it!

kenley: ugh get over your prints. some was cute though.

korto: niiiiice

joe: sick. tube top? bare midriff?? would he want his daughters wearing that shit?

jerell: i'm sorry...yikes

suede: you make kent state look bad! (i love you kent)

Call me insane (or a tacky queen)but there's something about Jerrell's collection that I really like.

But I still think Korto or Leanne will take it. Korto's was a tad less exciting than I expected it to be so I'll lean toward Leanne.

I thought Leanne's color story was a bit one note. But it was innovative and different - in a very friendly & wearable way. I think Judy Noodles might have it.

Suede's collection manages to make every single model look hippy and bottom heavy. I burst out laughing at the giant shoulder ruffle dress.

Joe's looks like the Catherine Bach (Daisy Duke) Collection for K-Mart.

Kenley's looks very first year fashion student...if the year was 1985. Is this her salute to Nolan Miller? It looks like the Emma Samms Dynasty Collection.

Vienna Marriott said...
As much as I love Korto's work if she wins over Leanne we have to say they were hounded by the ACLU to finally have a winner of color... although her shit is gorgeous... Leanne hit it OUT OF THE PARK.


1:36 PM

Injecting race...for fuck's sake *rolls eyes*

Jarrel likes those sternums! His own, others- sternums!

Topacio looks pissed.

Karalyn looks great, even if that cut down bomber jacket bustier looks like she borrowed it from an extra in a Billy Idol video.

Jerrell: Not my taste
Suede: Tacky
Joe: WTF?
Kenley: She has a point of view, but it's tiresome.
Korto: I really loved her color choices. And she had a past winner from America's Next Top Model, Danielle!
Leanne: Beautiful, soft shapes.

I predict Leanne for the win!

suede's looked like a hot tranny mess...if that tranny had a cotton candy addiction.

Korto or Leanne. Jerrell stepped it up as well (but still crazy). Even Joe's had some moments. Every collection except Korto's had some clunkers, and Leanne relies too heavily on that pleating thing she does for my taste, though she surely does it well. But for me it's Korto by a mile.

Kenley? Suede? No. No thank you. Just no. Just go. But Kenley, before you leave, could you STRETCH one more time for me please? Mmm.

I'd love to see what Terri could have done here.

As much I love my girl Korto, I've gotta give it up for Leeanne.

How she makes something so sculptural seem so soft as well is incredible!!

Am I the only one who thought Suede was better than Joe??

Is there any established designer working whose designs are similar to Judy Noodles? I can't recall who is that kind of sculptural approach to the clothing.

I am sorry that she reigned in her designs--would have liked something more like the Scorpio dress, climbing up over the model's head. Not as much drama as I would have liked.

Thank you, Tom and Lorenzo, for letting melive vicariously through you!

I LOVE Korto's collection. She has such an eye for volume and color, and she's versatile.

Leanne was wonderful, but too much repetition. At least it's a signature look.

I think Jerrell will come in third. Joe's collection shows that he was "auf'd" and didn't take this part of the contract (being a decoy) well. Ditto Suede.

But who knows? I never thought Jeffrey/Geoffrey/However-he-spells - himself would win, either.

I thought Jerrell's collection was fun, light-hearted. Korto's was WEARABLE -- I could see Real Women (with cash) grabbing those gowns and dresses.

Leeanne - WOW. International couture heaven. Strong esthetic, individual, impeccably produced.

Leeanne for the win. Korto for a spot on Oprah.

bill said:

Call me insane (or a tacky queen)but there's something about Jerrell's collection that I really like.

No, I agree, Bill. I think there's some very unique pieces in there. His last dress is gorge! I also love the gold-lame dress with the open detailing on the back. And it's also cohesive compared to Joe & Suede's.

If I weren't using them already for my drink, I'd give you some ice cubes for your widdle thumbs.

Bless your hearts! You both did a fantastic job keeping your minions in the know today. I love you for it!

Collections? I think Leanne has this by a nose. Korto's was gorgeous. Suede's was a joke and after seeing Kenley's, I laughed almost as loudly as she incessantly does.

Why didn't Joe have a bridal look? Hmmm. I had some placemats back in the late 70's that looked eerily like his first dress. I sold them in a garage sale. Maybe it was a trash to treasure challenge?

Did they all have to do a wedding gown?? There is one in each collection that could be one.

Suede's collection was atrocious! Joe's was eh. Kenley's stuff all looked like stuff we've already seen. I love Leanne's and Korto's, but Leanne's looks too similar? I know they're supposed to be cohesive......but they all resemble the others too much.

I loved Korto's and Leanne's, but I think Leanne would have benefited from a bit more editing. I want Korto to win, but I'd be satisfied either way.

Jerrell: OK, true to himself.
Kenley: Fug.
Suede: ...
Joe: WTF?

Leanne should title her collection "1001 ruffles".

another laura

Isn't it true that the traditional fashion show for spring has a wedding dress at the end? It could just be that they required that the finalists made a wedding dress for their last piece. It would make sense.

I'm having kind of a cow over Tim Gunn being the guest judge (per your Twitter postings). At last!

Go LEANIMAL!!! Her line is just stunning. I gasped at every piece.

To quote Ricky Ricardo, 'Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi!'

First impressions:

Jerrell: I like the lavendar gown, but all thed rest look like he could have bought them in that tacky clothing shop on 7th Avenue, across from FIT.

Suede: Is it April 1?

Joe: Eh. (Though I LOVE that red skirt with black leather bustier, probably the most of anything - but everything else, back to eh).

Kenley: I don't even know what to say. I would say bad fabric happens to good people, but I don't think she's good people.

Korto: Sublime!

LeeAnn: Those taco shells are really not my thing, but I can see where she's going with it.

It is definitely between Korto & LeeAnn. But something else I'm wondering...Is the inclusion of a wedding gown something of a clue to who the finalists are?


LOVE LEANNE'S, LOVE KORTO'S! I'd be happy with the win for either one of them!

And so many former ANTM contestants....

Love love Leanne! Korto is incredible as well, and where I wouldn't wear any of it myself, I have to give it to Jerrell, a very interesting collection!

Thanks guys!

The guys and Kenley look like they're running in a completely different race and are at least 2 laps behind Leanne and Korto. Suede and Joe are particularly embarrassing. I've never understood Jerell's POV and still don't. And what can I say, Kenley is a tulle.

Of the two good collections, Leanne's is my favorite at least in still photos. She really does have a strong aesthetic, call it noodles if you want, but I'm all for pasta. It's unique and different. I liked Korto's as well but it doesn't seem as new.

And I'm not going to lie. I stepped on J Lo's foot accidentally. In my stilettos. Fourteen times. You can thank me later, Tim.

Gotta be down to the girls for final three, and then down to Korto and Leanne, though I quite liked Kenley's, too. I'd be happy with any of the girls taking the win.

And is the little extra challenge that they all have to do a wedding dress? That's... bizarre. But would make for awesome TV if they have to like, make it in only four hours before the show or something. You know those Bravo bitches would make them do something like that.

Holy Crap -- Leanne and Korto! Those are some DAMN beautiful collections. I am so excited for them. They've been my two favorites for a while now. The rest? Meh. Joe is definitely mall clothes. Jerrell's is pretty kooky. HATED Kenley's, but that may be as much about her as it is about the clothes. And Suede barely made an impression. Can't wait for the ripping to start!


I would just like to point out that Jerrel, Korto, and Kenley's shows appear to be the only ones with models from the show in them...unless i'm mistaken, which is very possible.

Leanne's and Korto's were both lovely and Bryant Park worthy, IMO. I couldn 't call a winner between them because they both seemed like strong collections to me. Korto's more wearable and Leanne's more innovative.

Seude's was a whole lot'o no. One skirt looked like it was made from irridescent ties. The shapes were the same dress that he made over and over this season. One looked a lot like the dress from the Saturn challenge - like blue and silver skirt. So bad.

Joe's - meh. Bad.

Jerrell's - better than I expected. Not up to Leanne's or Korto's, but maybe a distant third. I have to go back and look some more. He is more into glitter and glitz on his clothes than I care for.

Kenley - this also seemed to be a replay of what she did all season. I just find a lot of it ugly. There were some good pieces- the black dress was lovely. I just didn't like it and hated some of it - particularly the dress with the wedge of poofy mismatched fabric stuck it in. Not figure flattering and disjoined and just yuck.

I need to go look more and see if my initial impressions are changed.

Leanne and Korto both did BEAUTIFUL work. I think both collections had some minor issues, but other than that they're both wearable and "fashion-forward" at the same time. Although I would wear Leanne's clothes (Korto's silhouettes wouldn't look great on me), Korto put together such a great collection that either of the girls deserve the win.

What is going on with Suede's collection? Those outfits are very costumey & the fit is totally off! Good night! Loved Leanne's collection as well as Korto--I would be very happy if either of them won the whole thing. Thank you so much for be speedy!!

IMHO, I think that Korto stayed true to her design asthetic while creating pieces that are still fresh and vibrant. The choice of the bold colors created an audacious and somewhat ethnic palette. If however you ignore the previous collections that Leanne has already created (website), then her collection was nothing if not innovative and stunning. Unfortunately seeing the previous collection and her work on this season, it seems derivative. There are other ways to add a sculptural quality to the pieces other then the noodles (tiering). She seemed to be suffering from the Michael effect. Meaning that during the show, she seemed to listen to what the judges and Tim had to offer, but when she was given free range, she went straight back to her portfolio in all her noodly glory. It was definately overwhelming since I could see some of the shapes (i.e. the trench) already being innovative w/o the noodled collar. Her best pieces were examples of restraint (the blue dress and the outfit that looked like the one from the KIA challenge). Look at her track record, all of her winning pieces were simple and clean. The more you add, the more polished you have to make it look. With that said, I am afraid that the collection is a frequently used gimmick of hers, although (as I have stated above) she has much potential. When in doubt, keep it simple. Now going back, I believe that since Korto kept the presentation clean, we were able to see the good design in this collection since there wasn't a cacaphony of fabric masking the sillhoutes of the pieces. I do wish her collection displayed more separates though, maybe get Terri to teach you how to make a pair of pants? Okay rant over. (p.s. my lack of review for the other collections was not accidental, I simply did not care for them, with the exception for one or two pieces from every remaining collection except suedes)

Amanda in Austin

Korto will win the season with that collection. Leanne's is "interesting," but uses the same overlapping elements over and over. Judy Noodles really went all out with the Noodles!

Joe, Suede, Jerell, and Kenley: FUG!

actually i lourve miss jays collection. i thought the collection was beautiful-- very fashion and very glam. i think jerrel's got this one! in other news, how sad was suede's collection? his and kenley's totally depressed me...

Loved Korto's and Leanne's. Those two are toss-ups for the win, I think.

Kenley's looked costumey. Some of it was lovely, but so much of it seemed like she'd watched an old movie and thought, "I want to look like that." And, rather than really modernizing them, just put them in bright/wacky materials. Not wearable or original.

I don't get Jerrell's stuff. It's always just over the edge of beautiful to me. Just too much.

Joe's and Suede's looked cheap. Suede made some of his models look fat, which is a feat.

Leanne has to win this thing. She's the only one who has a distinctive point of view (Korto is good, but her collection is all over the place), and something new to offer. Yes, it's her "noodles," but that's basically the same thing as Princess' puffy sleeves.

If she doesn't win, she and Kara Janx should storm the Bravo offices and turn over every competition show to Lifetime.

Is it just me or does this whole season seem off? 6 designers showing at BP? I know the timing is off this season, but why not let all designers from the very first episode show? Where is the reward factor here?

apparently I'm not a fashionista,
I kinda liked some of Joe's stuff.

Leanne, blew me away though, I loved hers, then Kortos, then Jerrell's

Suede and Kenley some of hers was cute, Suede should design for Barbie or little girls halloween costumes.

I hope the three women are the real finalists. All three guys put out horrendous collections. Total ugh!

Leanne did a stunning collection! What a beautiful, distinctive set of clothes. I love Korto's too - especially like the bright colors but that's just my personal preference. I do think Leanne is showing a point of view that the judges just won't be able to ignore and shouldn't!

Kenley's wasn't as bad as the guys but put up against the other two women's collections, it is a true embarrassment. I had really hoped for better from her.

Thanks so much for sharing, guys and so fast!

Leanne's and Korto's were both wonderful! Was that Danielle from ANTM in Korto's second green dress?

Don't hate me, but I rather liked Kenley's too. Not as much as Leanne and Korto, but I like it.

I'm going to go out on a limb, and say Korto for the win...both she and Leanne's collections were STUNNING (the other 4 collections looked like a joke compared to these 2). I think Korto will win, b/c I like Leanne's collection a little bit more, but my faves never win...but who knows, maybe this season will be different!

Jerell's: solid collection but not sure if there is cohesion throughout the collection. The last dress didn't quite fit in with the rest. Or was that on purpose? It was beautiful though.

Suede's: Prom dress, prom dress, prom dress with cotton ball skirt, random wedding dress. ALL. FUG.

Joe's: Jessica Simpson was overheard on the phone to her stylist - "Y'all! Get me TWO of everything from this collection!" Enough said.

Kenley's: Appears well made. But nothing that blows the roof off the building. Also seems to be an exercise in how many types of head gear she can get the models to wear. Perhaps she's starting a line of hair accessories too?

Korto's: BREATHTAKING. GORGEOUS. LOVELY. FAB.U.LOUS. The green dress with the side necklace / strap - J'adore.

Leanne's: All bow to the Fashion Assassin. Home run. Fucking amazing.

If either Korto or Leanne wins, it will be totally fine by me =)

I loved Korto and Leanne's collection. It should be between the two ladies.

I hated Joe's collection and am amazed he made it this far. You can tell a 40 year old man designed his collection. It's not innovative or youthful. Suede's collection looks like a student made it, esp. the Easter necktie skirt.

I'm surprised - I liked Joe's collection. Not for the win, but I thought it was going to be a complete disaster. Instead, that award went to Suede. He only has one pattern - the off-shoulder cheerleader-skirt dress.

Korto will win. I know it!!!

I have to agree with the majority. Korto's is very well done, but Leanne, WOW!!!!! The collection is gorgeous! I really like Leanne and I hope she does win.

Leanne and Korto are amazing, but I really like Jerrell's, too. It's cohesive and looks like him. I hope those are the three that show. Kenley, Joe and Suede are embarrassing.

I like Leanne's the best, am disappointed in Korto's, I like the first ones of Suede, Joe's is an embarrassment, and Kenley's is just what I expected from her. Leanne's is gorgeous, she is the only one who could have competed with the designers last season.

my money is on Leanne for the win. the final 3 have to be Leanne, Korto and Jerrell

Leanne for the WIN!

Vienna Marriott said...
As much as I love Korto's work if she wins over Leanne we have to say they were hounded by the ACLU to finally have a winner of color... although her shit is gorgeous... Leanne hit it OUT OF THE PARK.

Ummm.. did you forget about Season 2's WINNER Chloe Dao?!?

First reaction....


I think Jerrell has a real shot. Some of those looks were beautiful. But I think LeeAnn will problably pull it out.


Leanne for the win but Jerrell is close behind. Korto--just OK--I expected better. Kenley a rehash of what she has done before--she's dresssing herself effectively.

Joe and Suede were a disgrace and show they had no business being on the show.

I think Leanne's the most talented designer ever on PR.

Korto's no. 9 dress....I want, I want, I want.

Doesn't her no. 6 model look like Tocara from ANTM? Hmm.

Loves the Judy Noodles look but its a bit TOO..noodle-y.

I would say that Korto, Leanne, Kenley are the real ones. Leanne is the Origami designer, what she can do with pleats and shape is amazing.

Jerrells, I only really loved the wedding dress? at the end...

Suedes was a joke, and Joes, while not being super innovative, was actually interesting and wearable(and there were several things I would want to buy)

The slight difference between Leanne and Korto is that Korto seems to be styling for a WOMAN and Leanne's leans more to a GIRL. That's a shitload of ruffles to put on anyone over 26. But they seem to be designing for themselves which is refreshing.

ok - im assuming joe is next to be eliminated as he is missing 1 piece the others seem to have - a floofy white-ish dress. final challenge: incorporate a 'wedding-sorta-dress into your collection???

suede - hate it. none of it fits. its all repetative and dowdy.

joe - a halfway decent piece here and there, but overall - meh...

jerrell - he's got potential, but it just seems sloppy. (he's got a top model girl from season 7, i believe. i forget her name...)

kenley - the girl can sew, but we've already seen some of these silhouettes in the competition from her and - for me - i think her fabric choices tend to undermine her designs. although the one with the flowers coming down the front - me likey.

korto & leannes were really lovely. leanne certainly had a cohesive motif running thoughout. i think it was rather skillfully applied. and for the most part her fit was great. just wish her colors had a little more umph.

kortos - i kinda love it. like leanne, shes got a style all her own, but its more subtle and less gimmicky than leannes. plus - her colors were rather yummy. and everything looks really comfortable and relaxed, without being sloppy. (korto also had 2 top model girls - bianca & dani - as well as the great amanda.)

bottomline - i would ooh & ahh over leanne's clothes in the store. but id buy kortos and love wearing them.

Leanne. By far. Wow!

Jerrel's was bangin. I wouldn't be surprised if they pick him for the win.

Either of them could take it, regardless of the ACLU commenter.

Jerrell's--Interesting details, but I just don't get his overall look.
Joe--Mall clothing.
Kenley--Yeah, she's just not as good as she thinks she is.
Korto--Wow, really impressive looks here.
Leanne--Amazing. I especially like how she adds structural drama to the clothing without using sparkle.
Korto or Leanne for the win...with a slight edge toward Leanne.

Korto's and Leanne's collections are friggin' AMAZING. I love Korto, but I'm gonna have to go with Leanne FTW on this one. Her collection was slightly more cohesive.

And what the HELL is up with Kenley's prints? I've seen prettier fabric on seat cushions. UGH.

PS. Comment above about Korto winning because of ACLU pressure? Totally uncalled for and not appreciated.

Echoing the Leanne and Korto love, I would be fine with either one winning.

Jerrell had some great looks and headscratchers.

Joe and Suede? I need to put a cold compress on my head and lay down for awhile. terrible.

Kenley is shockingly derivative. For someone who "doesn't look at other designers" she sure managed to pull off a McQueen knock off, and a repeat of her Balenciaga knock off fromt the season!

Carol in LA....AMEN SISTER! Judy Noodles is deffo dressing girls and not women.


I was lucky enough to see these in person this morning and I have to say- Leanne's was beautiful and actually so were Kenley's pieces. They really came across beautifully on the runway and also of the pieces were handpainted. I don't love her, but it was a very pretty collection. Korto's, I was not as wow-ed by.

Suede has fitting problems, Joe's collection is boring and Kenley's is better than I expected but not that good. All in all I like what Jerrell, Korto and Leanne showed us but sadly I am not in love with any of this.


Leanne and Korto are amazing! Really shows how their skills and talents are so much more refined than the others. I think Leanne is my fav - go Judy Noodles!!!

That white dress at the end of Leanne's collection is giving me serious bride envy. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. Leanne for the win!

I agree with everyone else- Leanne is BEAUTIFUL. Her signature style really shows through. Korto's is my second-favorite. The only ones I reeeeally don't like are Suede and Joe's- yuck! Some of Jerell's are fugly but at least his collection also has some stunners- very interesting. Kenley's is... very Kenley! So excited for this finale!

Only ten looks a piece?

I hope it's Jerrell, Korto and Kenley. I found Leanne's gorgeous but painfully repetitive. Joe's and Suede's were harsh to look at. It looks like a 3 year old designed and sewed them.

There were quite a few ANTM alumni in these shows (I think). Dani, Bre (I think), Naima (again, not too sure). When reality worlds collide, I guess...

Don't think the ACLU comment was warranted here.

I think it's safe to say that Project Runway contestants represent diversity quite well.

I'm a little stunned that someone would even bring up the racial thing here.

Wow, I love what Leanne and Korto showed. Joe not so much. The biggest surprise for me was Jerrell; I was not expecting that from him.

Kenley's and Suede's ... eh.

Looking forward to hearing how long the show went with 6 designers on the runway.

I LOVE Leanne's.... it gave me chills. It's just so beautiful to look at.
I was expecting a little more from Korto, but there were some really nice pieces.
Jerrel's was actually better than I expected, but a little too shiny...

Suede & Joe are a joke. They should not be there.

I really hope Leanne wins.

I went back & seems that the white 'bridal' dresses may give us a clue.

Jerrill no white dress but a taupe gown.
Joe no white dress at all
Kenley cream dress

Suede all had white gowns.

Maybe Jerrill & Joe were the decoys and the rest had to do a bridal gown for the finale.


I agree with all that Korto and Leanne are tops.
I was wondering if others spotted some "famous" models in there...Nasri, Michael's model looked like she was there and Biana from America's Next Top Model too. Am I mistaken?

It's got to be Leanne. Her collection is above and beyond the rest.

Loving Korto's and Leanne's collections! The rest...not so much. I got excactly what I expected out of Joe and Suede. But Kinley? I had such high hopes for her. It was dissapointing.

I think it's the lecherous side of Joe as a 40-year-old man that keeps designing these bare midriffs. I'd like to see if he'd let his daughters wear that.

Wow. Leanne I think for the win just on craftsmanship and eye, though I could certainly live with Korto winning also. Great color and she obviously tried to do things a little differently. Kenley is derivative. Jarrell had some lovely pieces in there kittens, let's be fair. Not nearly as ridiculous as I feared, and well made.

Joe's is mall-y, but I confess I really like the leather bustier and plaid skirt. Not great fashion, but they would sell.

Suede. You made me actually miss Terri and I couldn't stand her. That was David's Bridal for the Bristol Palin set. Blech.

My ranking:

1. I agree with everyone - Leanne!

2. Korto

3. Jerrell (distant 3rd - no over-sized check - sorry babe!)

Auntie L

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