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Can you forgive us?

Darlings, we are DREADFULLY sorry that we haven't had any content for several days, but when Bravo Marketing Director Valerie Brown, who is fabulous beyond measure, invites you to her birthday party, what would YOU do?

You better love us, bitches. How many of you would post drunken sweaty pictures of yourselves for thousands to see?

The aforementioned Ms. Brown, spewing attitude and fabulosity in every direction. Even the Latin Explosion couldn't dim her glitter.

Utter sweetheart, but standing next to the bitch makes us look positively avuncular. He'll pay for that.

Have we ever mentioned how good Malan smells - all the time? We have a feeling he could spend the day digging ditches and wind up smelling like Chanel No. 5.

And we of course had to stay an extra day just to see PR seasons collide:

And honeys, trust us. Just sitting around a table and dishing with these two made the whole trip worth it.

We promise we'll get to the collections later today. First up: that skinny bitch who makes us look old in pictures: Daniel V.

Take it from me, darlings, no one, not even Daniel, could make you look anything other than fabulous! And Valerie Brown? Fierce with a capital FIERCE!


Sigh...Boy, I've missed you guys!

I'm glad to see you're still flying the flag for fabulousity.

--Gotham Tomato

When I didn't see any entries from you for a few days, I knew something fabulous was in store for us! Please dish some more!!!

It's a smorgarsbord of fabulous bitches!

I respectfully disagree. Yes, Daniel's cute, but so are you & you both look terrific.

with pictures and news like this, we'll forgive you ANYTHING! :-D


Luhhhve these pix, and the season-mixing...THAT is quite something.

Oh I love Val! She's so awesome. Oh speaking of Malan smelling great (or of martinis). I'm buying his little black dress tomorrow. Shall I send pictures?

What a fabulous day! You all look wonderful. Happy birthday Valerie and Happy Mother's Day to Laura B!

You guys look great, and Valerie is HOT!

You bitches never have to say you're sorry!

Mariana (The Unoriginal)

Thank you for sharing, guys!


Darlings, all is forgiven, but you are sharing the fabulosity of the party with us kittens!!

LOVE the photo with Uncle Nick, and Valerie is definitely fierce and fabulous...

I am sooo jealous that you two got to dish with Laura and Nick...tell all!!!

Wow! You two are certainly coming up in the world, aren't you? Thanks for sharing the adventures!

Great pictures, Poodles! I love them!!

I knew you guys must've been off on an adventure. Looks like a great party.

And you both look terrific. Have you been hitting the gym? Perhaps working on your "Ain't There Anyone Here for Love?" number just like Jane Russell in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes?

oh, and thanks for forcing me to look up the word "Avuncular". One of those words I always just sort of skipped over even though I thought I should know the definition.

avuncular \uh-VUHNG-kyuh-luhr\, adjective:
1. Of or pertaining to an uncle.
2. Resembling an uncle, especially in kindness or indulgence.

Who knew? Well, apparently you guys did. And probably plenty of the posters...just not me.

Very nice, but...

Come on, Boyz.

Where. Is. The. Dish.

We may forgive you, IF


-- desertwind

Valerie is working a soupcon of side boob. Fierce!?

Bill, I feel SO MUCH BETTER that you had to look up "avuncular" too!!

OK- did Nick see the screencaps you have done of him lately? Especially "your hair looks fierce"???

Suzanne said...

Bill, I feel SO MUCH BETTER that you had to look up "avuncular" too!!

OK- did Nick see the screencaps you have done of him lately? Especially "your hair looks fierce"???

Yes, he saw them and he loved them. : - )


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