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Wesley Aufed?!?!

Noooooo!!!! Not our little Wesley! Darlings, we were so shocked we almost forgot to put his underwear shot up!


It's cute how he even wears his underwear high.

Look at his little vest! ADORABLE.

The dress?


Don't hate us, kittens but we agreed with the judges on this. Oh, we were definitely shocked. We were sure Leanne was outta there and sat there open-mouthed watching Wesley exeunt before we could come up with a nickname for him, but in the clear haze of morning the decision makes sense.

The Duchess (who has been on her game these past 2 episodes) nailed it when he said that it look like 20 hands were on that fabric. It looks tortured.

If the execution had been flawless, he might have won out over Leanne's noodle dress but we're not so sure about that. They both suffered from the same problem.

Lack of editing. There is just way too much shit on that frock. If he had removed 50% of it, it still would have looked like a bit much.

Maybe that's why it was so poorly sewn. He didn't seem to have a problem with execution last week and that should have been a harder dress to make, but this week it looked like he decided to make things more interesting by closing his eyes while he sewed.

Sorry, Wesley. You are cute as a button and we love your personal style, but this dress was a disaster.

Still, we have to thank you for this:

"I think tight, shiny, and short is the quickest way to look cheap. I think I speak for all the judges on that point."

"Oh, um..."

"...sure. Absolutely. Yes, I agree."

"You have absolutely no self-awareness, do you?"

Exit interview:

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I agree! What a shock he was sent home! Sadly, he deserved it.

Sorry Wesley!

Did Heidi really sit there in a lace bustier and mini skirt and say that if she was 10 years younger she would wear Suede's dress?

I sorta thought Wesley would become this season's Jillian, so this was stunning to me. Shorts on the runway...loved it!

HA HA HA HA HA! OMG - I LOVE LOVE LOVE when you boys "quote" the judges with pictures!!! It is my favorite. Koto was a train wreck, crying AFTER she was in? WTF? Crying about how hard you worked? On what - symetrical ass fins? ugh. And while wesley looks great in his calvins, that dress...ooooh boy. But the slut-tastic cheroin chic thing should have been auffed, or that orange/grey concoction that looked like weird lederhosen. Crack rock. definitely on the crack rock

Great screen shots of Ms. short shiny and tight

thank you for that!

The decision really made no sense. And it's OK to disagree with the judges on your favorite show. While Wesley's dress was poorly executed, had it not been, it would have been passable, at the very least-- unlike the other girl's dress. (And I hate that guy who pretends to be straight. He's obviously insecure, because he equates being gay with being fabulous, which he's not.)

I was shocked that Leanne didn't get the auf, but to me it was a toss up between the two of them. And what was with the models all choosing the same ugly fabrics?

Oh, and green? Puh-leeze. The minute you put dye on it, kiss any green-ness goodbye. If there ever was any to begin with.

And don't even get me started on Natalie Portman as guest judge.

But the Nina/Heidi exchange? Classic!

Yeah, he kind of deserved it, sorry to say.
I thought it was nice of you guys to only include a shot of Wesley on the runway from the waist up, since it appeared (in long shot) that he was wearing shorts with red crocs! (For that alone he would deserve to be auf'd.)

What I want to know is: what does this do to the supposed budding romance b/w Wesley and Daniel? Since the rumor was that a romance develops ON the show, it can't be Wesley and Daniel. So who?

Poor baby. I want to feed him lasagna.

not suprised at the results but it was a toss up. i am just glad stella is still in.

as always great recap! LOL

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

Screencapping at its best!

You know, if any of the bottom 3 had gone home, I felt it was totally justified. It was ALL fugly!

Poor Wes, his ambition undid him.... Thought his shorts were cute though.

Gorgeous Things, I'm with you about Queen Amidala as guest judge. I know breeder boys love her, but having heard her give a political speech in the last election cycle, and the judging last night, I just don't get it.

cackleCAckleHA! Making the judges "talk" with pictures...delightful. PR keeping Leanne instead of Wesley? Guaranteed better TV. She talks.


I agree with you Boys. Had Wesley's execution been better, Leanne would have been sent packing. They were both train wrecks but hers was a better sewn train wreck.

Tiny, Shiny & Short... As soon as she said it, I fell in love with Nina all over again. It's my new mantra. I love that you called Heidi out for committing that same sin oh so many times.

I was surprised no one sent a modified kimono and obi down the runway to try to please Queen Padme Amidala. Though that grey and orange thing could pass as a nod to a Jedi Knight costume.

I can't wait for him to be all boyfriendy with DAniel Feld on the reunion.

It's official on mypsace: they're dating.

please hurry and get to suede! its the only reason i woke up this

I think is was "tight, shiny and short" although tiny sounds better.

I love how humble he was in his exit interview, unlike a certain other designer who ranted like a madman. Wesley is totally adorable. Sigh.

I really wasn't at all shocked that Wesley went home - though I was saddened by it, since I thought he showed more potential than Leanne. They made essentially the same dress - a short, overworked piece out of the same fabric - but Wesley's was very poorly fitted. And as all PR viewers know, fit beats the fug factor nearly every time.

Right you are you geniuses of screencapping!

The most ironic line of the evening had to be the one from Heidi's lips: "If I were 10 years younger, I'd probably wear that." Wha? Heidi has limits? The poster girl for too short, too tight and too shiny thinks there's a dress that's too young? Oh.My.Word.

Portman was a terrible judge. There were times that she didn't seem to know where she was and she had trouble using basic descriptive words. And, if you are judging a fashion competition, shouldn't you wear something that doesn't look like it's made of old, limp aqua tissues and not put on raccoon makeup? Ugh!

Got to agree with Wesley's being auffed. That thing was horrible. And he was way too uptight to win this competition. They always like a little crazy.

I love you Wesley! And apparently so does Daniel . . .

Nooooo, not Wesley. He's so cute and talented. I'm going to miss him, but I have to agree, the dress was hideous.

Thanks for saving me a seat last night, Gorge. We redheads gotta stick together.


LOVE LOVE LOVE the screencaps with Nina!!!!

Wesley, so sorry to see you go. I'm going to miss you and your shorts.

I don't think it was horrible just poorly executed like most of the stuff last night. They had to pick one and I'm sad that it was our dear Wesley.

Poor Wesley. Sad to see him go, but you Boys found exactly the right word for the dress: deplorable.

And you found exactly the words for the Heidi-Nina short-tight-shiny exchange. Too funny!!

I totally agree with the judges decision on this one. Wesley's dress was indeed a nightmare in brown sateen-hemp, or whatever it was. I suspected early on that Wesley was getting the loser's edit because; (a) he looked too hot & cute in his little vest, tee-shirt, pendant ensemble, (b) his constant criticism of his model's fabric selection which was contrasted with scenes of Suede's smart & insightful observation that the challenge was about creating something the model's would wear and finally (c) he's the youngest of the group and it was time to be brutal on the runway.

What the hell is going on with increasingly-hot Kevin next week?

- edina -

By the way, I immediately thought of Heidi too with the tiny, shiny, and short comment. I'm like, hello?! Plus that also described most of the looks that were on the runway, so why single out poor Wesley for the thrashing? I guess he must look like a little whipping boy to Nina.

I agreed with the win (although I thought Kenley was a STRONG contender, and wouldn't have balked a bit if she had won), and I absolutely agree with the auf.

The judges were Right On Right On this week.

Wesley's dress was a clear loser from the start- just totally a mess from soup to nuts. The design was poor and the execution was horrible. The fit sucked, and his model looked like she was going to cry. It looked like Leann's dress from Bizarro World, and her dress was already wacky.

He pooped it out, and had a bad attitude the whole time. (I'm sorry, I'm sick of designers complaining about fabric- at this point, after someone won using CORNHUSKS, bitching about having to use satin is just lame.)

He reminded me of VictorYa- totally bitter about every aspect of a challenge, rather than solving problems creatively. That's always a good way to get auf'ed.

This bitch model sent my Wesley home. I HATE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By the way, what's up with the previews - what happened to "Slutty, slutty, slutty," Kenley crying, "I've got nothing!" and the already-classic, "Gay Jurassic Park"?

"You have absolutely no self-awareness, do you?"


His heart wasn't in it, the boy got depressed and tortured his own creation.

My Nina-love knows no bounds now, after that pithy comment...and your Nina screen caps are perfection, boys. Love the Heidi smackdown.

Just last week over dinner, DH and I were discussing fatal combinations that tip one's outfit over the edge from sexy to cheap...


Bye Wesley you cutie!!

I am still shocked. And even sadder now that the vodka has worn off.....ALMOST completely...

In the clear haze of morning, to quote TLo, I STILL think Suede's dress is AWFUL. But I do concede - I thought it was going to be good as I watched the progress.....BUT it was not good. It was FAR from good. sigh.

Bye Wesley. I enjoy the scene of you ironing your clothes meticulously, in your calvins with those abs. All the best cutie!

P.S. As USUAL - You NAILED the screen caps. LOL!!!

Brooklyn Bomber said...
By the way, what's up with the previews - what happened to "Slutty, slutty, slutty," Kenley crying, "I've got nothing!" and the already-classic, "Gay Jurassic Park"?

Yeah, what did happen to that? If they're gonna tease something that juicy in the previews the least they could do is not leave it on the editing room floor.

Poor Wesley, but he decided he was screwed when he saw that fabric and therefore he was. Instead of revamping his design to work around the fabric's limitations, he just barrelled ahead with a design that probably had the least chance for successful execution. ah, youth! I'll miss its gratutitous underwear shots.

ROFLMAO!! Love the Nina caps as per usual! lol

Kim in Saratoga

Shitty brown fabric - $75
Monthly cost of cable and internet access - $145
The Heidi/Nina exchange on Rungay - PRICLESS.

BTW, I loved Portman when she called what's her name a broad from the 40s. Didn't know Miss Goody Two Shoes had that sort of vocabulary when it wasn't scripted.

Overall, she was ok as a judge. Just a little too much nicey nicey a la Paula Abdul without the intoxication.

And while Leanne's dress was kinda hideous, it at least fit and was executed well.. even if it was hideous.

i threw a dove chocolate wrapper at the tv. disappointment.

Another shocker...I am loving this season. I literally gasped when Wesley was auf'd instead of "peter pan." Any of the bottom three would've been fair.

I don't disagree with the win either, despite my dislike of Suede. There were a lot of great dresses this week and I especially liked the first two, Keith's and the navy one after it.

What's up with all the crying...?

I'm hoping the "gay Jurassic Park" remark is still to be seen in an upcoming episode.

As for Wesley's auf-ing, can't say I disagree with the judges, as much as I wanted to see more from Wesley - in more ways than one :) - I thought his dress was a disaster. Reminds me of Malan - clearly a talented designer undone by a poor choice of materials and design.

I feel bad for him but he's young and has a great career ahead of him, I'm sure.

Ok people, quit asking about "why was this in the previews and not in the episode?!"

The previews they showed after the first episode were for the WHOLE SEASON. Only now are the previews for individual episodes. So calm down, your new favorite little catchphrase will air in a couple weeks.

Nina said tight, shiny, and short was the quickest way to looking cheap. She didn't say it ALWAYS looked cheap, and it doesn't (except in Heidi's case lol).

I thought it was ridiculous they tried to jump on the "green" bandwagon. Wtf? Brown satin is environmentally friendly? Ok.


(Wipe tears)

Nina Garcia screencaps? The fucking best!!!!!!

Mariana (The Unoriginal)

"Bailey said...

Ok people, quit asking about "why was this in the previews and not in the episode?!"

Bailey, sweetie, I love your comments but drop the attitude, mkay? You're new here and the great thing about this blog is that we're free to say whatever you want.

Just skip the posts that annoy you.

Thank you. You may go now.

iowagirl said...
BTW, I loved Portman when she called what's her name a broad from the 40s. Didn't know Miss Goody Two Shoes had that sort of vocabulary when it wasn't scripted.

Yeah, but she didn't mention the obvious Bettie Page haircut. She could come to Austin and meet 1,000 rockabilly chicks that look just like whats-her-name (Jennifer? Emily? whatever).

Mariana (The Unoriginal)

I will miss him. The minute I saw his yellow dress for the first challenge I said to myself 'this kid is very talented' and sadly we won't have a chance to see more of his work.

Good luck, Wesley! I know you'll do great without PR!!

Yes, his dress wasn't good but there were far more ugly shit on that runway. Love the Nina screencaps, boys!

What I don't get is the (seemingly, according to myspace) fact that Wesley and Daniel are supposed to be dating... if they're the ones dating, why did I read - I think in something like 'Star' or 'US Weekly' a quote from one of the producers (?) saying they were combing some of the later episodes for evidence of it? If Wes is gone, how can there be evidence of it in LATER episodes? You think he comes back ala Chris? I wouldn't be unhappy, I really liked his portfolio and his dress from Week 1 was one of my favorites. I guess consider the source, but it WAS a direct quote so ?

. . . it looked like he decided to make things more interesting by closing his eyes while he sewed.

I believe that's next week's challenge. ;-)

I thought they could have flipped a coin between Leanne and Wesley and either would have deserved the aufing.

I was very disappointed in Korto. She was very lucky this week that Leanne and Wesley screwed up so badly.

But what the hell was that thing Jennifer designed? If there were a bottom four, she'd have been in it.

Lilithcat must also say that Lilithcat quite liked Suede's dress. But Lilithcat may also take out Lilithcat's gun and shoot Suede if Suede does not stop talking in the third person. Too cringe-making!

I have 1 rant:

Since WHEN is dyed Polyester Satin "GREEN"????

Sorry folks but ANYTHING mass produced is NOT green! DEAL WITH IT.

As for Natalie Portman as a judge? The designers should have designed the clothes to be ripped off to reveal a skimpier version and she would have voted for it (anyone that's seen the new Star Wars knows what I'm talking about. She starts every movie fully clothed and progressively gets less and less clothed..LOL)

I was completely surprised that the straight guy (kevin?) didn't make it to the final 3...gorgeous dress.

Poor Wesley...unlike most designers he had a choice of fabrics and chose wrong.

Yeppers, sad to see Wesley go, but we gotta face facts, the dress was a disaster. Maybe Wesley's Crocs were uncomfortable, or maybe he had his jockeys pulled up too high......


Bye bye, Wesley Short Shorts. We hardly knew ye.

Mariana (The Unoriginal) said... "Bailey, sweetie, I love your comments but drop the attitude, mkay? You're new here and the great thing about this blog is that we're free to say whatever you want"

i agree mariana, thanks for saying that so nicely.

leah said, This bitch model sent my Wesley home.

Wesley did it to himself. Take a look at Joe's garment that was made from the same fabric. Not a winning look, but he did a good job with it.

Can't wait to see the analysis of Suede. Please remember to use 3rd person reference in said discussion of Suede.

And how hysterical was Blayne and his Stella leather comments!!! I was walking around last night repeating "leatha."

Can someone please give Natalie Portman a box to stand on?? Standing next to Heidi, she looked like a 4th grader getting to hang out with the High School kids.

Maybe if the producers are looking for a way toi change things up in future seasons, they could consider this proposal.

Instead of auf-ing anyone for the first 4 shows, let everyone stay, then have each present their 4 looks at the fifth show as a portfolio, with 4 people being aufed as a cumulative decision. I hated seeing Wesley go, I think he really has talent. I partcularly dislike when people are forced out due to factors beyond their control.

The brown satin was a killer. Wesley deserved to go. So did Leanne, but they picked the right one for me because she's cute. Natalie Portman, not so much; I don't get her at all.

I also thought Suede, vile as he is, was the correct choice for winner.

The most surprising thing for me this season has been how I've not only agreed with the previously hated Nina and Persimmon Face, but that I'm loving their attitude and comments this time. Must be better scripting.

"ovarB said...

Can't wait to see the analysis of Suede. Please remember to use 3rd person reference in said discussion of Suede. "

Hahahahahha. YES, let's all do that, guys!!!!!

"ovarB said...

Can't wait to see the analysis of Suede. Please remember to use 3rd person reference in said discussion of Suede. "

Hahahahahha. YES, let's all do that, guys!!!!!


Love the quotes, guys!!
Wesley made a mistake and went home. Sad sad PR world.

I was preparing my rant, because I just knew that Wesley was going to stay, and Leanne or Korto was going to go, and that would have been wrong, wrong, a thousand times wrong.

But it turned out that I was wrong. And glad to be so. :-)

Leanne had a lot of interesting ideas; she just lacked an edit function. But, as the Great Orange One noted, she can learn.
Kotto had a great idea, but crap execution. But I have no doubt she can recover.
Wesley was a whiny, foot-stomping baby this episode, and he made a poorly-fitted, unflattering, and uninspired dress. He deserved to go. I don't care how cute he is.

I'll tell you who surprised me...Suede. When he started sewing those strips, I was expecting a full-tilt boogie extravaganza of stripe. Then he got the "Tim thinks it's interesting" edit, and I knew that he was not only going to be okay this round, but that his dress was going to be star.

And so it was. :-)

Stella continues to annoy me, although she whined less this ep than last. But her dress was too damn short. In fact, several of the dresses seemed much too short. Not because too short is necessarily vulgar, but because too short throws off the proportions of the dresses.

Yeah, I agree with the other post that the rumors about a PR romance definitely implied that it developed over the course of the season, so unless Wesley and Daniel are fast movers (and Daniel doesn't seem the type; he's too nervous, and needs a few drinks and dresses under his belt before he relaxes and "opens" up) it can't be the two of them -- even if they list each other as "friends" on My Space.
If the producers were scouring for "hints" of a romance to use on the show the first one might be Keith talking about fixing Daniel's bed for him. What a sweet gesture from the scary, buff dude!

Episode 2 is always where they auf someone who had potential to be "good tv" or an interesting designer but for whatever reason they booted it.

S1: Mario
S2: Raymundo
S3: Malan
S4: Marion
S5: Wesley

hmmm...all men.

I actually liked the orange/gray thing but it should have been in diff. colors.

You boys have it right, noooooooooo!
Wesley is yummy, and I thought for sure the "auf" would hit Leanne this time. I understand the decision though, his was a sloppy look.
Bye, Wesley :(

I think we all deserve a graphic novel of each season done entirely in screencaps and TLo captioning. Thank you.

I have to wonder though. Wesley getting kicked off wouldn't preclude his developing a relationship over the show with Daniel, would it? I mean, when they kick someone off the show, they can't actually send them home, right? Everyone would know the results way in advance. There's no way things like that wouldn't get online. Also, they both live in the NYC area, so it's not like they couldn't still see each other. They're not sequestered in Parsons and the Atlas Apt's 24/7 like a jury (I would assume).

I was cracking up last night, because they had already teased Nina's "cheap" comment, and then Heidi came out wearing something short, tight and shiny. Heh.

It's clear that, despite your efforts, Cheroin *did* get her hands on some crack, and then she shared it with the judges. How else to explain her presence in the top 3?

I do think they made the right decision with Wesley. That dress was an atrocity. You're so right about the Duchess, too -- I thought she was going to demand that Amnesty International intervene on behalf of the poor, tortured fabric.

First of all, I hate brown and that dress was hideous. Poorly fitted, too shiny and way too short. Nina was right, as usual. We'll miss you, Wesley!

I hated to see Wesley go too but I thought the challenge from the get go was a poor one.

If the designers had all had the same fabric (different colors maybe) to chose from it would have been a fair challenge. There was a huge element of luck in this challenge, moreso than normal IMO. The fact that the two lowest scoring designers had the same fabric is sign of how badly planned this challenge was.

Can we auf whomever came up with this one?

Bailey: Maybe, I'm wrong, but my understanding was that the contestants are pretty well sequestered from the outside world, and I assume the outside world would include auf'd contestants. (Plus, I can't imagine the producers would pay to keep the auf'd designers lounging around through the weeks that the show is being taped.) I believe the contestants phone calls and internet usage is also strictly monitored. So unless they discovered a telepathic bond it seems impossible that the rumored romance is between them. (UNLESS, the "rumor" is just a way for the producers to keep us watching.)

Thank you T'Lo for the Nina/Heidi exchange. Laughter is so healthy, and owing to this delightful conversation with screen prints I won't need to take my vitamins for several days.

Props to everyone who has posted for avoiding saying "Chip in a really chip way." I know that was my first thought when Nina pointed out the dangers of tiny, shiny and short.

I have to agree with the comments regarding green - If the satin was actually silk, and undyed it was a green material, or at least greenish depending on how the fabric was processed. Dyed those neon colors? Not so much.

Finally, here is a rule for the young designer: No matter how much they beg, under no circumstances allow your model to select the fabric on his or her own. There is a reason they are the walkers and you are the designer.

Anonymous said at 11:04...

Plus, I can't imagine the producers would pay to keep the auf'd designers lounging around through the weeks that the show is being taped.)

Actually, I wouldn't be so sure. It's fairly standard practice for a lot of shows. If they sent them home immediately, the booted contestant's family and friends would know they were kicked off. In the age of the Internet it's practically impossible to keep this stuff from getting out. Housing for a month is not going to break a juggernaut reality show's budget in the slightest, and actually, I assume it's probably free given that Atlas's name is prominently displayed and mentioned constantly. Even if not, it would be in the producer's best interests to shell out some more bucks up front to keep things secretive rather than risk the chance of the entire results list showing up online before the show's even premiered.

What freedom they have while on the show, I have no idea, but if you remember in the first season, when they showed more things behind the scenes and with the models, the designers would go out drinking together at night. The rules could have changed but I don't see any reason they couldn't have free time while they weren't working on challenges.

Sorry for that being so long, lol. Either way, poor Wesley went home to early. He just had bad luck and it was one of the rare times the judges actually kicked someone off for having the worst dress that challenge, as opposed playing favorites and taking portfolios/talent/previous challenges into consideration.

Okay, the number #1 biggest mistake ALL the designers made was not telling their models the amount of fabric to get. I know they had like 10 seconds to process, but I would have immediately said "Get 4 yards". Because your not going to have any control over what they pick, but most people have know idea how much fabric it takes to make a dress.
Wes, and all of the designers suffered from not having enough fabric, but I do see a pretty deep hem on his. I know he didn't pick this shiny, shiny. But he designed the completely wrong dress with it. The dress was also way to small for his model. Did he change models, and not have the new girl's measurements. Lastly- godamn it Wes, change the fucking needle on the machine when the fabric starts puckering all over the place, okay?

I'm so sad that Boy Shorts is gone. He was "keep you under my bed and feed you cookies and root beer" adorable. Too bad his dress was such a trainwreck.

he was pissed from the jump, his negativity carried over into his work. Shorts and dress shoes? No.

I have nothing original except to THANK YOU for the NinaGarcia screencaps! Je vous adore!

Bailey, you're probably right about them keeping the auf'd designers around, but would this give the boys time to get together, and how would the producers be able to comb through footage to find evidence of their relationship? Anyway, just food for thought.
Myself, I find strange and thrilling the possibility that the surprise will be a romance between Daniel and Keith, or any number of variables (just as long as it's not with Blayne).

Thanks for the Heidi moment, that was hilarious and I really needed it. Thanks.

If I remember correctly, there was a lot of discussion about how little freedom the designers had when the whole "Keith has pattern books" scandal occurred. They are allowed no access to the internet - and are not allowed away from the production crew. What really got Keith kicked off (according to Tim's podcast - I think) was his ditching the production staff and sending e-mails. Even their trips to bars as seen in season one were tightly controlled. I also believe that the designers are not kept in NYC after they're auf'd and are sent home. I have a feeling the romance the producer alluded to is not between Daniel and Wesley.

I liked Wesley's first dress but not the last one. My guess is the romance is between Keith and Dan. Wasn't one of them making the other's bed up one morning? I just can't recall until I view it 1000 times which Bravo will repeat till next Wednesday.

Sewing Siren, great advice. They clearly had enough time with the models to say "get four yards of something NOT SHINY." Bettie Page was screaming "Get notions" at her model on the way out. But really, you have to take the crappy fabric you are dealt into consideration when designing and sewing the garment.

That dress was a nightmare.

But that quotation from Nina? Fierce! In the true meaning of the word. Someone should put it on a t-shirt.

Oh, and I will miss that Eton-schoolboy/ACDC wannabe that is Wesley. Especially without a shirt.

after watching that exit interview i'm much less surprised that wesley got cut. he sounded downright sedated. i know he was probably sad, but it got me thinking and he was kind of a downer every time he was interviewed on the show as well. i love a grump in real life, but not on my reality tv.

the fact that so many models chose the same two or three fabrics made me believe that either mood had a limited selection of green stuff or the producers were trying to make the challenge evenly challenging for the designers.

i'm holding out hope that a twist will bring wesley back and give him and daniel a shot at love (sorry!) onscreen. or maybe their relationship developed in sequesterville after daniel, too, got auf'd (assuming he did).

Laura said... "He was 'keep you under my bed and feed you cookies and root beer' adorable." Bwahahaha! Wasn't he, though?

LOVE the screencaps of the revised Heidi/Nina exhange. Too funny!

Is my gay card going to be revoked because a) I like Natalie Portman and thought she was an ok judge and b) I really liked both of the token straight guy's designs so far?

Dubois @ 11:29,

You're right, I DID forget all that discussion over the Keith drama. I suppose it make sense that they can't get away from the production crew, but I still can't imagine they send people home immediately. I think there's a likelier chance that Tim actually drives a pristine red convertible across the country multiple times to visit designers before Fashion Week lol. Oh Project Runway, you can't fool me!

Love that Wesley's wearing Calvin Kleins. I'm not shocked in the least. And I hope it's not a Wes-Daniel relationship, because they're both mine!

Phantomminuet said, In fact, several of the dresses seemed much too short.

I think one of the reasons for that is that the models didn't buy enough fabric. One of the designers made a comment to the effect that "she bought only two yards".

Sigh. I feel bad for Wesley, but that dress WAS awful. However, if Kelli hadn't had immunity, it might have been another story. I think she was VERY lucky she had immunity this week.


No, not my Wesley. I was rooting for him! I haven;t watched the episode yet. So sad...

While her dress was very ho, can I just say I love STELLA.

imo if wesley had had another fabric, say...jersey. with about a yard more, he could've made that exact dress work
the design wasnt nessicarily flawed, it was just the execution with that fabric

leanne, even though i love her, could not have made that work with ANY fabric, it was just not a good design

it must be noted that straight guy put out a cute dress with the essentially the same crap fabric.

i loved the oven mitt top and pasta skirt from last week too.

You got the Nina put downs just perfect!

Didn't get the length of many of the dresses. They were just too short and ended up making the models hips look boxy.

Was Stella really in the top 3 or was there a bottom 4?

Along with Sewing Siren and anonymous 11:37, I thought the first thing the designers should have shouted at their models was "get at least x yards of fabric and no satin!"

So many PR people have come under fire for poorly sewn satin...why don't they just use the opposite side of the fabric for the dress and maybe a little of the shiny side for some detailing??

Poor Wesley!!
And he had such promise too--

Stupid model...stupid model...

"His personal style"


Sorry to yell, but there is no excuse. None. Nada. I would have kicked him off the moment took the runway in those hideous things.

Auf Wiedesen Bitch, and don't ever come one my runway in plastic gardening clogs again.....

Love the screencaps, Tlo! Hilarious!!

I couldn't believe my ears when Heidi said he was a out. I was shocked.

love the La Nina screen caps too--
you boys are on!

God he's adorable. Like a freshly licked puppy.

Leanne was saved because her dress was better executed and showed some creative ideas, even if there was no editing in sight. She's either stupid or stubborn (both?); Tim said "edit" and she... didn't.

brooklyn bomber said...
By the way, what's up with the previews - what happened to "Slutty, slutty, slutty," Kenley crying, "I've got nothing!" and the already-classic, "Gay Jurassic Park"?

I was wondering the same thing. The "Gay Jurrassic Park" comment is about 10 seconds from the end of the preview for last nights episode on the bravo web site:

I imagine Wesley is used to being on the bottom . . . wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

I imagine Wesley is used to being on the bottom . . . wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

I agree with Whitney. TLo are being a little two nice with Wesley: just one shot of his ugly footwear would have convinced everyone that he needs to be kicked to the curb.

i still don't think Wesley's was the worst thing out there. Cheroin's thing was heinous. as i said in the TLOunge, one-trick pony does not equal point-of-view. I don't like Leanne, or her weird dresses.

i was really shocked when the judges left THIS SIX as the top and bottom. crikey.

I predicted Wesley being in the final four AND I was going to trick him into being my boyfriend, so imagine my distress at his aufing!

I liked this challenge. Very simple: have someone you don't know/trust buy your fabric and then work with it. No product placement (aside from some well-positioned Calvin Kleins), no crazy field trips or 'stories' to tell, just design-with-a-twist. Nice balance to last week's stale insanity.... which will someday be the name of my folk band.

BAHAHAHA! I love the Nina / Heidi exchange here. VERY funny! I had to agree with the judges on the winner and the loser. Now I can't wait until next week!

dubois said...
I have a feeling the romance the producer alluded to is not between Daniel and Wesley.

I watched the "Watch What Happens" show last night. Wesley & Christian were the guests. Wesley confirmed that he & Daniel are indeed a couple.

Insert appropriate "Awww's" here.

According to Wesley and Daniel are dating. I miss Wes. He was too cute for words.

Ugh. i don't get the Natalie Portman thing, never have. Nice plastic 'eco' shoes, missy.

I think the challenge was fine. according to Tim's blog he made sure the models got thread, closures, enough yardage for their designers. They just got to pick the fabrics.

The challenge was make a dress using the fabrics their client liked.

If you have a difficult material to work with, then that's when you need to step back and say how can I make this look polished and fit well.

The thing is, wesley was the only designer with that brown fabric who created a poorly fitted, poorly made dress. Leanne's was bad design, but the construction didn't look horrible on the runway.

I agree with the aufing. Granted it's not a sewing competition, but fashion isn't completely about just the design, but also making it look impeccable so people want to buy it.

Leanne and his design were equally bad, but his was poorly made. so it was the right auf choice.

btw, love the commentary!

The dress was ugly, plain and simple. Wesley was cute and he does have cool little style going on so I wanted to see more of him.
You guys hit it on the nail about Heidi. Umm, she was wearing a short and tight dress that day. lol Your captions are on point between Nina and Heidi. LMAO

NOOOO!!! NOT WESLEY!!! I'm going to miss the little bugger. He was ADORABLE.

Thank you, Thank you!
The Nina/Heidi caps were brilliant!

You boys are fantastic!

Throw out comment - what is up with Karalyn throwing Leanne under the bus?

Granted, Leanne's dress was a disaster - but let's not forget, Karalyn, you are also in a competition. I wouldn't select you after that comment. Hope she gets aufed!


Wesley = Little Lord Fauntleroy (google images for the visual) without the hat. So sad to see him go as he was desperately trying to bring knickers back. He should have settled for sexy.


I liked the idea of the models buying the fabric, but otherwise, there was way too much going on in this challenge--the "green" aspect, the cocktail dress requirement, and then the "winner gets the dress sold on bluefly" element, plus having a celebrity judge. It just seemed too much--they needed to take out at least one thing.

I'm sad Wesley's gone, as he reminded me of a sweet, boyish ex-boyfriend of mine. But seriously, was he wearing a shark's tooth necklace? Those things are tackier than crocs, in my opinion.


I was so sorry to see Wesley auf'd, but the dress was a mess.
Still, I was hoping that Leanne would be auf'd so that there would be one less confusing woman designer on the show.

Hey Hey did you hear Wes is dating Mr. Feld from this season?

TLo, about those confusing quadruplet female designers...

I keep having to scroll back through your old posts to remember who the heck is who. I think it would be a great public service to have a permanent link to a photo that shows them all at once, all with names identifying them. I am getting dizzy (o.k., dizzier) from flipping and scrolling.

-TLo Addict-

I am just as sad to see him leave!! I think its much to early for him... there is a lot of talent in there.

I will so miss those shorts every week. There was a lot more craptastic dresses on the runway than his.

I was so disappointed to see Wesley go home. I really liked him. He seemed so...sweet and talented. But he needed to edit his design and he didn't.

As for the TLo Heidi commentary, I couldn't love you more. Thank you! perfect laughter-inducing, spot on snark.

The dress was atrocious, but he is so adorable. Damn.

Which 4 of the female contestants look like each other? I can understand some Jennifer/LeAnne confusion, but Emily looks different (read: weird) and has different hair. Kenley has a very distinctive style, bangs, and face. Those are the only 4 chicks I can think of that are remotely similar.

Oh, and an easy way to tell the difference between Jennifer and LeAnn? LeAnn's the only one who gets any screen time LOL.

I didn't notice the crocs, THAT'S an aufing offense right there. The dress was way overworked and too short, but I think he only had one yard of fabric. With only one yard of fabric, the model's lucky she didn't wind up with two bandaids and a cork!

So, they made a bit of deal at the beginning of using 'green' fabrics, but didn't really mention it after that. Everyone clapped and all, but the models picked out the fabric, and that was that. How is heavily dyed (and what looked like POLYESTER to me) fabric GREEN? I guess as long as they feel good about it, that's all that matters...;)

Love the "tiny, shiny and short" chip comment!

Some of you need to crack open a fashion magazine some time. Wesley's look is very much the trend right now for young men. He's not "trying" to bring anything "back." He's dressing very fashionably.

i'm glad he's gone just because it has been suggested that him and daniel might be in a bromance...and I don't want daniel to be with him...i'm a horrible gay

I'm shocked too... Wesley was my favourite right after my imaginary tv boyfriend Keith.
Plus I think Wesley could have brought a different personal style to this season. Well maybe it's to much to say after only two episodes.

wes and daniel are the romance...go to, wesley confirms to people that they are indeed together.
so yes they either liked each other off the bat....or im oping wesley comes back somehow

lets keep stella around who can only too tight and laced up hooker where and kortos inside out garbage. but send wesley home who actually has talent and ideas.

they are dating look:

after that last / its not just "ex" is /exclusive_proje.html

Because the models picked the fabrics, it didn't quite seem like there was a level playing field on this challenge, but I guess that's reality TV.

I figured Wesley was going when I remembered what Tim said about him in his summary of the designers. You could sort of tell who he'd seen around for a while and who he hadn't.

I'll miss seeing Wesley around, though. He was great eye candy.

or just google news wesley nault and its the second thing down.

"bailey said...
I have to wonder though. Wesley getting kicked off wouldn't preclude his developing a relationship over the show with Daniel, would it? I mean, when they kick someone off the show, they can't actually send them home, right? Everyone would know the results way in advance. "

Interesting question bailey...what DOES happen to the designer after they are aufed? ?Anyone know?

they still stay in the hotel for the remainder of the taping, but in a completely different section, and no longer having contact with the other contestants or anyone in the outside world.

Okay, so it appears true that Wesley and Daniel are an item. Fine. But the article that spoke of a romance definitely suggested it happened ON the show, and that they were looking over footage for signs of it. (Maybe for the reunion show?) So either the producers just made it sound more interesting than it really was, or another pairing occurs.
I can't see them bringing Wesley back, because they already have like a million designers running around!

i doubt there is another romance...but in all the interviews wesley says it happened on the show but they kept it professional and now that they are off they are dating. he said he never expected to connect with someone but it happened, maybe it just happened really fast.

Aww look at him in the exit interview! He looks so down, but so cute. Poor guy! The pretty ones always go too soon.

Bwahahaha!!! I love you guys! (And I don't look like Cartman!)

"i doubt there is another romance...but in all the interviews wesley says it happened on the show but they kept it professional and now that they are off they are dating. he said he never expected to connect with someone but it happened, maybe it just happened really fast"

I agree it isn't likely that there is another romance, but since the two of them only had about four days (?) to get to know each other before Wesley was auf'd that would be SUPER FAST. Unless Daniel also gets auf'd sooner than later and the boys hooked up in the hotel as they waited for the show to run its course.
This seems the most likely scenario, although I hope it's not the correct one since I'd like to see Daniel go far (if not all the way to fashion week).

Anonymous, darling, the only thing I see being criticized about Wesley's personal style is his crocs.

And I will continue criticizing them....unashamedly. Because I dont care if fearsome Anna Wintour herself stomps into fashion week wearing crocs as ear muffs...plastic graden shoes are still NOT FASHION!

T H A N K Y O U !!

I almost fell down laughing when Nina made the comment about "Tiny, Shiny and Short" looking cheap with Heidi there!!!!

BRAVO! (so to speak)

daniel's voice is like rami lol

Oh I SOOO agree with FunButNutz about letting them do several challenges. In fact when I watched PR and Shear Design after - (actually, a nbr of shows) - sometimes I think they don't take the contestant's "body of work" into consideration and other times I do. But when it is so early I feel gypped. I actually thought Jerry might have had potential - but won't see it.

He shouldn't have been put through based on how adorable he was. I still don't understand how Nina didn't get up on stage and rip Joe's dress to pieces. It, too, was ugly and poorly constructed, but it also looked like it came off of Forever 21's sales rack.

I was quit tempted to quit watching last night. It was right after the "tight makes you look cheap" conversation [after I had noticed that Jerell's monstrosity had made it through], and I was like, "Good, they're going to give Stella some shit."

and then they said they liked it. and I almost threw up. they ARE trying to ruin the show.

The dress looked like a melted Hershey bar

Aww, I thought Wesley had a lot of promise after last week's pretty-but-interesting yellow dress. He isn't bad to look at either...and I say this as a teenage girl.

What's bugging me is that green jersey(?) he didn't use. It's probably not very forgiving either, but at least he could have draped it or something.

I noticed those cute Calvin Kleins. And I'm a dyke. :-)

Oh, man...Wesley just seemed like an absolute pill, the second coming of Robert Best. Which: no.

And I was watching the runway show thinking, "All right, OK, at least he dresses himself well"...until the camera panned out and I saw he was wearing a blazer with shorts. NO! BAD Wesley! Mr. Belvedere is not amused.

I agree with Lorenzo! When I first saw Suede's dress, I thought it looked like a mashed up pizza!! I can't believe Natalie Portman said she would wear it, because I don't think her style is anything similar to what Suede designs...

But... but... Wesley was the Seasonal Twink Meat! How could he have left so early?

Ah, yes. His dress sucked.


And he doesn't even have the schmoozey-boozey-naughty-nicey vibe that Malan has that makes his early departure memorable (and still looked for in Rungay sidebars) so methinks he'll sink back into Rungay obscurity. Or at least until he pops up on some gay porn clip (please God).

Um. Malan always sort of reminded me of a gay Oscar Levant.

I don't know why I felt I had to toss that out there... .

LOW TALENT if that was the winner.
LOVED your Nina bitch slapping Heidi quotes!

Wesley's dress was NOT the worst. What were the judges smoking??

According to Mr Steroids Jack Mackenroth, the eliminated designers are still in the Atlas building somewhere until the Bryant Park designers are decided...that's probably how Chris March was suddenly there after Jack had to leave last season...POOF, there's Chris M! As for the romance, I thought when Keith said he made Daniel's bed that was a sign of them starting something, but that is forbidden in their contracts, so it's probably Daniel & Wesley once they were released from captivity...

I really liked Wesley (he reminds me of the sweet, unassuming Marion from last season who was also kicked off too soon for a bad, brown dress). But, yeah, that screen shot of the back of the dress says it all. It doesn't even look like it zips up all the way. . .

Ed Grimley needs some comforting, I must say. I'd be happy to help. Well, at least he knew it was ass and didn't make excuses. With time, he'll learn to edit. But how cute is it that our 1982 prepster and Daniel are an item?

Love the blog, T&L. I think Nina said "TIGHT, shiny, and short." (not "Tiny.) Didn't she?

WESLEY is so cute and well-dressed. I will miss him greatly. Lucky for him he got a really great guy in the process. I wish them both the most happiness.

Wesley, when you break with David, call me or drop me a line at my blog. O would love you forever, you cuty!

Erica Asahan wrote:

Yes, OMG ~ Heide just said that! IT was amazing! I can't wait for the next episode!

Frozen pizza! Shit, I didn't even think of that until you said that, but damn... it WAS like looking at a DiGornio piece of crap.
Not a bad dress... just... a frozen pizza. Something I would buy in the frozen isle, for God's sake.

And then the Heidi deal, with her tiny dresses... I'd give her shit if she didn't look so damn fabulous.
Young and trashy, beyond her time to perform so? Sure.
But, she's you know... a "Super" model. Or whatever.

Ohhhhhh pizza dress.

So I just started reading you guys and I love you guys so much! I agree with practically everything you say (except the main reason I like Laura Bennett is because I'm afraid not to. She just seems intimidatingly fierce.)! Anyway I was laughing my ass off at the Heidi-Nina "exchange". And I agree, Wesley, although like an adorable little salt shaker (I'll be the pepper baby!), made an abortion of a dress last week. Boo.

Hee! Hee! Nina's comment, considering what Heidi was wearing -- and has worn in the past -- was hilarious!

Be-bye, Wesley. Can't say I was crazy about his creations OR his personal style.

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