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Fab Mommy and The Baby of the Century

Fabulous Mommy and her entire brood - including latest addition, Finn - were featured in the latest issue of People mag. Who has the pics? Why, we do of course!

Frank is such a camera whore.

We promise kittens, we will get our own pics of the fabulous Finn. Laura keeps inviting us up and we keep having to beg off due to work, family or holiday commitments, but soon. Soon, there will be fairy godfather pics. As god is our witness.

Isn't he adorable?

How gorgeous is she? And wook at da widdle cutiecute!

Read the whole article in the issue on sale today:

OMG She looks fabulous with all her kids. Finn is SO cute. Thank you for the pics, guys!

Fabulous Mommy, Fabulous Babies! Thanks for the pics - I'll have to run out and buy this issue.

I am still amazed when I see her and all those kids and her fabulousness!! She either must be the most disciplined woman in the world or have genetic blessings that my brain can't comprehend!
Finn is such a cutie patootie and all her kids are beautiful!

Finn is so adorable. Great pics! I have to buy the magazine.

Laura looks GORGEOUS! And Finn is so cute. I love those pictures. God, I love this woman.

"And wook at da widdle cutiecute!"

LOL. You guys are so funny. He is adorable!

What a beautiful baby! He's so cute. Laura looks fab.


They all look great, and Finn is adorable. I can't wait to read the article.

Mariana (The Unoriginal)

Finally, bitches : - )
YAY! Pictures of Finn!!
He is A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!!

Oh my gosh he's so cute! Laura looks great. Her daughter is beautiful; first time I see a picture of her.

Wow!! Those are great pictures. He's adorable!! Congratulations, Laura! sweet. Can't wait to see your more *personal* photos..will the baby be holding the Bombay bottle? ;)

If only I could look that good surrounded by all my children. Laura looks amazing. Finn is so cute. Thanks, boys!

She's a great mother, a great designer, looks gorgeous all the time...what can I say?

BITCH!! : - )

Congratulations, darling, Finn is adorable.

Young offender said...

Which one is Frank?

The turtle :-)


They all look adorable. What a good looking family! I'm surprised Peter is not in the picture.

I love the picture of Laura kissing Finn. That's so sweet!

Great pictures!! Thank you, T&L!
Finn is such a cute baby. Laura looks gorgeous. I love the bracelet she's wearing. Did she make that? Please tell us that she bought it in a store like the rest of us. LOL.

Who needs pictures of Katie Homes and Tom Cruise when we've got Laura!

Oh yeah, i totally forgot the turtle's name!! Thanks boys!

You're too busy to visit? Can I go instead???

So he's name is FINLAY, then. Awesome! I love it!!!

Aww, he's so cute. Oh my god, I love those pictures. They all look so happy. God bless your family, Laura!

How cute! What a nice surprise! Thank you, boys.

What adorable pictures of your little ones!! Congratulations, Laura, and Happy New Year to you and your family!

Laura looks fantastic and baby Finn is so adorable. How sweet!! Thank you, guys! I can't wait to see pictures of Tom & Lorenzo holding Finn.

Pictures of Finn! How adorable! Laura looks gorgeous, as usual. More, more, more pics!

Adorable! And seeing Frank got me to wondering how many 'poop' ornaments Tim Gunn received as gag Christmas gifts.

Thank you for posting these pictures, they made my day a bit brighter.

Forget about the baby: Where can I get that dress that is on the dummy in the bottom picture?

--Gotham Tomato

Finn is sooooo cute. I love pictures of babies and their mothers. They look so innocent. Now, off to buy the magazine. Thanks, you fabulous bitches!

Danielle said...
You're too busy to visit? Can I go instead???


What cute pics! Baby Finn is so freakin' adorable! Thanks for posting them! :o)

Thanks, guys. Love these pics, and now I don't have to buy People magazine, thank GOD. You guys are livesavers.

Fabulous family! The boys are all adorable, and Laura's daughter is lovely. First time I've seen her picture, too.

Frank, Frank, Frank. Gets a little taste of fame and now he can't get enough. How long 'til he has his own agent, I wonder? And how long is fifteen minutes in turtle years?

I never get tired of looking at pictures of Laura. She is truly fabulous! Finn is simply adorable.

I LOVE these pictures. Laura looks amazing. Finn is so darn cute. Mercy, boys!

Such a cute healthy baby boy! Congrats!

It's so nice to see Laura so happy with her children. Great pictures! Thank you, guys.

"Frank is such a camera whore."

That's why I love you guys! You guys can find humor in anything. I love the pictures. Best wishes to Finlay and his family!

What great photos! Laura's kids are so cute and her daughter is adorable! Love the Finn photos too. Can't wait to see your pics, so unbusy yourselves ASAP and get over there! We depend on you!

The baby looks so cute!!! I feel like squishing it so bad. Great pictures of the family.


I absolutely LOVE that last shot. Laura looks gorgeous holding her adorable baby.

Awesome pictures! Thank you for the update, boys.

I can't stop looking at these pictures. Laura looks fantastic! Did I mention I LOVE her?

Holy shit, wasn't Finley the name of La Pepper's daughter???!?!?


god bless her! she looks better than ever!

" filthpunkdammit said...

god bless her! she looks better than ever! "

She does look amazing. I don't know what she does, but she always looks fantastic. Granted, she probably had her hair and makeup done by a professional for the photo shoot, but still, she looks fabulous!

It's nice to see a picture of a fabulous woman and her accomplishments: her baby and her gorgeous dresses. Laura, you are an inspiration to all of us!

I wish them all the happiness in the world. They look adorable!!

fyi - Peter Shelton and his firm Shelton, Mindel & Associates were named one of Architectural Digests Top 100 design firms for 2006.

Jeez... beauty, fame, talent, kids, turtles..

what a bunch of underachievers.

jealously yours...

What great pictures! "Bad mommy", huh? Take that angry little peanut!

I think Larson (the one on the back of the chair) is absolutely adorable!

Are that some boobage on La Laura?!

Oh yeah, Finn is adorable!

"Forget about the baby: Where can I get that dress that is on the dummy in the bottom picture?

--Gotham Tomato"

Amen! That dress is gorgeous! I will fight you for it, Gotham Tomato!! My sister has 2 kids and NEVER has it together; I need to hire Laura to give her a few Fab Mommy lessons!

She looks....well.....fabulous.

Laura looks absolutely gorgeous. What a nice picture of her family. Too bad BadDaddy isn't in the picture.

"Jessica said...

Laura looks absolutely gorgeous. What a nice picture of her family. Too bad BadDaddy isn't in the picture."

No BadDaddy? What happened?

Awww, I love these pictures. Thank you, guys. I can always count on you boys to get my fix of Laura.

Of course fabulous mommy has a fabulous family! Great pictures!!

Wow, I wish I could have looked that great a month after mine! I looked pretty much like death warmed over for several months!! Laura's daughter is as gorgeous as she is, and the boys are adorable. And Finn . . . OMG - cute as a bunny (or turtle). Happy New Year, Laura, and the whole "brat pack"! Thanks, T&L.

I can't wait to receive my copy of the magazine in the mail. These pictures are beautiful. Finn is so cute.

Laura and Finn look great. That red dress is still my favorite. Best wishes, Laura!

Fabulous, boys! You guys are the best. Great pictures of little Finlay. How cute!!

Laura looks so comfortable and relaxed posing for these pictures. I mean, she is really amazing. Finn is so adorable, isn't he? Thanks for the pictures, kittens.

What a beautiful baby. I love the mommy and baby picture. I bet BadDaddy can't stop staring at him! Keep updating us, boys. I can't wait to see more pictures.

Congratulations proud parents of that beautiful little boy! Little one, you have two wonderful, caring, artistic, and talented parents. I hope you have inherited their kindness, compassion and sense of humor.

Congratulations Laura & Peter! He is beautiful and will have great playmates. Welcome to the world, Finlay!

now, dont all women wanna be Laura with a adoring fan base like T$L n adoring Peter and all her kids. the max....

T$L I know yo have connections. any lawyerish types you can bring to my attention please. big3 favor please

Um the kids are gorg, but how can you not notice the awesome black dress with the beaded bodice in the background? Laura is fabulous. Still working.

" Bea said...

now, dont all women wanna be Laura with a adoring fan base like T$L n adoring Peter and all her kids. the max.... "

The gays LOVE Laura. She is fabulous!

Finn is such a cute baby. Laura's kids are all adorable. How lucky is Finn to have such a warm and loving family!

Congratulations and best wishes!!! What a beautiful baby boy!

What a cutie!!!!!!! Laura must be SO proud :o) Congratulations, Laura, and keep the pics coming, boys! Please! hehe

oh, beautiful!...
I was gone, away from the computer for a week and see, a miracle happened here. Congratulations, Laura. He is so cute. Oh, how wonderful.

He is absolutely beautiful! He is also very lucky to have a wonderful mommy like Laura. Sending love and hugs to the Bennett-Shelton family!

OMG! He's soooo cute! Love that little bald head! What a sweetie!
Oh, and the name is absolutely PERFECT! I LOVE it!!

I've been waiting all week and anxiously checking your blog for the pics - worth the wait!! Thank you, boys. He is so beautiful. Congratulations, Laura! All the best to your new larger family.

He's a cutie.

Congrats again to Laura, Peter and the rest of the family.

Oh my Goodness! I cried when I saw your post, maybe it's the realization that I'll have a baby to hold within the next 7 weeks. CONGRATULATIONS!! He is beautiful. Well done, Laura and Peter!

What a beautiful baby boy. Congrats!

Oh my god, he is so cute!! Isn’t amazing that you wait months wondering what he will look like and then voila...the day arrives! Congrats and enjoy! What a cute little cherry tomato!! :)

He's beautiful. Just like the other boys. I guess it is because he has such a pretty mommy. Best Wishes, Laura!


Congratulations! Your little boy is beautiful! Enjoy every moment as your little one grows before your eyes!

who is that older woman next to laura? that isn't her daughter, is it? perhaps her sister?

Hi GayBoys,

I like your blog and I think it's hilarious and insightful, but sometimes I think you get a little too hung up on trying to glorify and idolize Laura. You know, she's a human too. She's already on a high pedestal, it's like you're rubbing it in our faces how wondeerrffullyy faaabuuuloouuss she is. It just get's a bit...superficial sometimes, how you forget that her fabulosity is, in actuality, quite insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

Just my opinion,

Laura and Peter: Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy and your beautiful family. Where's Baddaddy? He needs to be part of the family pic too!

Baddaddy Fan

Finn is really adorable! Laura says in the article that she's "working on a cocktail-dress collection." I can't wait!!

" Anonymous said...

Laura and Peter: Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy and your beautiful family. Where's Baddaddy? He needs to be part of the family pic too!

Baddaddy Fan "

I agree. Perhaps the gay boys can arrange that? : - )

The baby is adorable and absolutely gorgeous. The name is a little something else.

The baby is adorable! I love all the photos!

Sarah said...
Finn is really adorable! Laura says in the article that she's "working on a cocktail-dress collection." I can't wait!!

That's great news too! I'm sure it'll be gorgeous.

Those dresses in the last picture are GORGEOUS! Gosh, this woman is so talented. Oh yes, the baby is fabulously cute : - )

Face it--Laura *is* what so many *try* to be, and it makes for tight smiles.

Rock on, Bad Mommy, rock on.

Such a cute little boy! Thank you so much for sharing!!

Very sweet! Laura looks amazing and I enjoyed seeing pictures of her with her children.

Finlay is Gorgeous!! Congratulations Shelton family on your newest, beautiful addition! Now all the fun can begin.

The pictures are great. He really is beautiful. Almost makes me want to have another one. Ha Ha. Thanks for the pictures, guys!

What a beautiful family!!! The little boys are so cute!!!!! All the pictures are great but I just love the one on which Laura is giving a kiss to her baby son. It's so sweet!!! :)

Laura is unquestionably very comfortable around cameras. Great pictures! Her kids are adorable.

What a cute little guy! I think Laura looks so pretty and her family is gorgeous. I wish them the best!

Laura, what a lovely pile you have! I'm SO happy for you and baby Finn is just precious! All the best to you and your lovely family.


I got my copy!! Only Laura Bennett to make me buy a freaking People magazine. Nice spread, darling!

They are ALL so Gorge!!!! Thank you for posting these!!!

She is so photogenic & fabulous.

It just get's a bit...superficial sometimes, how you forget that her fabulosity is, in actuality, quite insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

If Laura is insignificant in the grand scheme of things, then, God, what are we?

Laura is popping out babies faster than Kevin Federline. Overpopulation, people. Why not spend more time&energy on the kids she already has instead of making more? At least Angelina Jolie is adopting. Maybe Laura should stop breeding and focus more on child-rearing.

He's adorable. She's fabulous, per usual. Have A Happy New Year.

It's hard to tell, but it looks like baby Finn may have a little bit of red fuzz on his head.

Now, stop being lazy gayboys and get over to Laura's and give us a full report with pics of the adorable Finn, Laura, and BadDaddy too!

Beautiful and fabulous. For those who are claiming that Laura is the most incredible mom out there, take it from me: she's incredible because she is filthy rich with a nanny and money to fix any problem that comes her way. To the one who criticized a sister with two kids--shame on you! Help her out instead of comparing her to a mega-upperclass person.

Asian Spices


I smell class envy.

It's called "BIRTH CONTROL", Laura. Look into it. I can't understand why people in this day and age insist on birthing so many children. Why not adopt? Or foster? Or focus on the children you already have?

It's obnoxious and irresponsible.

I agree that some people need to think about birth control...for their petty thoughts. Take a deep breath and repeat after me: I will not allow my envy and judgmentalism to spread all over the Internet. I will control my desire to cast aspersions at folks who make different choices from my own. I will nip those uncharitable opinions in the bud! I will be a force for tolerance in the universe!!

Or, if that mantra is too long, you could just try: I. will. chill. Really, it works.


I didn't realize that Finn was Finlay.. the same name as the child of Pepper.

You jerk sh e can do what ever she pleases! You should be allowed to have as many children as you please. She loves all of her children, she always talks about them, and they are the loves of her life. I say if you have the money and the time have 100 kids.

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