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Laura Bennett on QVC this Friday, poodles!

And this time, she's selling the long-awaited little black dress:

Just as a reminder, the actual sale dress will have a higher neckline and comes with a brooch.

Anyway, here's the official QVC blurb:

Friday, April 11, 2008
07:00 - 09:00 AM ET
You are cordially invited to attend a Designer Fashion Trunk Show featuring all-new designs created especially for QVC® by some of the fashion industry's leading designers. They're showcasing their latest looks for this season with this selection of all-new styles designed just for you during our Designer Fashion Trunk Show."

Get up early, kittens and tell work you're going to be a little late that day. Along with the black dress, our gal will also be selling a satin coat, a couple blouses, a cropped jacket and a print skirt.

[Photos: Project RunGay - Image:]

Oooh, can't wait to see! I've already set my alerts to remind me!

Boo Augustus

QVC at seven in the morning? That just seems too early to get up for Laura unless she's also pouring me coffee and serving danish.

Excellent! My alarm goes off at 5:58 a.m. CDT, which is 7:00 Eastern. Perfetto!

I will exercise my dialing finger in preparation for the big event.

Isn't The LBD usually sleeveless?

-- desertwind

"Get up early, kittens"

Good thing you added that line because otherwise the 'AM' time would have gone right past me and I would have tuned in at night.

Can't wait to see the coat.


Can anyone find pictures for the items and post the links here?

Can we, the loyal minions, get some advance info on the items, their prices and how many units will be available? If I need to brace myself for a sell-out, I want to know now so I can prepare myself emotionally for that possibility. Agnes is not a morning person.

Phone and credit card will be in hand.... coffee on the side table. If I can land that dress, being late to the office will be worth it! (Hope she's featured early in the program....!)

Thanks for the heads' up, Boys!

All the best,


edina monsoon

I'm glad you mentioned that it will be an AM trunk show 'cause boy-oh-boy would I have been mad if I got to work and all of my colleagues had snagged Laura's infamous LBD. I'll be up with credit card in hand!

I hope they spend more time with Laura than the last time she appeared on QVC.

- edina -

Oy. That's five a.m. for us MST bitches.

Iffin I'm gettin mah lazy ass up at that ungodly hour, I'm gonna need more info. So I second Agnes' request for advance info on the items.

Wow, that's 4:00 am for us West Coasters...I think I'm gonna have to miss it. :(

Desertwind asked, Isn't The LBD usually sleeveless?

No, not necessarily. In fact, I think only one of mine is. It should be simple, well-cut, and timeless in design.

Great!! Thanks, guys! I have to have that dress :)

Love Laura!! I can't wait to get my dress!!!

I'll be watching the show with my sister and two phone lines. If we don't get one of those there will be blood.

Each time I've seen the picture of that dress, I see drab and boring. I wish I understood the excitement.

potty mouth princess

I suppose I can get up at 4 and go back to sleep until I absolutely have to get up for my 11:00 class.

Mama needs a new spring coat!

Too early for me, that's 5am in the good ol' mountain zone. Will everything be offered online?

Fabulous, Boys! I hope I can buy a few items. My friend bought one of Laura's wraps and she said that even the package and the tag and label are fabulous.

"Boo Augustus said...

QVC at seven in the morning? That just seems too early to get up for Laura unless she's also pouring me coffee and serving danish."

Darling, she'll have one of her assistants do that for you : - )

You know, I was cracking up laughing reading with one of your old posts, Tlo, about Laura.

"Would you like a diamond?" LOL.

Freaking hilarious!

I ADORE Laura but I wouldn't get up at 4 am for a booty call from Kris Kristofferson. (and I LOVE Kris). I'm going to have to see what's still available at a slightly less insane hour.

Serious question about this event Friday morning.

I've never purchased anything on QVC, and I don't know how "true" Ms. Bennett's sizes are, so I'm wondering about sizes for her garments. Is her 8 a true 8, her 10 a true 10, or are they sized generously or small?

I'd be really annoyed with myself if I purchased a Bennett original in the wrong size!

Dear TLo, do you have the low-down on Laura's garments' fits?

All the best,


Her other garments that were sold in Feb. were said to run a size smaller than normal. But you should know ahead of time what your measurements are because they will let you know the measurements for each size when they present the garment.

I would love to see Laura but why oh why so early? I live on the west coast....Im sleeping!

4-6am PST?
Yaaaaaay TIVO!

Emma P.

I bought the LB wrap that was on last time.
I have recently lost weight (Thanks WW!) and I ordered the small. It's a wee bit roomy, but not bad.
I am a 4 pant, but the girls are a little bigger on top.

Those who order be sure and report to us how it went. I bought one of Chloe's shirts last time too and the quality wasn't the best. I won't wear it.

I'm definitely interested in buying whatever I like. I hope they have enough of those dresses.

Why so early???? : -(


I live in SF...

thats 4:00 am

Thats too f-ing early to shop...even for me. No clothing is worth waking up that early for unless it's free.

Just imagine what time Laura has to get up to be on the show at 7 am, looking her spectacularly glamorous self!?

How timely, because I was just bemoaning the fact that my standby LBD has seen better days...

I love it when you call me poodle. Kitten too.

Each time I've seen the picture of that dress, I see drab and boring. I wish I understood the excitement.

I'm with you. What's so hot about this? Rather generic looking.

Um, yeah. Some people have jobs that actually require them to show up. EARLY.

Do you know if the clothes will be available online? If not, unless she plans on adopting me and adding me to the brood - then I can quit my job, I'll have to miss out.

I can't speak for anyone else, but a lot of people like this dress because its a classic version of the little black dress- which is supposed to be a classically styled, timeless dress that flatters the wearer. This dress fits that (though of course it may or may not be wearable depending on your body). With longer sleeves, it will cover arms that may be crepey or thick. A v neck is flattering on many bodies (apparently the for sale version has a higher neck to be more modest and more flattering for a larger bust that needs a bra).

While I won't rush to buy this dress, I can see why many people like it and will wake hours early to do so.

Yay! Tomorrow I'm getting a new dress!! Or a new something by Laura Bennett.

potty mouth princess

Since this is a first run, the only items QVC will likely have online after the show are what didn't sell out live. If they do exceptionally well and sell out early, a wait-list option may be offered, which means you can order it today and they guarantee shipment within a month or so...if stock can't be obtained by that time, you'll be notified.

My best advice is to go to and search for Laura Bennett to see what's left. I guess you'll have to set up an account if you've never bought anything from them, but their customer service is great, and returns are very easy and show up on your CC much earlier than most e-retailers. I like to poke around for silver earrings, which are dirt cheap.

Well, fish. I'd love to watch, but I'll be at work. (At 5 am, I'll have been here 11 hours, actually.)

While I like the dress, as I recall it was in the $100 range. I can't see spending that unless vows come with it. (I know I'm in the minority regarding fashion and the cost thereof.)

Whoever buys one, will we get a picture of you and it on PRG?

Well, I love the skirt and cropped jacket. I snapped those up for DD's graduation!

I loved everything Laura had on QVC today. I bought the LBD and the skirt. I'm so happy. I can't wait to wear them!!!

I did not buy it. I don't like the shorter sleeve and the lower neckline. Oh, well. Maybe next time.

Dear TLo & Lilithcat -

Well, I'm the proud purchaser of the LBD, shorter sleeves notwithstanding, and the corset blouse with French cuffs in both colors. We'll see whether I keep them.

I agree, Lilithcat, I was a bit disappointed to see that the sleeve had been shortened, as I thought the full length added to the elegance of the garment. I wonder how the waist looks without the brooch (tightly finished, I hope), as I thought the bow brooch didn't look very luxe on TV. Ms. Bennett's real deal, however, is in a different category entirely.

To be honest, I thought the prices were very modest. I was prepared to pay quite a bit more, so I'll be interested to see what the fabric and finishes are, and whether they'll serve the purposes for which I bought them: professional meetings and social events.... especially the overseas conference coming up in five weeks. (Wonder how they pack and whether my hotel provides ironing boards and irons.)

I'm looking forward to delivery next week, and I'll share my reactions with our Boys.

All the best,


I don't get it. This dress is like Louis Vuitton print bags. People like them because others say its chic and exciting. Boo urns, I yawn.


Yes, the prices are quite decent. I must say, I was tempted by the satin corset coat, but I need to spend my clothing budget on items from which I'll get a more use.

I hope the dress is all you want! I'll look forward to hearing what you think.

P.S. It's matte jersey, as I recall, which should be quite packable.)

Dear Lilithcat (with apologies to the rest of the readers for the focus-on-one-participant-nature-of-this-post) -

Packing for Europe does tend toward choosing jersey!

I checked your profile; you're in law. Me, too. How might we connect/network? Don't want to post an e-mail address here, of course. Thoughts?

All the best,


I went to (late of course, because I forgot) and clicked on the black dress to look at it and I got the message that it sold out. So, Yay, Laura!

godDAMNit! I tivo'd the show and just discovered that the black dress sold out immediately--no surprise.
what did it take: 3 minutes?
moronic qvc--500 pieces was ridiculous.
and no wait list.

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